Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor
Radioactive Boy Scout How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor

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Think a teenager can't build a nuclear breeder reactor without getting caught? Think again. David Hahn, aka the Radioactive Boy Scout, was able to easily collect radioactive and highly dangerous materials to experiment with nuclear energy. Just when you think the story can't get crazier, it does. ------------ Subscribe to Weird History | Weird History on Facebook |


Ball Shot : _"I am limited by the technology of my time"_ -David Hanh

C'meon : David: Mum don't worry, it's only 3.6 rontgen. Mum: Yeah, not great, not terrible.

Catherine : Oh yeah, don’t mind me just buying uranium from Czechoslovakia

Draco Yungin : David Hahn: * could’ve died various times from chemical explosions and radioactive elements * David Hahn: actually dies of alcohol poisoning

TheCavlry : -Aren't you a little young to build a nuclear reactor? -Yes. Yes, I am.

DynamicHabits : This guy actually reminds me of Jimmy neutron lol.

Leah Henny : In a parallel universe he was nurtured, and became a world renowned chemist. He figured out unlimited energy and was immortalized right next to newton and hawking! Lol

RAGER z : 14 years old Kid: builds a nuclear reactor Me 15 years old: struggles in simple math

Cat OOGASHAKA : “back in my day, we didn’t play the fortnites we built muthafuckin nuclear reactors”

Brandon Wilson : It could have been worse. He could have been smoking marijuana.

Walmart Satan : David walked so phineas and ferb could run.

gnarled reaper : "They assumed david was in possession of an atomic bomb" Shaking my head so hard it spun clean off and is now spinning like a top on my desk.

pistol peiter : David: tHeRe iS aBsOluTly nO gRaPhiTe oN tHiS roOf USSR: Checks out EPA: Hey wait a minute

marnix v : *This is david freakin hahn, he was an eagle scout* 😂😂

Peter Wolf : David: "look mom i build a nuclear reactor". Mom: "thats nice honey".

lirio sogno : So you really can do anything if you really want to... Terrific

DB Physique : According to the EPA’s official assessment, Davids’s nuclear reactor experiments exposed at least 40,000 people to extremely dangerous, cancer causing levels of radiation. *Not great, not terrible*

L : The real issue is ordering uranium from Czechoslovakia over the phone, and actually getting it.

brandonsantoro47 : Why pay the electrical companies?? Just make your own power

MeatyMeatyMooo : Ignoring small explosions and chemical spills in their son's room lol The great lottery gives them a genius kid and they basically neglect him

Dzifas : Began as a ''nuclear engineer'', died an alcoholic. Don't stay in school kids.

Maizie Torres : Gru: look ma I made a nuclear reactor! Mom: eh

Vanadiumoxid : As someone who also loves mucking about a bit with chemistry, this complete disregard for basic security measures hurts my heart

Kawi : Im sorry but how does one not notice this? -Got glass in his eyes -tested chemicals on himself -built a fucking nuclear reactor in a shed. - like genius is good, but crazy genius exists. Gotta be careful.

multiple sclerosis is hot : Damn I can't believe he really made Chernobyl Pocket Edition just like that.

Eric Haynes : Dude probably could have single-handedly solved the worlds energy problems.

Brian Pan : He was later diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Much of this story remains untold.

Ryan Ingham : I also experimented with myself around the age of 14

Joshua Cruiser : -Mom, can we have a nuclear reactor? -You already have one at home! -Yeah, actually true!

Fela gund : *"Chernoboy"*

Reedik Tuuling : Plutonium is not naturally occurring and breeder reactors don't provide "infinite" power

Zen BLVD : I love how the narrator passively gets pissed at David.

Dylan Zhao : He should have made an AZ-5 button to stop the reaction

Ghostly : David: hey, my car is radioactive Cops: yah right Cops start mutating David: told ya so

Ab115 : He almost made Chernobyl Lite

Monty Wolfe : I’m not sure why the video is so cynically negative about the kid. He was obviously brilliant! I find it hilarious that his dad wanted him to do something “useful” like become an Eagle Scout. Lol!!!! What exactly is useful about that?? Now being able to build an atomic bomb... maybe dangerous... but far more useful and ambitious than being an Eagle Scout.

SebastianTheGreat : David: *MooooOoom, did you throw out my nuclear reactor?!?* Mom: *Sorry honey, I was just trying to clean out the shed*

Super_Mousey : *nuclear explosion goes off* Me:🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 Mom:Walk it off honey!

Tomato Chan : "But this isn't a normal situation. This is David Freaking Haugn. He was an eagle scout" I'm whEEZING

jonny hall : this should be a movie

Ethan Wykes : David hahn: *has atomic bomb* Police: "GeT tHe BoMb SqUaD!!"

Laurita : "but this isn't a normal situation - this is david freaking hahn, he was an eagle scout"

Jin Fest : 1990s: *builds a nuclear reactor in his mom's backyard.* 2016: *dies of alcohol poisoning.*

DB Physique : “They did measure 1000 times the normal background radiation they should’ve been measuring” *I’m told it’s the equivalent of a chest X-Ray*

Imane Erreg : If he was guided in the right path he would have had such potential.

Vanessa D : Real life Dexter's Laboratory is actually a nightmare. 😱

Daniel Warren : As a nuclear power worker, this is familiar talk. But crazy he did it in his shed!

dane : David: did my package arrive? Mom: ye David: oh sweet Mom: what is it? David: just some uranium Mom: oh okay

Fo 76 gamer : Daaaviiid!, come home, it's late. But mum, I have to finish my reactor!