Scientist Turned Comedian

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DVincentW : You're brilliant.

Gnossienne N : Congratulations, you are original!

Kelly oxo : X from elementary school is times, TimesLee (Tim'sLee Channel). They didn't make us code talkers for nothing…hehe. ;) Please tell me I am correct. O.o ;P

The Physics Connection : Very nice! i love nature based entertainment.

Travis Flickinger : maybe this is how science should be taught in our schools. teaching you something about scientific processes and social interaction all at the same time while being utterly hysterical. great work

DeeEl : There's a definately a Dolphin in the room laughing

Markus Magnon : 4:15

Tom Holm : I have never heard so many annoying laughers in one room. Seriously they stand out like a couple of cackling idiots

Kelly oxo : There are more people on the planet due to medical advances. If everyone lived like cavemen your point would be valid. The increasing industry is changing the climate. We are creating toxins. Hey would you like to visit Mars? Go away.

Travis Flickinger : what the hell are you even on about? i was commenting on his methods, which seem to work extremely well. combining both entertainment and education. you know, education, the think that has changed the entire human course for the better regardless of cultural differences which i never said anything about. just go light up a oney or grab a beer and chill out dude, quite freaking out

theTOOLshed1 : I didn't find this funny ( :( ) as much as I found it extremely entertaining! :)

Mark Langr : I wish my that my high school science teachers had used your PowerPoint slides. Was that some Microsoft Visio in your PowerPoint as well?

txlee1 : LOL!

phrozen17 : That's OK, I understand. 1% of your gross income will suffice. I will email you the necessary bank details.

txlee1 : Glad you like it!

txlee1 : Probably. ;)

NinjaWithAblade0 : way to funny xD

phrozen17 : I support you now, will you forget me when you get huge?

videoputkimies : I enjoyed your show what I've seen so far. I listen to shostakovich 7 at the same time so it makes it even more dramatic, but still you made me laugh.

EnrichedGamer : I thought it was, "Tim Xtreme Lee"

jceepf : That reminds a joke we had in university: why did the new hi-tech plane crashed between Warsaw and Cracow? Answer: they were too many poles in the complex plane. The only thing is that you have to be a scientist to laugh at that one!

jimmyti9cer : Yup looked up his credentials, certainly a scientist. Go UC!

txlee1 : Thanks!

txlee1 : Tim Lee

That Lad in Plaid : What is his full name?

Breaumance : LMFAO! Haha, wtf? x^D

សត្វខ្លានាគ : You're pretty funny :)

MissVelvetElle : That was funny! Actually this is a great way to memorize science concepts!

Aloo Gobi : goooooood visit Dr aloo Gobi

rona dsouza : vedios are good .....are u a scientist now???how / y did yo become a comedian.??

MusicAli91 : Gotta say your a pretty good looking scientist. And also very funny too :)

ThinBlackBones : I like your face and your voice and your intelligent comedy. Glad to know that their are actually smart -and- funny people who use their powers for good.

txlee1 : I have my PhD in Ecology and Evolution from UC Davis.

txlee1 : Yeah, that was cool background.

txlee1 : I couldn't agree more!

kaykobra : Tim, you were gorgeous at this one! I loved the chemistry, the atomic bonds, everything was so well explained! Still I'm thinking your roommate has to find only one place to urinate... :)

HarmoniousGamon : yes child, i noticed- you're not tripping out.

knucklescapricorn31 : Wow, cute, smart AND funny

Maz Galloway : This is crack up as, your funny as fuck!

d4nny8oy32 : not even a good comment

Eugene Mathew : anyone notice that the tree on the background in the beginning have a face on it, with a mustache...

TRIXXSTA420 : 192 ppl failed science class :(

Dudimus Prime : Holy crap I thought the same thing. o.o

bananishmeal : Because you aren't educated in science.

MrVamp09 : What type of scientist were you?

PoochMount18 : He's really hot!

OutsideSoda : I love how he's not only a scientist, but a total jock. I really like the format. Infotainment at its finest!

Omar Cruz : 00:24 that dude's laugh was so hardy i skipped breakfast.

chubbis2 : Meh. Don't find this all that funny.

1mm0rtal : thats hilarious