Is America Really Number One? - The Jim Jefferies Show

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Dark Days : "The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it." - George Carlin

Andrew Grove : #1 in gun deaths and incarcerations

Michael Mara : Usually the people that say America is the greatest country, are the ones who’ve never traveled outside of it.

Ketsueki Kumori : I want the "Super fat, largely dumb, dying broke" on a bumper sticker.

Michael Harto : "Any man who must say, "I am the king" is no true king" -Tywin Lannister

Liberty Scott : At last someone said it. I like America but the blind arrogant patriotism is deeply off putting. Trust me, the rest of the world laughs when we hear another American claim they live in the best country of the world. I mean, by sheer statistics alone it's proven false. I just saw a travel blogger proclaim people around the globe look at her like she's a celebrity when she says she's American, jesus, talk about delusion.

AndyNewZealand : Americans have always said this. I was brought up being told by my parents, relatives and friends etc. that Americans are loud , brash, braggarts with little taste in clothing or cuisine. I am now in my fifties and have traveled throughout the US many times. During those times I have met large numbers of Americans who were lovely, hospitable humans. But I also met a lot that, well to put it bluntly, lived up to exactly what I was told when I was young. Brash, loud, ignorant, glutinous, bigoted dullards, who were forever saying that the USA is the greatest country in the world. Generally, to a man and woman, they had never traveled outside the US and in many cases had never ventured from their home state. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world and have never once heard a person say that their nation was the greatest in the world - other that in the good old USA. Americans need to get over themselves. Don't say you live in a paradise when you clearly don't, and especially don't say it to a person who does!! (oops - perhaps I have traveled to US one too many times lol). Just remember when you or one of your fine politicians say that America is the greatest country in the world, the rest of us roll our eyes and snigger. It is rather karmic that the US has the current president; he really is what you have deserved for a long time.

Lucas Peruzzi : A honda civic in a parking lot of a fast food is a pretty good representation of america.

Joshua Parkinson : The thing about "the usa is the best" is that it's only the Americans who believe it.

zedeighty : Some Americans in the comments are proving that, true to stereotype, they're number 1 at failing to appreciate ironic humour.

Mark Gigiel : America is not #1 in ANYTHING anymore, except graft, corruption and war. I am 60 years old and we were never great, just powerful. We had a good run pushing the rest of the world around. It's now ending and the ones in charge can't stand it. Get ready for another big war, that's how they fix it. Temporarily.

splabbity : America. A country that's pretty much alright.

Rebel 248 : Trump is ruining the Republican Party, but one good thing (maybe even the only good thing) that trump is doing for America is making more people aware of the inner workings of our democracy and the importance of being well informed and just how important it is to understand the consequences of voting for a unqualified individual.

NovaKaizer : Iceland is number one, and that is because the temperature is so shit that they need high living standards to keep everyone from killing themselves

Luliby : Yes exactly, if you keep going around saying you're the best, then why would you try to fix anything? You have to admit that problems exist if you're gonna do anything about them and actually make things better and perhaps move towards being the best. It's just more realistic that way.

Sheeps Wool : It feels like Americans are babied by their leaders/Media etc. The rest of the world are more serious in terms of their media and politicians etc. whilst Americans are simply told they're amazing and their media overhype everything. You ask a Brit if their country is great and they'd sarcastically say it's shit, because we aren't so arrogant as to think we're better than everyone else...

Punisher Is Back : I'm American and I was born and raised here and I completely agree with what Jim jefferies said sadly

Jack McDaniel : I like the new national anthem :-)

MrClickity : America: most of us are pretty decent most of the time... but some of us are really shitty all the time.

noel smith : Only America thinks America is the best. They are taught to be patriotic from day one. I think other countries should take more pride in themselves but not if it means they won't listen to anyone else to self-improve.

Hugh Mungus : We're number one! In incarceration rate.

GorillaGuerilla : I could come up with more than 10 countries, probably even 20 or 30 countries I rather live in than the US! But the song was freakin' AWESOME!

Cam Drums : 80% of comedy central shows are ranting at a desk about politics.

Nuance Bro : Yet he chose to move here..... hmmmm

geetarbube : Getting a little chubby living in the states, James

Hannah 22Eyes : the only thing where america has always been number 1 is invading foreign countries and waging war.

k3rrons : America is a continent though 😒😌

Mike W : Most American's are too ambitious and delusional to accept mediocrity.

