Rockman NEO (2001) - ORIGINAL VIDEO in HD

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Eduardo Flores : I thought this was the coolest back in 2003 in newgrounds. Now I see it and it's funny how edgy it actually is.

MegaMitch : A long time ago, I downloaded the Rockman Neo fan game demo and it was actually extremely incredible, and for a brief time, I wanted to create a game that emulated it's concept. Not in plot or style, but the way that you could shoot in any direction on-screen based on where you moved the mouse cursor. I've always wanted to see a Mega Man game like that. Mega Man fan games aren't usually that unique, usually it just sicks to a pretty basic formula. I have hoped for it's return for a long time, but I see it's unlikely. I'm lovin' E-Heroes and all the stuff you're doing today though. Keep doing what you do.

TheThatEthanGuy : The nostalgia just hit me hard!

Gunner Lee : Dude if you are legit the guy who made this all those years ago I have to say thank you. When i was a kid back then I remember watching this like once a week and obsessing over how awesome it was. The song choice itself drove me crazy because it was so difficult to find before youtube was like a thing.

A Helping Hand : I still think this is an amazing idea, and would still love to see it made into a full game.

M. P. : Damn 14 years allready..i was 14 back time flies..and great to see it again. It pulled me out of an artistic hole...thanks again for the motivation AWD

Rhino 'n Chips : Loved this the first time I watched it and still do to this day, I ended up watching every few months to remind myself how awesome it is. It's probably the best aged thing on Newgrounds from 2001. Wasn't even a big fan of Megaman and this made me want to check out everything in the series. The music reminds me how damn long I spent trying to track it down, like at least 3 years :S Doesn't help that all my search logs had the words "Texas faggott" in them.

Kenju TE : This definitely influenced how I drew robot guys when I was younger. I sometimes still use the "stick arms and legs with bulky hands and feet" design from time to time even now. Too bad it didn't get explored further, and I think there were conflicts about the fangame if I recall. The character designs were the most interesting thing about this, I think there were ones named Solo and Trio?

TheEcoolarg : well...watching this again made my year... dude, this migth sound stupid...but you and bob and george where probably two of the most infuential things in my childhood at the time, now im 21, trying to save money from college, and seeing this again from nowhere pretty much pump me up perfectly for next year.  I know you were just animating for yourself, your ideas your concepts, hell, electronic heroes seem more like you giving reviewing a change just beacuse you wanted to have as much fun as your friends had reviewing things(like lindsay and justin). Im just rambling now , excuse me, and excuse my poor english...but really :) thank you, needed this.

ShadowBaofu : This was great way back when. I liked the concept of some of the robots/robot masters. Also, was that shadow figure with the scythe supposed to be Sigma? We'll never know.

TheMysticCore : You. Series. Make. Now.

Sugus Maximus : Holy shit, this takes me back...

SorcererLance : Oh man, I loved this then and still love it just as much now. Arguably one of several animations to inspire me to try my hand at Flash and ultimately Toon Boom. I still feel this holds up well despite the low-quality audio and framerate being like, what, 12 fps? Dialup connections needed animations to be under 1MB from what I remember to justify that. A part of me is curious how you'd remake these old animations with your current abilities now, given if you have the time to do so :3

595moore : MEMORIES. I used to watch the hell out of this video back on Newgrounds. Thank you so much for the upload.

Dutchtica : I always did like this. You did say it only got popular because "Back to mad" but you synched up stuff in the animation to the music as well. Plus I like the fact your "Boss" designs seem like most of the classic lineup of Mega Man but then with NEO twists.

CV Anims : Duuuuude, this was my jam back on the Newgrounds days!

Josephine Lithius : I remember all... _all_... the chaos and commotion this fan creation made.  I hope that eventually died down and you were actually able to claim your creation back, Andy...

sirp0p0 : I loved this animation so much that I had used a dodgy SWF to MP4 converter so I could watch this on my PSP. That was a good time when awesome flash animations were popping up everywhere.

MikeArcade07 : Ah I remember this video from way back when, yeah there is a lot of history with this video and the whole Megaman Fanbase from what I've gathered back in 2001, most of it really messy from what I've heard. :/ Regardless it's still really cool though and for it's time really nice. I even looked up and found an old demo of that fan game based off it that never got off the ground, which is a shame but not uncommon when it comes to fan projects. Funny enough and probably amazing to everyone here, I actually managed to track down the entire script for the fan game itself from the bosses to the multiple endings. You can find it online if you look really hard enough, some pretty cool stuff in there. Glad to see you finally put this up here and I'm looking forward to the next reviews Andrew, have a good one. Also is Perfection Neo still a thing? I mean I'd like to see that happen one day and with indie projects creating successors these past few years it would be nice to see this come into play.

Starr Viscacha : BIG LOUD SIGHWHY MIGHTY NO. 9 AND NOT THIS Yeah this was pretty edgy but damn was that good music and a nice concept.


