Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor

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Chris L : The REAL sad part of this story is that with all those smarts, knowledge and understanding thay David had, he could habe become a nuclear physicists or something, but didnt. He could have done A LOT with the ammount of intelligence that david showed from a VERY early age. Which is near genius levels, but it was never encouraged or directed into a healthy outlet. I can only hope that my son shows this tyoe of intelligence and passion for something like David did. But his parents cared more about what happened to their house then their son and instead of helping him learn correctly and set him on a path of success, he was baisically told to "go play in the basement and leave us alone" and because of that he nearly killed himself multiple times and ended up living a life of mediocrity and was never able to grow his knowledge or put his intelligence to good use. THAT is the sad part.


RunicRock : Mom!!! Phineas is making another nuclear reactor!!!

rugbynimbus : Fortunately, when I was that age, I was protected from such a fate by my obsession with masturbation.

xX_JuicyEmo_Xx : He built a nuclear reactor in 2 months, Jesus Christ

Xqzme : I really hate the fact that you repeat everything that you say twice to make it seem more dramatic.

Planet Xtreme : I'm 15.. This kid basically solved the world's energy problem.. What do I do? I play Minecraft..

Ron the bird : This guy needed a JOB not a warrant for his arrest

spiegel : That's nothing. In Grade 8 science class I built a volcano that spewed actual goop!

Jamaa L : I bet this kid could have been the Nikola Tesla of nuclear energy.

Gaby Lara : Chernobyl: Hold my beer.

Alright Lads : He would be a great youtuber

hUaA : Near the end sounds like how a zombie apocolypse would start LMAO

Kbeast Yo : Me: Mom can i make a Nuclear Reacter Mom: do whatever you want

Lofty Smalls : Well that's an instant ticket to Harvard.

my channel : 2:10 You shouldnt put a stop to some kids love in chemistry You should teach him how to do it right without limiting him why are people that actually make a difference and who are not stale always portrait as a villain (Go watch Cody's videos that might shine a light on what im trying to say)

seany versace : He died of alcohol poisoning back in 2016. RIP.

Agu Renteria : Kim Jong Un wants to know your location

Out of Blue Pills : I seriously doubt that there was any fission involved. It sounds like this kid just collected a big stockpile of radioactive materials.

BlueCon : **Nasa** "Get us this boy!"

Izten K : This kid is the true phineas and ferb

Jeffrey Followwill : This is David freaking Hahn he is and Eagle Scout, 😂🤣😂

george papadopoulos : The only thing that matters is that this kid is FUKIN GENIUS

TheWinglessHawk : This is how science always progressed. Testing by trial and error. The only sad thing that the shitty parents didn't lead him the right way through it. They didn't care. If they would have cared, they would have told him how to make the experiments saver and/or finding a person who can guide him through these kind of things. So much potential wasted...

skuzlebut82 : Whoever made this video doesn't know a whole lot about radioactivity. The element in smoke detectors is Americium. Am-er--ee-sium. You don't need to get Uranium from Czechoslovakia, you can order the shit online. You get Uranium ore, which in itself, is radioactive but not deadly and can't be used to build a bomb unless you process a few hundred tons of it. What David Hahn did was get a bunch of radioactive shit that any person can buy and put it all in small place. The only crime committed was parents not being parents. You can legally buy small sources of radioactive elements. Any American can do what David Hahn did but in doing so, you are irradiating yourself and putting yourself in the position to die a painful death. At no point did he build any sort of nuclear reactor.

DS 61 : Home boy made a nuclear a shed...with a box of scraps... Coulda been a real life Tony Stark if his parents gave half a crap...What a waste of potential.

Can- Toi : This kid was brilliant.

Cole Reels : Chernobyl come get ya mans

Azariah Bailor : I'm gonna start wearing my goggles in science class now😅

Viklar Exnol : He should have been hired and put to use, just like how some black hats get hired by white hats.

Λυris : *_Parenting skills_*

Tom : The government should have given this kid a job!

el bucky : Pretty sad this guy could have been one of the greatest in making free energy if somebody would have just noticed and took part in his life and guiding him in the right path he would have been a great scientist

PrAKtikal Nurse : Unbridled brilliance.....if only someone had taken an interest in this kid...

Amond Hawes-Khalifa : I half expected Heinz Doofenshmirtz to accidentally destroy the thing right before the kid's mom found it.

Kodiak ZXA : *He Played fallout 76 before it was even released*

KILANMU : Why not teach him the correct "way" to use the chemicals lol?

GT Gaming : That’s a smart kid

Klabron Hames : Well, this just goes to show you that kid next door could be doing literally anything in his mom's basement..

Deep Expert : I am now working on a nuclear reactor......But I dont know where to get its some of requirements.

aBugBugAkoNiBerna : Real Life J I M M Y N E U T R O N

y : I am the bomb squad

Shamari Johnson : How did he do all this when I can’t even go outside

djkal2002 : He was available to do all this because he is WHITE. Had he had a muslim or Black name, this story would have a different ending.

The squad gaming : You put this vid up On my b day

Luca Ratta : Real life Johnny test.

Furno : I actually learned a few things about radiation

Cryptonian : tony stark aint got no chill

James Jesus : "Arn't youa little young to be building a nuclear reactor?" David: "Yes, yes i am." MOOOOM DAVID IS BUILDING A NUCLEAR REACTOR AGAINNN

Toby Butcher : Stop saying that nuclear fission is endless and that it solves world energy. Reactors require the fuel rods to be changed once they are depleted of potential energy. It's very cheap and very efficient and for all intent and purposes it's unlimited but NOT ACTUALLY ENDLESS ENERGY that is in violation of the laws of thermodynamics.