Alfa 123 : UK 🇬🇧 is 100% better than USA 🇺🇸

Fiat Lux : The real reason why America is such an underdeveloped country is that "social" is still painted as a dirty word by neocon right-wing media who are pushing a fake cold war narrative, as if capitalism and democratic socialism could never go together while the rest of the western world has moved on and proved this wrong many decades ago. Hence they enjoy healthy free market economies AND pleasantly affordable health care, free university tuition, shelter for the elderly and homeless, less poverty, much lower crime rates, better infrastructure etc. etc. while the US gets left behind and many people don't even know about it, much less why. An awful lot of Americans are so conditioned by the fake cold war narrative, when they hear the dirty word "Socialism", they instantly think of tyranny, totalitarian Venezuela or communism and that's about it. Plus, they're so indulged in their own "greatness", they never bother to look at other civilized countries so they never learn what they're getting wrong the whole time.

NATIVE latinos fucktrump : legalize cannabis pay for healthcare with that

Nicholas Tarpinian : Wow I didn’t know I needed this

WaterxDragon : China numbah one!

maxwellis4 : Jim always telling the facts!!!!

William Girard : I just said this the other day on another vídeo. Too many egocentric idiots. The US is not the best country in almost anything. It is a great place but I am much happier living in subtropical paradise than I was in the US. It is all a matter of opinion.

NATIVE latinos fucktrump : they took our jerbs

مرتضى الجابري : #Save_the_Iraqi_people The Iraqi people are demanding their basic rights to life, but the government responded to the Iraqi people by shooting them with fire and many of them were killed. The Iraqi people were sentenced to death by the dictatorship government. The Iraqi people have begun their revolution to overthrow the dictatorship. Save the Iraqi people because the dictatorship of the government sentenced the people to death and death This government, which is rumored to be a democratic government, has declared its true teeth and is a government dictatorship and is killing and suppressing the demonstrations of the Iraqi people to demand their rights by changing this government. These people suffer from poor conditions in all aspects of life. The government also banned all means of communication with the outside world to suppress these peaceful demonstrations We need your votes with us. Save the Iraqi people who were sentenced to death

SpaceManDawn : Not gonna lie, legal weed and free speech is a pretty good combo. The multi cultural aspect is great too. I'm from Korea, but i love living in California. There's nothing like Santa Cruz or San Francisco in Korea.

JamesXM : *MURICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸*

El : to bad Bill Burr wasn't there to put him in his place

german gama : yes... america is the trump of countries... ha haaaa.

Megan Kohtz : America is the best county in the world = propaganda

xtopher foster : CANADA !

Jude Bedessem : There is a long list of things that make America great, but there are two facts that I think make America the best country in the world. Concretely, America led the world into a period of unprecedented peace, stability, freedom, and productivity. There has never been a super power, in the history of mankind, as pursuant of freedom, as benevolent, as America. I want to be clear, we are _faaar_ from perfect, but we are still infinitely better than any of the other runner ups. But what I think is more important, and really speaks to the greatness of America, is the exceeding optimism of its people. We all think that America is the best, or one of the best, countries in the world. 86% think that America ranks among the top countries in the world, a number that doesn't change much between races or socioeconomic status. Most other western countries or countries with high HDI ratings barely scrape the double digits. This optimism, not only expressed as extreme patriotism, is hardwired into so many Americans. We all think life is gonna get better, we all think we can _make_ life better. We drive innovation, and advance human rights, and even when we appear to be slipping backwards, we buckle down and push back.

Piano : Little mistake there Jim ! Bora-Bora is not a country, it is actually a French island. So it is France.

Old Bull Lee : Americans who treat America like Kanye West fans treat Kanye... They think Kanye is the greatest while everyone else sees that Kanye is in the sunken place.

Luliby : I do also appreciate how the song about a country is country itself.

fassil kiros : A truly Macho look of ones self ! US greatness is reduceable to it's bully attitude and toxic manliness since colonial times to achieve anything.. Military might and Adventures free Spirit called "Strong Ego" . But in reality it is the most abusive powers in modern times , inside and outside ! Pathetic

elmertjee : I live in the Netherlands, and we all think it's pretty funny that the USA keeps saying this. Not to be arrogant, but we have it pretty amazing over here. One of the happiest countries on earth and in many ways objectively better. LOTS of countries do many things way better than you do, and that's okay America. Enjoy what you have and accept that there are many things to improve.

TheBeelzboss : The USA isn't even close to #1