Risky Business Dance Scene

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bmo : Nobody sent me here. I just wanted to see this cool scene again. :-)

Billy Berry : Every guy has done something like this at least once.

Bryant Gamez : Come on guys let's admit this.. We've all done this wen out parents left the house to us for the weekend or for a week

Evan Khan : Here from the lip-sync battle! Damn! Nostalgia is hitting hard! so, tom was the champ of lip-syncing all this time

TheJules000 : Didn't get any of this on Fallon so had do have a throwback moment here instead..

tony fat : I thought he wore sunglasses doing this

Alessandro Torres : Leo after he got home after winning an Oscar!!!! 😂😂😂

Sana Jawad : he has always had glasses but now he doesn't...#MandelaEffect

Charms : He should've done this on Fallon!! That would have been LEGENDARY!!!!

Tim Jones : First time Tom Cruise went nuts on a couch!

lito dan : the tonight show doesnt have enoug money to get tom to do ths on jimmy fallon

Sparta : WTF? Where are his sunglasses????????

NY Knicks : If he did this on Fallon.... oh man the internet would have exploded

blazin3D : Pink shirt, no sunglasses.. NOT IN MY REALITY

Wendimac : What happened to the Raybans?

natalie paige : why does the coke can change?!?!?!?! and he had on a white shirt and ray bans....only reason I know what ray bans are...... I feel stuck in a George Orwell book.


Ella : don't like Tom Cruise? get dafuk out of here then haters just do not Watch the video do not even comment that you dont like him just leave.... this scene is a classic

David MacArthur : were are the sunglasses ?even Homer got it right ..geez!

JOSHUA LEIBY : Mandela Effect Alert! In my timeline Tom had on a white shirt and wore sunglasses in this scene. WEIRDNESS..

Imagine Loving Life : I am not sure about the sunglasses but I clearly remember him wearing white.

joseamorales84 : That moment when you have the house all to yourself ;)

Lee : I thought I was 100% sure he was wearing sunglasses...#mandelaeffect

pleasebringmeback : where dafuq are the ray ban sunglasses???

Fred Ragers VII : where'd his sunglasses go and why does he have a pink shirt? Mandela Effect

HAIRCUT : +The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon brought me here! 🎤💃🎶

Tracy Wright : where are his sun glasses at

cat : Stranger Things reminded me that this existed!!

valéria Dornas : Tom is such an amazing actor

Dontstopshaking : I want his legs

Jae.minT : So why does the stereotypical costume "require" sunglasses if he never put them on in this scene?? 🤔

Joshua Daniels : WTF? He wore RayBans and a bright white shirt. What the hell is going on?

Jason Davies : didn't he have sunglasses on and a white shirt?

mONKEYmAN : a time when the world was better and happier ...

DamienHurts : Tom Cruise is so hot in this scene! I love it can't wait to see the film

PeterZeeke : so should have done this on jimmy fallon

RandomProductionsINC : Wasn't he originally wearing sunglasses in this scene?

Nandya Malida Sudibyo : Niles the butler brought me here..

Dogman15 : That looks like the same living room from Jumanji.

Quezbot Entertainment : Where are the sunglasses? Did they remake it or something?

yelobone : No sun glasses in this new reality..or white shirt..this new reality is truly f up

Patrick Gallimore : Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but, he's, undoubtedly, the most successful movie star, of his generation, from a commercial standpoint...From a purely critical standpoint, Sean Penn, almost assuredly, is the most successful movie star, of his generation...I wonder who else could've done the role of "Joel Goodsen" justice...Actors who readily come to mind, include, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Timothy Hutton and James Spader..."Risky Business" is and will, always, be a classic.

Dela Rosa : I dont get the reference in the lipsync battle and now i OMG PRICELESS

Morning Wood : Yall must be blind since no one in comments realized he suddenly dances without his famous Ray Bans

Guillermo Nunez : were are the glasses!!!!

colleen o'callaghan : yeah where are his glasses and white shirt not this one. either CGI or madela effect

Trini Trinis : Welcome to reality 0,578v No more Sunglasses \o/

killer gamer2000 : Didn't he wear glasses?

Jesus Christhole : Damn you for not doing this on Jimmy Fallon!

Alex H : Lmao I always dance around my house when I'm alone. I actually didn't know this but 3 years ago I remember being in short and long Tshirt and dancing around to this song. Before I even knew this scene existed