MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

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Vita Min : but the video has trendy music playing, it must work.

Shadow Strike 72 : These are physically equal people showing these things don’t work. Women are supposed to use them on physically superior men. Good fucking luck

Sailenthot Carathot : But he didn't have any shoes!

Neko Medic : a friend of mine tried to take a women's self defense course. i told her not to and she told me to go with her. the instructor told me to try to punch her. i said no, she insisted and i said "ok, but i wont hold my self responsible, ok?" i did and... well, i broke her nose. i apologised but they banned me and my friend from the place. i feel bad for that.

Nil Alvarez : It doesnt work because he is not wearing full suit of spiderman

deviantan021 : Thank you for dispelling this crap. I laughed my ass off when I saw the original video, but then realized it could be quite dangerous if someone believed they could effectively defend themselves in this way, especially women against a larger male opponent.

NoFaceSniper : "Now it is an effective stabbing tool, Mills come here"

FBI : She’s teaching you to prevent from being kidnapped by mannikins

James Clark : Some of the biggest problems with women's self-defense is they don't take into consideration that women must be a). Conditioned to fight & b). Willing to rip out people's eyes, throats, etc.

Dan Begel : Who else wants to see that woman respond to this 🤪

Mahuk : Sometimes I really start wondering how this youtube algorithm works suggesting crap videos, but this time I enjoyed this one thoroughly. Good freaking job guys.

John Cleveland : "Discount wolverine" ... that deserved a like. lol

Anton Rosenbäck : Apparently everything goes in slow motion when youre getting assualted

A Minor God : I have a couple girl friends that went to self defense classes and wanted to test what they learned on me and I’m no martial artist but I could overcome them easily with strength alone. edit: These classes were taught by some random chick, who probably had no combat experience whatsoever. I’m pretty sure if you wanna learn self defense you actually need to train.

dfctomm : women's self defense is a scam. They claim that if you attend a one hour class twice then you can take on a man who is more powerful than you and probably more experienced with violence. It's an insane proposition when you think about it. I can give you the same advice right here right now for free. gouge his eyes, kick him in the nuts, scream and run.

PhantomSavage : Given that women are at higher risk of being raped or attacked when alone, you think they would get a better self defense item than some keys. Something a little more modern and effective. Like a gun.

wassup253 : You guys are the Myth Busters of self defense. I love it! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

Zaw : Why is this so funny

ViperRaiyu : How about a punch to the face? One of my favorite self defense techniques.

Mr Arecizoz : i'm no fighting expert but i think a hard kick to the balls will be a 100 times more efficient than this type of ''Self-Defense"

Tom McAteer : Her partner looked like he didnt even want to be there lmfao. Especially at 4:48 he looks like he’s half asleep. Thanks for debunking these techniques. Hopefully women go out and get proper training

VA Mountain Man : Well of course none of this would work on you, you're clearly spider-man 😂

Wheat Loaf : Someone seriously teaches women shit like this? There's bigger chance that they either get hurt by practicing it or by the attacker than defend themselves...

Niamh O'Connor : It's not okay to make a living out of giving terrible self-defense advices. It's dangerous and unethical. That's why this video is needed.

Don’t look Here : Do these women think all men are slow or something

Kulaty : "Discount Wolverine" xDD

Oleg Mishchenko : to run in the oposite directione is not such a bad idea

kai ndaki : All of these “blocks” and “counters” require you to be stronger than your opponent or is that just me?

Bob Johnson : 2:55 “I’ve got your wrist!” “Well I’ve got your face!”

LuckyShitZu : I just use my Qi and no touch knockout every time I am attacked-so far I have lost all my fights but I am hopeful

spirit9871 : Some of these techniques look like the ones I learned as a yellow belt in my Tae-Kwon-Do class. I got my ass kicked as a yellow belt.

chadam2010 : "Let me put my mouthguard on for this" lmao

Capo RegimeGCF : Wow hilarious.. You notice how the female does nothing in realtime and her advesary offers no resistance.. Not advisiable to count on this to save your life lmfao

MEGA-Testberichte : Nice idea vs reality. This video is gold. Good work.

