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Cody Argentino : *HELP ME AUSTIN*

Menthol : There’s so many good one liners in here. This is like an snl skit

Jessica : “ow my last butt cheek is silly”

syd16packchicken : Do all u sk8er bois really wazz on every *damn ass rock* that gets in ur way? Like is that actually a thing?

Justin Y. : That rock burned our crops poisoned our water supply and delivered a plague onto our houses!

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Imma pull up on that damn ass rocks crib. 🔫🚗💨

Chambers : *Legend has it this was recorded with a lamp*

Thisstatementisfalse : *DAMNassfuckinggayDAMNassrock*

David G : *you wanna do something gay to the rock like P E E on it*

FadeZ : The kid talking is a hell of a character

Jrizzy Exclusive : My left cheek is siiiilyyy

s.x.r.a : Thats a damn good friend

inkrisos : “can you stop video taping me,,,” “ OKAY :) “

rckstr1123 : y o u w a n n a p e e o n t h i s r o c k ¿

_PepperZ : "Can u stop video taping me?" Not even a second later "ok" *video ends

Goofy Goober : after quite some thought given, i think this is my favorite video on the internet

hamlicious : "Wanna keep it and pee on it? "

Endocix : "I didn't break any bones though-" " *G O O D I E.* "

Winnie Blues mate : That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick

Harper Massive : Almost forgot to watch this today

Isaiah Detweiler : Austin: “do you want to do something gay to the rock? Like pee on it?”

HipsterTRAsh : From this one video I completely understand their friendship dynamic.

PeaceAndQuiet : *I WANNA LIVE*

French Toastman : “I didn’t want to fall!”

YourFavoriteDerp : Why would nature do that to me. I want to live!

Emil : The original "pee on it to show dominance"

Can I get 1000 sub without any videos s : I D O N T K N O W W H A T H A P P E N E D!

Jack Hibner : This is a South Park scene

Masterful : *G O O D I E*

Vladimir Putin : Category: *_gaming_*

lemon : Why did he handle the situation like it was his kid lmao

Its Me : On the bright side, he stop video recording when he said stop

PENNY to FREEDOM : u wanna keep it and pee on it, no i wanna live 😂

Benna GloGang : I feel like the kid that filmed wanted to pee and do gay stuff with the rock a little bit too much. Like how got some kinda gay rock fetish

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : I love the camera-kid's enthusiasm, the way he happily agreed to stop recording made me crack up.

Olive Oil : that’s a *GAY* rock

Lampardi Phosphorous : My favourite one was "Why would nature do that to me?" 😂

Bimmer : Ghost hole...


Gateway Kicks : I got a EFFING good bail on it huh?

wolfiehampton : Lmao this is adorable

Pussy D E S T R O Y E R : The tiny rocks are the natural depredator of skaters

am hr : Austin, the rock? Is this wwe lmao

Matthew Lange : “You want to keep it and pee on it?” Had me dying

Madison Brumit : You wanna keep it and pee on it?

Toxin Shadow : Dead 💀

Czek : Lmao, kids are so quick to cry at everything

Groetjes : This video is so wholesome

Chubbicat : That's happened to me many times. I don't know about the crying and peeing on rocks but...

Alex G. : When you can't stabilize a video properly