Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor

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Gaby Lara : Chernobyl: Hold my beer.

spiegel : That's nothing. In science class I built a volcano that spwed actual goop.

Nikos Perd : This is the first official Child of Atom.

i am gay and : David David Yes papa? Making nuclear reactors? No papa Telling lies? No papa Open the barn Ha ha ha *FBI OPEN UP*

RunicRock : Mom!!! Phineas is making another nuclear reactor!!!

Xqzme : I really hate the fact that you repeat everything that you say twice to make it seem more dramatic.

I’m not Pegasoos : Instead of arresting him, they should’ve hired him as a scientist or something. Maybe they could’ve kept him on parole?

ralph Arpaio : How to build a nuclear reactor for kids. (But chill its for a school project.)

ducky XDDD : Dexter: *Hold my beer*

Jamaa L : I bet this kid could have been the Nikola Tesla of nuclear energy.

Chris L : The REAL sad part of this story is that with all those smarts, knowledge and understanding thay David had, he could habe become a nuclear physicists or something, but didnt. He could have done A LOT with the ammount of intelligence that david showed from a VERY early age. Which is near genius levels, but it was never encouraged or directed into a healthy outlet. I can only hope that my son shows this tyoe of intelligence and passion for something like David did. But his parents cared more about what happened to their house then their son and instead of helping him learn correctly and set him on a path of success, he was baisically told to "go play in the basement and leave us alone" and because of that he nearly killed himself multiple times and ended up living a life of mediocrity and was never able to grow his knowledge or put his intelligence to good use. THAT is the sad part.

Technomaniac Dude : Sad part is you know nothing about breeder reactor

xX_JuicyEmo_Xx : He built a nuclear reactor in 2 months, Jesus Christ

BlueCon : **Nasa** "Get us this boy!"

Cosmic Destroyzz : He is literally a genius

Izten K : This kid is the true phineas and ferb

Ishant Gc : I think they should create movie about David😀

I'm Slavic ! : Died of alcohol poisoning ? So stalker games are right vodka cures radiation poisoning

The Crazy YouTuber : Boy Scouts. I will never call it anything else.

Planet Xtreme : I'm 15.. This kid basically solved the world's energy problem.. What do I do? I play Minecraft..

my channel : 2:10 You shouldnt put a stop to some kids love in chemistry You should teach him how to do it right without limiting him why are people that actually make a difference and who are not stale always portrait as a villain (Go watch Cody's videos that might shine a light on what im trying to say)

CL4P-TP Steward Bot : I'm close to my eagle and I have the nuclear science merit badge 😂

Samuel Meikle : Your telling me that I live 50 miles away from a radioactive garden shed! Wtf!

directrix1 : Why is the top of Bill Gates's head peaking out from behind that sign at 13:10 ?

The terraria Gameplayer : How the hades did he survive Nuclear radiation poisoning BUT NOT BEER

Λυris : *_Parenting skills_*

Deep Expert : I am now working on a nuclear reactor......But I dont know where to get its some of requirements.

CalderaXII : you realize he didnt build a nuclear reactor right? he gathered a lot of nuclear material and taped it together... sure it may have generated some heat. but he was orders of magnitude below an amount needed for sustainable energy generation. also you cant just use any old element and isotope thereof to create a sustainable nuclear reaction. he wasnt any closer to building a reactor then a guy smashing his head against a xray machine... the real genius of this kid was how he played the system and schooled EVERYONE to get his plans going. too bad he never got to really pursue his genuine love in chemistry and phyiscs. who knows what he might have accomplished.

Can- Toi : This kid was brilliant.

Colton Brummel : Regulations will kill us all... David didn't kill anyone. What's the problem? I trust David more than I trust my government. at least David wasn't poisoning people ON PURPOSE.

DS 61 : Home boy made a nuclear a shed...with a box of scraps... Coulda been a real life Tony Stark if his parents gave half a crap...What a waste of potential.

shairo perez : Real life vault boy.

george papadopoulos : The only thing that matters is that this kid is FUKIN GENIUS

Foof50 : Anyone that studied nuclear reactors as much as he did would know that poisons are needed to control the core when it comes to flux distribution and overall control to prevent an unstable prompt criticality and would have designed the reactor as such. This is not a bomb type situation as the mushroom cloud picture would have you think since plants only need 9% enrichment and bombs need 90%. Please ignore the fear mongering and look at the science in opposition to this propaganda against nuclear power, which is the only way

Aaron Landry : He seemed to be very interested in Chemistry, but had almost no understanding of it or what it does. He decided to smash red phosphorus (which is explosive) with a screwdriver, which anyone with any sort of understanding of Chemistry would know not to do, because it would result in an explosion. After blowing himself up multiple times, he decided “I’m going to make a perpetual energy nuclear reactor” (something that anyone with any knowledge of physical science will tell you is impossible). It, of course, released tons of highly cancerous and dangerous radiation to thousands of people, because that’s what happens when some random person with no understanding of nuclear energy messes around with radioactive material. Thank God he didn’t blow everyone with a few miles radius up. He definitely should have been labeled a domestic terrorist, though, because of how much damage he’s probably done to other people. Anyone can blow themselves up and mess around with things that they don’t understand. A genius understands things that he works with within their field and experiments with things that they understand to advance their field further. That’s why Einstein didn’t try to perform heart surgery, why Tesla didn’t try to genetically modify apples, or why Henry Ford didn’t try to build a robot.

Common Sense : I’m sorry but this kid is pretty darn impressive. He is a kid, and he just schooled everyone. And please stop picturing this guy as a bad guy. Edit: this kid of course exposed innocent people to radiation. This is very unfortunate and it wasn’t intensional.

Azariah Bailor : I'm gonna start wearing my goggles in science class now😅

Voltz : This has nothing to do with the video but the *blur you have on the left and right side is to much. you need to get rid of that. it's not needed and it's pointless* .

Out of Blue Pills : I seriously doubt that there was any fission involved. It sounds like this kid just collected a big stockpile of radioactive materials.

Cole Reels : Chernobyl come get ya mans

Micah Domine : *Kim Jong Un has joined the game*

Maximilian Musshoff : *Kim jong un Joined the game* *Kim jung un Left the game*

PrAKtikal Nurse : Unbridled brilliance.....if only someone had taken an interest in this kid...

John Smith : Sad (and scary) story. Properly motivated and guided by resposible adults, that kid could have become a reputable scientist and a productive memeber of society, but instead he gravitated into a self-destructive path that also put the public at risk.

Alif Nafili : ‘Adults’

Zachary Thompson : R.I.P boyscouts. Death by: feminist. Edit: Damn I really did get a whole 567 likes on my comment, and I sparked an arughment between us brethren. Really do be like that.

C.12 - Gaming and more : Here I am thinking that opening a door with a Pokémon card is impressive af

Tom : The government should have given this kid a job!

MrN1c3Guy100 : They should not have arrest him but his parents....

SmoothRide : Right. "Parental supervision"....what a concept. If it ever catches on, the world might actually be a safer place to live.