Henrik Nygren : This kind of self-defense videos are actually kinda disgusting. They make money from women's fear of a potentially real threat by selling them an easy solution that wont work but sounds good theoretically in the mind of someone who knows nothing about real fights. In the process they made the situations more dangerous for the women who tries this because it would probably be safer for them to just run than to try any of these techniques. Spend the money on cabs instead.

Orcrist : The freaking hilarious thing at 4:48 is even with a completely compliant partner performing exactly what she asked so she knows exactly what to expect, at an incredibly slow speed lacking in any sort of power she still gets pushed over by the punch when attempting to block. Such an incredible combination of terrible foot placement, posture and block technique...surely she would have to train to become that bad at something?

Trixum : That is actually dangerous, cuz if someone use these techniques, they will think that they actually work and hurt themselves, cuz opponent will easily beat them

Ginny : Even in the video the woman was to far to actually knee the guy

Robert : 1st technique (on ground): Basically a Jujitsu/etc Hip Push (often called Shrimping). Should be component of other techniques if used properly, not a technique by itself. 2nd technique (wrist grab): They didn't do same wrist grab until 2:52 (grip was reversed), putting attacker in much stronger position against this technique. That being said, the lady demonstrating missed many aspects of the technique that allow it to actually work. 3rd technique (choke): I don't know why the lady demonstrating this one thought a knee would reach them. Instep kick or front ball kick to groin, yes. Kick to knee, probably (or at least change their balance point to facilitate a different technique). I have seen this work many times against a bigger opponent, but the leverage on wrists (not forearms) must be done correctly, and usually with a fast drop (not the slow, half-hearted pull they did). This is not a technique that I particularly like, teach, or recommend, however. 4th technique (bear hug): This one definitely has the risk of a Rear Naked Choke against a trained opponent. Lifting the left arm (like the lady did, the two MMA guys didn't) helps tremendously, and protects against choke if you are fast enough. So does a strike to groin with right arm while ducking out. 5th technique (punch): This is a somewhat typical, but very basic, version of the type of techniques often taught by karate, taekwondo, kempo, etc to beginners. Once a student gets past the basics, they would block and strike at the same time. 6th technique (keys): Agree completely. Ice pick grip also works well. Basically, keys used in similar manner to kubaton. 7th technique (drop wallet): Lady didn't say anything about a gun. The theory behind this technique, as explained to me, was to hold it out for the attacker and drop it to the side as they reach for it (taking off in opposite direction). Can work, but not foolproof. A big part of the theory is that the attacker is more interested in the wallet/phone/etc, instead of the person (rape, etc). 8th technique (hold wallet in weak hand): They are absolutely correct. However, your wallet/phone/etc can be replaced. If they keep running without any harm to you, deal with it. If they don't manage to pull the object out of your hand immediately, then this could be useful. Of course you need to know what to do then (the video unfortunately didn't cover this...). Online self defense videos are definitely not a substitution for hands on training with an instructor. First of all, you will likely find a video that is just garbage, like the one these guys were debunking. Second, with any technique there is the basic version, and then there are all the subtleties and adjustments for "what if" that actually make it work. Even then, you won't really understand the technique until you use it in competition (which is a approximation of real life).

D0nc M0mes : This guy looks like American khabib

nicholas scott : This didn't work because you weren't wearing yoga pants. Rookies. smh.

Darbi : I love this video its so cringe.

Debbie Cottrell : Women’s self-defense classes are bs that can give women false confidence. There’s no substitute for being strong and learning to fight.

MagicalSquid : Why the stomach when you can go for the Nuts

Boiled Egg : These look more like choreographed dance moves than self defense tactics

BlzShop : Your doing the techniques wrong. you need to use the guy she had in the video to do them right.

datgood111 1 : Self defense for woman is run or have a gun. If they just arm wrestle the average dude they will realize how weak they are.

Edgars O : discount Wolverine, kekek

Richard Menke : The best self defense is amridote under the master, master ken.

Oscar Cortez : You're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to hit the pressure points with chi! While blowing a rape whistle