MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

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deviantan021 : Thank you for dispelling this crap. I laughed my ass off when I saw the original video, but then realized it could be quite dangerous if someone believed they could effectively defend themselves in this way, especially women against a larger male opponent.

Mahuk : Sometimes I really start wondering how this youtube algorithm works suggesting crap videos, but this time I enjoyed this one thoroughly. Good freaking job guys.

drunkenPlasmid : As someone who's avidly practicing Krav Maga, I have to ask: WHY YOU NEVER GO FOR THE BALLS, WOMAN!

Kulaty : "Discount Wolverine" xDD

Tony Rios : You weren't doing it right, you have to do these techniques in slow motion.

Vita Min : but the video has trendy music playing, it must work.

Orcrist : The freaking hilarious thing at 4:48 is even with a completely compliant partner performing exactly what she asked so she knows exactly what to expect, at an incredibly slow speed lacking in any sort of power she still gets pushed over by the punch when attempting to block. Such an incredible combination of terrible foot placement, posture and block technique...surely she would have to train to become that bad at something?

Tom Boerstra : This was a great video, I laughed a lot! I'm a Krav Maga novice, but even common sense allows you to think that's just plain useless.

VibrateU : Use the keys to unlock the attackers heart

Johnny Wishbone : It didn't work because you are not women. She said women's self defense not MMA.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns : This is awesome!

Tom McAteer : Her partner looked like he didnt even want to be there lmfao. Especially at 4:48 he looks like he’s half asleep. Thanks for debunking these techniques. Hopefully women go out and get proper training

St3ven Seagal : The best self defense advice that I have ever received and was actually able to test out in a real life situation came from my grandfather. He was a career combat vet, served through the duration of the Korean and Vietnam War. His advice was this; if you're ever backed into a corner just stick your thumb in their eye. That's it. That's the pinnacle of 40+ years military experience from a combat vet. In 2004 I had a drug addicted suicidal man break into my apartment while I was passed out on my couch after a 14 hour shift as a well driller.I sleep on my stomach with my dominate arm under my pillow and dude straddled my back and repeatedly tried to drive a deer skinning knife through the back of my skull. When I came to and realized to the best of my ability what was going on (someone is on top of me, and they're hitting me) my fight or flight response kicked in something fierce. I pushed myself upward with that dominate arm that was pinned beneath me, grabbed my attacker by his collar with my off arm and pulled him down with me. Then with my dominate arm I reached up above and behind me, felt his face in my open hand and shoved my thumb past the digit into his eye socket. TL;DR All this multi-step complex self defense garbage is just that. In a real life or death situation you will instinctively defend yourself without conscious thought and if you couple that very effective evolutionary survival instinct (seriously this is a big chunk of the reason why humans became the dominate species on this planet) with some bare bones simple self defense techniques like "stick a thumb in their eye" you can get the upper hand from a position of disadvantage. TL:DR 2.0 Stick your thumb in their eye dummy.

madsli : Remember, if you are carrying a sword then you can unscrew the pommel and trow it at your opponent to end him rightly.

Mike Proletarian : "Break the wrist, walk away. It's just that simple."

Jackman LeBlanc : The very first move told me I was in for an amusing video lol

CK1 : So glad real people are exposing this shit.

Lizzy Chan : I took martial arts when I was in high school, fairly intensely. For gym class I signed up for "women's self defense" thinking it would be like the martial arts classes I was taking after school. I was fed all this garbage in that class. After class I told my gym teacher how ineffective all of it was. Oh boy, did she yell at me about how dare I question the teachings of a teacher!

John Sebastian Gordon : This is so darn funny guys haha. Well done!

Ominosentenzioso92 : i love how the teacher starts punching the student "so casually", hahaha

spirit9871 : Some of these techniques look like the ones I learned as a yellow belt in my Tae-Kwon-Do class. I got my ass kicked as a yellow belt.

MadameburgerHD : You were not using enough chi, that's the problem.

lllFeanorlll : You're doing it wrong, you've got to keep your arms.. completely straight!

CidGuerreiro1234 : Being fooled into believing you can defend yourself is even more dangerous than knowing you can't. Even if the aggressor is not expecting a reaction, those silly techniques wouldn't work on anyone who's not made of cardboard or has brittle-bone disease.

caedeslove : breaks my heart seein spiderman robbin ppl

Godzillarex : This video is both hilarious and informative. I seriously could not stop laughing :'D

jamierichards27 : Glad to see you mention injury protection with the key technique. When I did Taekwondo as a teenager one of first things my instructor taught us whilst learning a technique was how to use it without injuring ourselves. A poorly used technique can be as dangerous to the user as it is to an attacker. Also no youtube video will ever replace proper training.

Jack Sterling : Hey hey now, clearly that two handed choke one would work...against someone with t Rex arms

Jeremy Atwood : Thank you for showing what REALLY happens when you take advice from someone who thinks they are helping, maybe it might work if your attacker was 10 years old, but I know 10 year olds that are smart enough to know what to really do in any horrible situation. You sir, have my sub!

Monty Baconeater : that wrist hold escape is the funniest thing. Next time when someone grabs your wrist, quickly present them with a riddle. Much more likely to work.

420ReefBlower : Women's self defense is basically shitty boxing

nicholas scott : This didn't work because you weren't wearing yoga pants. Rookies. smh.

Wil Garrett : Wouldn't just going bat shit insane on an attacker be the best option? I mean, in an ALL OR NOTHING situation, I'm gauging eyes out, breaking fingers, knee capping, whatever. I am curious of the idea of teaching self defense against someone who is actively attempting to get you. Technique first, but you gotta ramp it up after. A person trying to get you won't just stand there.

Nemo7The7Pirate7 : damn, i wish the gyms i went to had this easy going atmosphere.

Let's Chat : There's really no substitute to learning how to fight other than learning how to fight.

DoomRater : So yah, that block and strike literally only works if the person was trying to use disciplinary violence. If they wanted to overpower you, it's just not that simple.

TinyPeen : "discount wolverine" lol. By far my favorite line

Mythguard Whatever else I'll try to do. : As a former soccer player I can confirm that foot stomps are useless against anyone with a moderate pain tolerance.


Toker : I don't know why but at 03:18 "The two handed rape choke" got me in hysterics

Magnus F. Hanssen : Remember, girls! All you have to do is to be a foot taller and half again as strong as the guy, because that's the only way you'll ever get those inane moves to work! Do you know what people won't see coming? Eye gouging! As my master said, if it ever comes down to it, it's better to be sentenced by twelve than carried by six.

T-Dollas : That woman is teaching others how to lose in every situation lol

Backyard Airsoft : gist of the video is: women if you really want to protect yourself just get a Glock 19 and some training or actually go out and learn MMA for those that don't like guns.

mark steven : kick and run like hell - is best

Chick Bait : It worked for me. My cat will never try that shit again.

Tndo : I guess those tricks work when your enemy is a turtouse lol

avery petterson : Your skills in martial arts are only matched by your dry wit and sarcasm XD

Chris : "This has become and effective stabbing tool. Hey Mills come over here!"

Sam Nettleton : 2 handed rape choke

Burning Panda MilkShake HD : The part where he pushed your face just had me in tears XD