Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor

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RedKB : Ok fine YouTube, I'll watch this video.

Jakiś Grejpfrut : Friend: YOU CAN’T MAKE A GODDAMN NUCLEAR REACTOR AS A TEENAGER Him: hold my caprisun

Your rekt dreams : The narrator REALLY needs to step off his high horse....

FrenZie : If this kid did this 50 years ago, he would have gotten a Nobel Prize and be praised in the history books.

TheTriptamineDream : For being "history" you sure make a ton of moral judgements.

Gaby Lara : Chernobyl: Hold my beer.

UGA Anigma : Intelligence 10 Charisma 10 Speech 100 Science 100 Common sense 0

Rick Berman's brother in law : The narrator ruined it for me. This guy would be more fitting presenting top 10s for watchmojo

Xavier Roberts : He didnt build a nuclear reactor, he attempted to.

LucioOh5 : Remember to always carry Stimpaks and Radaways.

Bisqwit : I hate the narrator for continually suggesting/insisting that the experiments should have been stopped and the boy should have been prohibited from continuing his science experiments and studies. NO! What he should have been, but wasn’t, is to be taught how to conduct his experiments in a safe and controlled manner, wearing protective gear and so on.

David Sutherland : All the narration judgement. Gets old.

Randy Madruga : At 39 he died from alcohol. Well okay but I can tell you with 100% certainty that mugshot of his face is meth scabs. This dude was an addicted meth head, it wasn't just booze.

Carlos Hernandez : Next video; teen built a time machine in basement.

Error : David can probably cure cancer if u give him the resources because he's an eagle scout Edit: Oof nvm he died didn't finish the entire video

Chris L : The REAL sad part of this story is that with all those smarts, knowledge and understanding thay David had, he could habe become a nuclear physicists or something, but didnt. He could have done A LOT with the ammount of intelligence that david showed from a VERY early age. Which is near genius levels, but it was never encouraged or directed into a healthy outlet. I can only hope that my son shows this tyoe of intelligence and passion for something like David did. But his parents cared more about what happened to their house then their son and instead of helping him learn correctly and set him on a path of success, he was baisically told to "go play in the basement and leave us alone" and because of that he nearly killed himself multiple times and ended up living a life of mediocrity and was never able to grow his knowledge or put his intelligence to good use. THAT is the sad part.

Geno Merci : Screw the narration on this story, the kid is a hero and the parents were right to let him experiment. The problem was that they didn't encourage healthy practices, not that they didn't snatch his chemistry set away in their fearmongering. The amount of alarmism in this is completely unnecessary and the amount of radiation people were being exposed to would have only been harmful over extended periods. Astronauts get a heavier dose during a single mission than what the neighbors experienced over months. Instead of being recognized for his effort and ingenuity and given an opportunity to pursue a career in his field of passion this guy was branded with a criminal history and driven into a deep depression exacerbated by the resulting substance abuse that eventually led to his death as a consequence of being shunned by society. GG Society.

Daniel Dr Freitas : He was simply ‘LOADING A NUCLEAR REACTOR INTO HIS OWN CAR’

P&G Gaming : Strength 9999 Persistence 9999 Endurance 9999 Charisma 9999 Agility 9999 Intelligence 9999 Luck 99999 That’s what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L Oh wait Common sense -9999

Optimus Prime : You can't stop someone who is dedicated and has made up his mind.

my channel : 2:10 You shouldnt put a stop to some kids love in chemistry You should teach him how to do it right without limiting him why are people that actually make a difference and who are not stale always portrait as a villain (Go watch Cody's videos that might shine a light on what im trying to say)

GyrBuilder : roll for charisma, intelligence, and stealth he rolled a 20

SWATgabe : 16 year old kid: Hey can I get the formulas for a nuclear process? Highly esteemed science community: Sure! Get it to you in a jiffy!

BOOT : I'd watch this movie before another one bout a drug dealer kid

Triqz_ Official : He was too smart for his own good

Izten K : This kid is the true phineas and ferb

the supermonkey : Wow what a fallout fan

TheMahMan guy : 6:52 this David freaking Han,HES AN EAGLE SCOUT”😂😂

/ Drew'sClues / : Oh dang! I live in the desert where they buried it.

Christopher Rod : You’re so melodramatic.

Mountain Fisher : They took my chemistry set away when I made some fulminate of mercury. That stuff was explosive, more than TNT. I blew a 2 foot hole in the high school parking lot with a mere test tube full.

WRKF0RAMMO3 : I admire this young man for his genius. But the narrator is annoying.

PARADOX ! : Mom: gives a son a chemistry book* Son: makes chrystal meth in his room and smokes it*

Preoximerias : While his experiments put tens of thousands of people at risk of high levels of radiation, I don’t blame him for much. He was misguided and was let down by the very people who was supposed to keep him in check and put him on the right path. In another time, David could have been a nuclear physicist. He had the determination and the mind for it, showing it at a very early age. Hell, he may have broken the code for truly limitless energy in the form of fusion, the same kind of energy process found in the sun. rip David, could have changed the world if the adults had given a shit.

The Creepy Night Shift Guy : This world doesn't celebrate people that are ahead of the curve; it fears them. David had the intelligence and drive, but none of the experience and knowledge to apply it correctly. He came from a broken home and had parents that took no interest in his hobby of science. Instead of trying to understand their son, they ignored him because they were likely unable or unwilling to relate to him. When David failed miserably, people were so quick to call him reckless and a criminal (like this narrator here) that they overlooked his potential; not as a villain, but as someone who genuinely wanted to make the world a better place. The totally biased narrator (who obviously hates David for some reason) even points out in this hit piece, that David's goal was to solve the world's energy problems. Instead of giving this kid any kind of direction, they threw him in jail, slandered his name in the press, and drove his mother to suicide. Instead of being a productive member of society, David was vilified and broken and resigned to a life of failure until drinking himself to death. David Hahn at least had good intentions. All this narrator wants is to make a little ad revenue while dancing on David's grave apparently. Hit Like and Subscribe for more of that I'm sure.

Λυris : *_Parenting skills_*

Nawal M.12 : Alternate ending: The reactor explode and make a new fallout game

Kush Life : A genius in the wrong environment! 👀

Henkkaaz : "he was simply loading a nuclear reactor into his own car" lmao

Bordeaux Man : Love the story, hate the narration script. I gave it a dislike

MrN1c3Guy100 : They should not have arrest him but his parents....

Nemo7The7Pirate7 : Stalker, drink that vodka to lower your radiation poisoning.

Casey L. : My butt itches

grim shadows : why do we punish brilliant minds that are able to do the impossible as a teen we should embrace these types of minds they need directions not punishment

Mr. Imarealsuperhero : America.. Where else?

impatientfire : Kid sounds like a genius. Too bad he was misguided

albertTM : Hmmmm?🤔 We might check Cody'sLab now 😁 Just kidding 😜 Cody is a real scientist

Tyateer Jameson : This is a dnd character that keeps rolling nat 20’s on his deception and persuasion checks and failing his wisdom checks

Anonymous Platypi : So he can build a nuclear reactor but I cant put together IKEA furniture. Im sad now.

Brandon Trujillo : Please relay your tone more about how adults should have intetvened ... Shutup and tell the story!