Alec Aquino : This was yours??? Why didn't you pursue a series?

Rasamatazz : Hoo the memories

SomeRandomGuy Ω : Back in the day this was some cool edge lol

darkgatomonx : Dude..... I was looking for this awesome animation, it was part of my golden years in middle school, I loved it and I'm happy that I found it. :) Thank you for creating it.

Oriru Bastard : Too bad this never became a thing. There were so many people willing to help with the project too.

Da CookieGod : Been forever since I've seen this edge.

Nicholas Evans : I remember seeing this on Newgrounds back when I still ran SMMD. It was a nice nostalgia trip. You did a great job on the video.

La Bourgeois Camaraderie : Hoooi. Talk about a long long time ago. I went crazy over this, you've GOT to remake it!

gircakes : Why does all the shit I like end up being made in early 2000s? It's like an era I didn't get to fully enjoy (in terms of its edgy content) because I was still pretty young.

VanCan23 : This is the first time I've seen this yet the song is so familiar.

VJ Vilms : God damn...being made in 2001 the animation really holds up! This was an amazing project!

CrimsonChick : this is the greatest video ever made

jeremoogie : Panicked for a second when I looked this up on Newgrounds only to find out it was removed by moderators (why?!?!). Glad to see it's here! Used to watch this all the time back in the day. Love the character designs and still do!

Celes 20XX : I really miss old internet.

Anthony LoGatto : Proof positive that you are a talented man.

Striderskunk : Ah, I remember this. Part of my childhood practically. Anyone else find it funny that elements of this mirror the Megaman Zero series?. Like a courruped X and a apocalyptic future. And I do believe this came out way before the Zero series of games.

avalonknight : Wow, I remember back in Newgrounds. Didn't know this was your work. Still looks awesome to this day.

K A R M A : Looks like all you did in 2001 is watch DBZ and crazy animes.

salvador hernandez : Holy shit I remember this as a kid I thought it was so cool it still is but man I forgot about this man this takes me back

Gnome Gnoms : Omfg I used to watch this alll the time when I was a kid!!

James Kelly : I still wish this was a thing. I mean the original script was a bit iffy, but it had some good ideas! Like, if anything right now, the next Megaman game needs to be something palette cleansing to wash out the "but I want peace for everyone even though I have a deadly weapon ready at all times" bull crap we got out of the later incarnation of X, and the kid-friendly anime feeling of the ZX games. I want something dark, something challenging, something fast-paced. Something other than Megaman 11. >.>

Daniel Watkins : OH WOW DUDE! This how I was introduced to you man. I saw this on newgrounds and knew you did more cause of the actual paper-like drawings near the end. I ran to Deviant art which is where I submitted most of my drawings. typed in "AWD" and BOOM! Been a huge fan and follower ever since. Man great call back! STILL SAY! This should be a megaman series. Thanks for the upload man. Great memory pull from way back when! :B

ShinKyuubi : Yo hold up, hold up, hold up..YOUR the guy who made this? Damn, I used to watch the hell outta this on Newgrounds, at least twice a day every day for about three months or so and then I cut back but still watched it pretty often. I'm pretty sad the Rockman series got screwed over the way it has...just watch they got something up their sleeves to try and make us forget about Mighty No. 9, but it just won't be the same since the main man is gone from the series.

Emmanuel EXE : The story seemed dark/obscure but very interesting, like the world is in a chaos by some bad guys, like the stardroids (it seems There is Terra?), Wily could have taken the project of MMX from Dr light and created this actual Rockman Neo (MMX) and Zero too in the same time...with Bass who could have a role like protoman, but for this Rockman Neo guy :) ....this gameplay type looks interesting and fun too, what about if they make it with HD graphism or something?  A game where X and Zero could be friend in an other world, more friend than in the original story, but in a more dark way..... :)

Arcade Frog : Damn... So much nostalgia...

rando burr : I would expect this to become a dark and gorey anime like devilman crybaby for example

Priest Cross : Oh man, I didn't realize you were the one behind this! I liked this a lot back then for it's art style and concepts but it's really nice to see how far you've come since then. Thanks for reposting this as it's really cool to see some of your old content again. ( and thanks for inadvertently introducing me to not only Megaman but awesome music as well. :] ) 

SherlockHyde : Haha holy shit I haven't seen this since in probably over a decade!  Man, it takes me right back. I really wish there were a new Megaman game coming out, any time soon.  Oh well.  At least Mighty No. 9's probably gonna be sick.

Diego Moncada : It's been almost ten years since I saw this for the first time. I still think it looks amazing. If the animation and some of the colors were a tiny, tiny bit refined, this would look just like a 90's/early 2000's cartoon intro. Similar to Batman Beyond. Lately I been watching all those old Newgrounds Megaman flashes from my childhood. There were so many I didn't remember. I'm definitely faving this, so I don't forget again.