Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor
The sad story of David Hahn the Boy Scout who built a nuclear reactor

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Think a teenager can't build a nuclear breeder reactor without getting caught? Think again. David Hahn, aka the Radioactive Boy Scout, was able to easily collect radioactive and highly dangerous materials to experiment with nuclear energy. Just when you think the story can't get crazier, it does. ------------ Subscribe to Weird History | Weird History on Facebook |


TheCavlry : -Aren't you a little young to build a nuclear reactor? -Yes. Yes, I am.

Peter Wolf : David: "look mom i build a nuclear reactor". Mom: "thats nice honey".

jonny hall : this should be a movie


Interviwer : 2018: I'm bored, ima go play fortnite 1990s: *I'm GoNNa BUilD A nUcLEar ReACtOr*

multiple sclerosis is hot : Damn I can't believe he really made Chernobyl Pocket Edition just like that.

MeatyMeatyMooo : Ignoring small explosions and chemical spills in their son's room lol The great lottery gives them a genius kid and they basically neglect him

JCAlien : "This is David Freakin Hahn, he's an eagle scout" 😂

Adam Sutton : I wonder if his parents ever took him to see Santa near Christmas “What presents do you want this year David?” “Uranium”

Imane Erreg : If he was guided in the right path he would have had such potential.

Joseph Novosel : You gotta admit, he could've been something great lol.

Steven Morahan : Why didn't he do something more productive, like cooking meth?

Terlinilia : They say violent video games cause shootings *_They're gonna say this dude was obsessed with Chernobyl_*

Supr1meTV : We living in 2019, this kid was living in 2919

Kari : I find the saddest part of his story in being, he ended up dying of an overdose combo of alcohol and fentanyl in Sep of 2016, at the age of 39. Such a waste of such a smart person. He could have done so much with his life. At the very least, he could have had one hell of an interesting YouTube channel, if he was still around.

Thefighter : "All of that along with some uranium he had ordered from Czechoslovakia over the phone because why the hell wouldn't that be possible"

Josh Sykes : Stealing Tires from cars David: no I’m loading my nuclear reactor into my car

Donohue 777 : Mom I made a nuclear reactor Ok, dinners ready at 6pm *2 weeks later* Mom there’s some people from Iran outside our house!! That’s nice honey

Fixedguitar : He should have been given a grant. And someone should have mentored him. It’s a sad story.

Draco Yungin : David Hahn: * could’ve died various times from chemical explosions and radioactive elements * David Hahn: actually dies of alcohol poisoning

lasaga eater : Soo... did he get the badge?

Justin Schultz : 8:34 "Some Uranium he had ordered from Czechoslovakia over the phone, because why the hell wouldn't THAT be possible." XD

Helicopter Avionics : All of this could be avoided if his passion was supervised and put to good work in a research center . But instead they call the police

Zeno Playz : "Hey son watcha up to?" Son: "Nothing much just finishing my nuclear bomb" "Oh okay, don't forget to take out the trash"

Joshua Cruiser : -Mom, can we have a nuclear reactor? -You already have one at home! -Yeah, actually true!

Ab115 : He almost made Chernobyl Lite

Bruce McGrogan : This guy could of actually been a brilliant mind

Cat OOGASHAKA : “back in my day, we didn’t play the fortnites we built muthafuckin nuclear reactors”

Chip : "This is David freaking Hahn. He's an Eagle scout"

Super_Mousey : *nuclear explosion goes off* Me:🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 Mom:Walk it off honey!

MrBCftw : "So how did u get in jail" "I built a nuclear reactor in my mums basement"

Rainer : How do you get Uranium through customs? Ehm asking for a friend of course.

Longjohnson Shagwell : "Fully Functional Nuclear Reactor" CITATION NEEDED

E C : Moral of the story: Always have a Geiger counter on hand. You never know what your crazy neighbor is up to.

brandonsantoro47 : Why pay the electrical companies?? Just make your own power

Fela gund : *"Chernoboy"*

Ohshii : Damn he died of alcohol poisoning? what a shit way to go out for someone that smart :( rip in peace david hahn you a real one

Kyle Gregorio : David: i finally did it Sheldon: hmm can you come 5am in the morning in our garage?

The Holy Ancap : my physics teacher went to highschool with him

Brian Pan : He was later diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Much of this story remains untold.

Dab DUDE Pro : He should get a Cher-noble prize

Arjun Chatterjee : The NRC - How much nuclear stuff you want? David - Yes!

Reedik Tuuling : Plutonium is not naturally occurring and breeder reactors don't provide "infinite" power

SebastianTheGreat : David: *MooooOoom, did you throw out my nuclear reactor?!?* Mom: *Sorry honey, I was just trying to clean out the shed*

Spike .Strat13 : Doc-“Marty, you can’t just just wander i to the store and buy plutonium!” David “ hold my beer”

DarknessGaming : Wait... What? How do earn a nuclear badge in boy scouts 😂🤣

jungledyret100 : It is not a nuclear reactor. It is a pile of radioactive waste frapped in foil. But never the less, boy is extraordinary.

campervan20 : This guy created nuclear fission in a basement like....he was a genius

Riggedy Rigged : Calm down He just wanted to recharge his Nokia