cockatiel playing peekaboo

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Robyn B : this has to be the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life and im shook

EinSophistry : Jumpscare warning: 0:02 0:08 Stay safe, friendos.

strangewaffles : that one dislike is the newspaper

Fun Fiend : My heart... it cant handle that much cuteness

Anjum Khan : He says peek a boo so gently ohmy god can't u update more video of him/her?!?! I would love to see it

Caged Coco : I had to punch a wall to regain my manliness. I'm female.

Andrew Vincent : That is freaking adorable LOL. How the heck did you train your cockatiel to do that?


Cockateil-Lover : I replayed it like 19 times

Snapefan1971 : This is the cutest thing I've ever seen as well. His voice is so sweet.

The Shadowgate Keeper : I didnt know Pikachu had a beak! Adorable!

OMG4560 : I’m having a heart attack from this cuteness! YAY!

Offworlder1 : Not only a smart bird but one that is very happy and playful. I strongly approve of this video.

Matthew J : The internet needs more cockatiel peekaboo :)

warc9 : Where did birb go!?!

David H Cobbald : Omigosh this is like the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! 😁😁

e p h : This is absolutely adorable. So sweet. Animals are super smart

chloe seay : who ever disliked this has no soul or heart its so adorable O_O

777Outrigger : This is beyond cute!

Gundlir : I need a 10 hour version of this

these PA parts : Soso so adorable

Depression Session : *Warning: Birb Cuteness OVERLOAD 101%*

Monica Halverson : Adorable to say the least!

Gina Lane : I wish the world was this simple kind of wonderful....this is a good person with an adorable pet....all...please be kind to animals..thanks for sharing.

Stahl Seuche : My heart melted....

MineBusterJosh Phelps : WHY WAS THE PEEKABOO FAKE!!!!:( (Read video's description)

dontreadmyname8767 : omg thanks to my music teacher who showed us this is class u made my day and my heart is meting from the cuteness

Aiden W : That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Lyns : What a precious boi <3

Sedef : this is so cute, i literally can't handle this

Kawaii Potato OwO : *top 10 anime jump scares*

Lili Miller : This made my day

COSMOS : i watched it over and over for HALF AN HOUR

Cockateil-Lover : 😂 so cute

ろぼ : 可愛い!超可愛い! 声も可愛い! オカメインコ可愛い!

zeromiles2empty : Why isn't this video 4 hours long?

Jotaro Kujo : Fake

Shen Me : cutecutecute😍

Gameslord : Pikaboooo.....pikaboooo.....pikabooooo......Pikachuuuuuuu.😆

alan10250 : That is beyond adorable

stevechambers500 : Two people hate birds

Jason Voorhees : Saw this on a try not to laugh subreddit. This isn't funny this is just cute.

dayonbb : 本日半額以下!!の新聞広告に目が行ってしまった⁉宣伝インコなのだ!

Jon Doe : Now wait a minute.. when did pikachu become a bird/flying type pokemon?

アカネ赤目・ : 可愛い!まるでいないいないばぁしてるみたい! どうやって教えたの!?

Andy Koenigsdorf : Awwwwwwwwwwww 😍 cuteness overload ❣️ Saw this on when instead this is a 100% win.

Kawaii Potato OwO : Lol

Gerd grienke : 😁

Memeorandum of Understanding : it's fake guys... there's already a comment with the real video link

Mandy Phipps-Green : SOOO adorable. That little voice! So sweet.