MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques

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deviantan021 : Thank you for dispelling this crap. I laughed my ass off when I saw the original video, but then realized it could be quite dangerous if someone believed they could effectively defend themselves in this way, especially women against a larger male opponent.

Vita Min : but the video has trendy music playing, it must work.

Let's Chat : There's really no substitute to learning how to fight other than learning how to fight.

spirit9871 : Some of these techniques look like the ones I learned as a yellow belt in my Tae-Kwon-Do class. I got my ass kicked as a yellow belt.

Mahuk : Sometimes I really start wondering how this youtube algorithm works suggesting crap videos, but this time I enjoyed this one thoroughly. Good freaking job guys.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns : This is awesome!

Kulaty : "Discount Wolverine" xDD

Crazy 8s Drums : Watching videos will not prepare one for real fights. The only thing that will is to fight others often, preferably in a controlled manner like a dojo or gym. Punches and kicks can come real fast. If you spar enough with others, you will develop the automatic body movements to use as recourse. It takes practice and real practice with an opponent.

jdaniel11405822 : EPIC!

Ronove : Discount Wolverine. That was gold!

Tony Rios : You weren't doing it right, you have to do these techniques in slow motion.

vonSarno : This obviously didn't work because neither of you are woman. Duh

MostSleptOn1 : That crap's soo funny. It's sad too because it just gives false confidence and steals money away from them just like the robbers. SMH

foosmonkey : If a grown man with previous martial Arts experience had difficulty being successful with those techniques, imagine how useless they would be for a 120 pound woman with no fight experience at all.

Jackman LeBlanc : The very first move told me I was in for an amusing video lol

Rashy Algae : Oh so women's self defense only works in slow motion. Got it.

caedeslove : breaks my heart seein spiderman robbin ppl

Robin Thrush : Don't know how this showed up in my feed, but it was really cool and I like stupid people getting debunked.

Jags B : Discount wolverine lol.

Godzillarex : This video is both hilarious and informative. I seriously could not stop laughing :'D

Tom Boerstra : This was a great video, I laughed a lot! I'm a Krav Maga novice, but even common sense allows you to think that's just plain useless.

VibrateU : Use the keys to unlock the attackers heart

William Freeman : All these videos are basically women's empowerment. It is foolish to think an even above average woman could hold her own against an average man. Knee to the nads or eye gouge would be the only basic defense for the average woman. Problem is, I'm a male and I too know this therefore I would adjust accordingly. Without extensive training for a long time a woman is SEVERELY DISADVANTAGED in these situations. Scratch, kick, gouge and scream would be most effective. Also, never be alone.

Johnny Wishbone : It didn't work because you are not women. She said women's self defense not MMA.

OG-Frankfurter-435 : The funny part is.beside that these techniques were all trash.that the one where she said to kick him with the knee to stomach, she couldnt even rech his stomach with her knee if he wouldn bend over like hes trying to pick ups something. 3:10

Sammy : A gun would work pretty effectively

St3ven Seagal : The best self defense advice that I have ever received and was actually able to test out in a real life situation came from my grandfather. He was a career combat vet, served through the duration of the Korean and Vietnam War. His advice was this; if you're ever backed into a corner just stick your thumb in their eye. That's it. That's the pinnacle of 40+ years military experience from a combat vet. In 2004 I had a drug addicted suicidal man break into my apartment while I was passed out on my couch after a 14 hour shift as a well driller.I sleep on my stomach with my dominate arm under my pillow and dude straddled my back and repeatedly tried to drive a deer skinning knife through the back of my skull. When I came to and realized to the best of my ability what was going on (someone is on top of me, and they're hitting me) my fight or flight response kicked in something fierce. I pushed myself upward with that dominate arm that was pinned beneath me, grabbed my attacker by his collar with my off arm and pulled him down with me. Then with my dominate arm I reached up above and behind me, felt his face in my open hand and shoved my thumb past the digit into his eye socket. TL;DR All this multi-step complex self defense garbage is just that. In a real life or death situation you will instinctively defend yourself without conscious thought and if you couple that very effective evolutionary survival instinct (seriously this is a big chunk of the reason why humans became the dominate species on this planet) with some bare bones simple self defense techniques like "stick a thumb in their eye" you can get the upper hand from a position of disadvantage. TL:DR 2.0 Stick your thumb in their eye dummy.

Mike Proletarian : "Break the wrist, walk away. It's just that simple."

CK1 : So glad real people are exposing this shit.

