MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

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Vita Min : but the video has trendy music playing, it must work.

Tom McAteer : Her partner looked like he didnt even want to be there lmfao. Especially at 4:48 he looks like he’s half asleep. Thanks for debunking these techniques. Hopefully women go out and get proper training

Orcrist : The freaking hilarious thing at 4:48 is even with a completely compliant partner performing exactly what she asked so she knows exactly what to expect, at an incredibly slow speed lacking in any sort of power she still gets pushed over by the punch when attempting to block. Such an incredible combination of terrible foot placement, posture and block technique...surely she would have to train to become that bad at something?

nicholas scott : This didn't work because you weren't wearing yoga pants. Rookies. smh.

Chris : "This has become and effective stabbing tool. Hey Mills come over here!"

deviantan021 : Thank you for dispelling this crap. I laughed my ass off when I saw the original video, but then realized it could be quite dangerous if someone believed they could effectively defend themselves in this way, especially women against a larger male opponent.

Gart Blart The Viking : She thinks that the attacker doesn't have other limbs and is always in a state of paralysis

Donald Trump’s Fanboy #MAGA Clubhouse : Fake martial artists must be exposed. This is seriously dangerous. She’s giving women this false impression that a few simple steps will help you defend against an attacker. Fighting is way more complicated than couple sidesteps. Anybody with any physical experience could kill her with his bare hands

Shiirow : sounds like a legitimate defense moves... until you realize most men arent limp wristed soy boys with the upper body strength of a senior citizen.

ElectricEric : I stopped taking that girl seriously after the first "escape". If you have your foot that close to his crotch you may as well kick it

BlzShop : Your doing the techniques wrong. you need to use the guy she had in the video to do them right.

Blitzkrieg : "Oh no another cringy ninja self defense video for women" *sees the video* "Discount Wolverine" *instantly likes*

namefinder : You're doing it wrong, a real resisting opponent would wait his turn like a gentleman 🤣🤣🤣

drunkenPlasmid : As someone who's avidly practicing Krav Maga, I have to ask: WHY YOU NEVER GO FOR THE BALLS, WOMAN!

Kulaty : "Discount Wolverine" xDD

Magnus F. Hanssen : Remember, girls! All you have to do is to be a foot taller and half again as strong as the guy, because that's the only way you'll ever get those inane moves to work! Do you know what people won't see coming? Eye gouging! As my master said, if it ever comes down to it, it's better to be sentenced by twelve than carried by six.

AA Qayan : Always carry Bas Rutten in your pocket. Anyone attacks you throw Bas Rutten at them.

Lee Abrahams : What you have to remember when watching this is the guy acting as a woman is much closer in strength to the attacker than it would be with a man VS woman. So they're actually even less effective than this video shows! Just shocking really that this stuff is being taught...

Toker : I don't know why but at 03:18 "The two handed rape choke" got me in hysterics

Mahuk : Sometimes I really start wondering how this youtube algorithm works suggesting crap videos, but this time I enjoyed this one thoroughly. Good freaking job guys.

Tristan Kreuzberger : My sister tried the whole wrist thing. I didn't do anything but hold on to her wrist like she asked me to. She couldn't get out. If I was an actual assailant, I could've hit her, or worse. A lot of these tricks like the video these guys debunked are pure bullshit. Thank you for informing other people, guys! Good job, and keep it up!

Jace 2wheel : Effective against a 5 foot teenager with zero discernable upper body strength lol

MasterBata : Whoa, there. What if I break my car keys? Do you know how much they charge to replace these? Shit, I'd rather get mugged on the spot, than at the dealer's service station.

Федор Суковицын : Turn based techniques not working in realtime :D

Chick Bait : It worked for me. My cat will never try that shit again.

Lance Madigan : It must be because we aren't women... we must be doing it wrong.

Mark Lumley : Those women's self defense videos are always so funny. As if a rapist would pick a strong opponent or one that the attacker would just let the woman go through her escape moves without force. In most cases as soon as the woman starts to resist the rapist just smacks the shit out of her. The stop the attack technique really makes me laugh as in a real world situation the attacker doesn't say "I'm going to throw a real slow punch so get ready to block it".

Kaleb Evett : In that first position why wouldn't you just kick them in the nuts

Bryce Edwards : This stuff is really dangerous for women to be believing

spirit9871 : Some of these techniques look like the ones I learned as a yellow belt in my Tae-Kwon-Do class. I got my ass kicked as a yellow belt.

sinsun jajpdfja : spider mma fighter spider mma fighter does whatever a spider mma fighter can

the foliranti : Finnally YouTube recommends something worth watching

Neil Mo : i love the idea that the attacker just makes his first move and then stands immobile for a counter

Catherine Demsko : We gotta talk about your gun handling technique. Look up isometric handgun grip.

Tony Rios : You weren't doing it right, you have to do these techniques in slow motion.

Kridde Blod : Should be illegal to teach out this crap. Sure it works in matrix speed. This and pshycics should be illegal. Good that more people expose this shit. Good video!

Harriet Ainsley : I really hope she see's this and understands why it's dangerous to masquerade as a real martial artist

Neko Medic : a friend of mine tried to take a women's self defense course. i told her not to and she told me to go with her. the instructor told me to try to punch her. i said no, she insisted and i said "ok, but i wont hold my self responsible, ok?" i did and... well, i broke her nose. i apologised but they banned me and my friend from the place. i feel bad for that.

vaikkajoku : "Two handed rape choke" XD

leeticus : that first escape looks like a really bad Aikido Nikyo in she saw it once and kinda faked understanding it

Natty Is Batty : "La-dee-da, walking with a pocketbook!" *gets mugged*

triky5384 : What really surprises me is how the normal dude in orange tshirt kept up against Spider-Man

Andy : At around 1:35 you can see she does a small shuffle step because she almost loses her balance doing her crappy technique. She probably would've actually stumbled or tripped if she didn't have a convenient attacker nearby to hold onto.

Jackman LeBlanc : The very first move told me I was in for an amusing video lol

LuckyShitZu : I just use my Qi and no touch knockout every time I am attacked-so far I have lost all my fights but I am hopeful

Don’t look Here : Do these women think all men are slow or something

Ginny : Even in the video the woman was to far to actually knee the guy

wibblegorm : Marie Claire should be ashamed.

SockFull O' Nickles : All self defense methods work if you fight a limp noodle

Natalia Mundell : Im all for ladys knowing self defense But it needs to be effective