Ominosentenzioso92 : i love how the teacher starts punching the student "so casually", hahaha

Vecat the mad : But this work against statues and mannequins

Samuli Kelo : "That two handed rape chocke" xD

MattyMag : What self-defense teacher, and I mean any self-defense teacher not just this lady, says that when someone tries to steal something of monetary value from you that you should throw the first punch. If your life is threatened go for it. But if the guy is doing a run and snatch dont try to sucker punch him or it can escalate. No woman watching that video would be able to handle an escalated situation. And what ever happened to gouging eyes when being choked? Or throat punch? Like this isn't MMA, wreck the attacker. Pinned against a wall? Grab his collar and drop your weight to the floor. You'll smash his head into the wall on the way down. Most important step in most situations... run and scream for attention.

George Jensen : On the self defense video, the guy just let's go with no resistance. If your mugging someone, you don't flop because someone stepped on your toesies.

J4ymichaels : 😂😂😂😂😂

Ausrasten2k : About that frontchoke - yeah....let's apply a downforce onto the hands already forcing you down. lol. as to how to get out of a wrist hold: "cut" with your hand through the weakest finger. that's the thumb. Try holding a glass of water without using your thumb. doesnt work that well does it. The woman in the video has absolutely no clue what she is doing. Remember, you're in DANGER - so you have the right to fully defend yourself. Anyone knows a very weak spot that sits barely protected between the legs of any man? hmmmmm....might try to kick that. thanks for clearing the internet of bullshit guys. appreciated.

mark steven : kick and run like hell - is best

Vincent : yea, they really gotta stop teaching crappy fighting techniques if these women to not get hurt or worse. You would think they would want to do a better job

Leopard Boas : Great video, that's what I think.

madsli : Remember, if you are carrying a sword then you can unscrew the pommel and trow it at your opponent to end him rightly.

Jason Weiss : Bullshido! Has anyone ever told you that speak kind of similar to Hunter S. Thompson?

Sam Nettleton : 2 handed rape choke

Siggesatan : self defense exist within martial arts but martial art don't always exist with in self defense. take for an example, no technique tell a martial artist to throw their opponent in the water! however in self defense anything goes to keep you safe. most martial art's do train you to master techniques than make you more self aware of your body and mind. and how to advance with in a competed way. then you have real life death situation that no one really are prepared for. my believe is that one can't truly and mentally grasp the situation of assault with in martial arts! sure you can fend of with more advanced technique and so... but it really don't say if you would have an advantage over your opponent with the experience of the martial art you posses! always take that in consideration and use violence as a last recourse! or like some philosopher once said *"the best potential fight won is the one you can avoid"* btw at 3:21 i think it could be improved by putting the hands down at the elbow joints in order to get the opponent closer to actually get away with a kneeing in the stomach. just think of the balance when doing so cause the countermeasures is that the opponent might puss you or even tackle you and standing on one leg that would be bad for you :) 4:36 i actually did on one guy that tried to hold me. but with a slight variation. he came up behind me and grabbed me when i was walking i leaned slight forward while walking and turned around to see who it was! i guess he was so much out of balance he trip in a way that can only describe as (your move made him throw him self to the ground!) :) why did he do it and where?! well it was at a volleyball course and we have lost the serve and the guy blamed me and went straight in to the sand. it wasn't a serious situation tough. but i asked he why he was laying down on the ground. and helped him up. we all laughed about it after. he didn't had have the time to react on what had happen and. i thought he just had let go of me. and didn't even noticed until i saw him that he had been thrown :P 9:02 what i think of this video: well it was most certain entertaining! and also i believe you have enough experience to make the technique work or fail and to make it look good when doing so unless some one noticed and know what you actually are doing. by promoting some technique some times any one going against those technique needs to be debunked. but i truly enjoyed watching you guys! it looked like you had a lot of fun making the video :) peace ♥

Mr Jay White : 2:50. "womens" martial arts defeated by... pimp slap.

Lizzy Chan : I took martial arts when I was in high school, fairly intensely. For gym class I signed up for "women's self defense" thinking it would be like the martial arts classes I was taking after school. I was fed all this garbage in that class. After class I told my gym teacher how ineffective all of it was. Oh boy, did she yell at me about how dare I question the teachings of a teacher!

TheFriendlyamoeba : Ok initially found this funny but then I realized a girl (or guy) out there will have false confidence in this crap from the original video. Nothing is more dangerous than that

Bob Snyder : Ramsey, my 16 year old daughter has asked for you to show alternatives that actually work. I showed her some stuff, but I think it would be a good idea for a follow up video.

lllFeanorlll : You're doing it wrong, you've got to keep your arms.. completely straight!

MrEgofreak : I love how optimistic he is regarding these terrible techniques. "Maybe (my student) will be able to figure it out."

Juan Frate : Was she serious on her video?