The Robert Taylor Abduction: Unsolved Mysteries Feat. MichaelScot

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The Strangest : Welcome Back, Strangers! What do you think happened to Robert Taylor? Was he abducted by Aliens? Or was it something else? Let us know in the Comments below!

MichaelScot : WOW!! You guys did an AMAZING job with your video!! Your recreation of the events were awesome!! Thanks for doing a collab with me! Loved your video!! 👽👽

PiraFang : But Michael sent me!

PiraFang : Poor Robert..... I'd be hella traumatize

KymEChimera : The recreation was a great addition to this video! And the dog was super cute. I think his encounter was legitimate, why else would he insist so desperately even to his death bed? A lot of people confess to lying about something that big when they get older or realize their time in this life is coming to an end.

Duck Boy 2.0 : That dog is so cute

Gregory Johnson : Incredible!!!! Happy New Year!!!🎆🎊🎈!!! I believe him, and I believe that he was visited.. also, really sweet drone shots my friend👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂👽🛸!!

Nothing Important : I came here from michael scot! I really like your short informative videos :) they are good for on the go and fun to watch! Nice work!

Kimberly H : MichaelScot sent me, nice video!

Black and Blue Productions : Came from Michael Scott and I got to say the quality in this vid is really good...great vid

mary baez : Michael Scot sent me so glad I found you

Carrie Clever : MichaellScot sent me which is funny because Sir Spooks sent me to MichaelScot's about month ago

BDet313 : I'm not sure what happened to him, but I'm glad the aliens didn't hurt the little dog!

BM : I Fell Asleep During The Video... Come On I Didn't Sleep Last Night. Liked the video though!

Pajerico : I remember this as a child

Dixfer : Over 2% of the world's population gets tampered with by biological nonhuman entities.

Phantasmed and more : Well, I lived with my parents in livingstone in mid 80's.. Something happened to me too, I was a kid.. But i remember the house almost every night I thought I could hear breathing at the side of my bed in the dark..but I thought maybe I was just imagining it..but then one day I heard my dad mention to my mum that he had been hearing breathing at the side of his bed in the dark as well. This is absolutely true.. I felt good he said it but worrying too as it meant my dad heard it and we all sleep in different rooms..but then one night after that I heard the breathing again.. .I got scared so I go under the covers scared. As I lay there I felt fingers press against the sheets and on to my face..the next thing I know I wake up next morning...for years me and my family always say that house was haunted but seeing this story makes me wonder if it was see my dad heard the breathing too, I never told my dad until years later that i heard it too, no.idea why but personally wonder if this incident is linked to what happened to me when I stayed in I say I always thought it maybe haunted and it was a ghost but now starting to wonder as there was something in that house.. To be totally honest I firmly believe it was ghosts or now years later beginning to think it's either ghosts or aliens.. Whatever it was it wasn't just me who sensed something/someone there.

telsah1 : Sounds to me like Bob was definitely abducted by Aliens. & The Aliens must smell bad. That might have been the foul smell. & They examined him & maybe read his mind. Then let him go and the wounds the doctor tended to was maybe when he struggled to not be abducted but they made him not remember that and not remember what they look like or what they did to him. I think that is very possible. That they would do that if they came here and abducted someone.

EinieN J : I Like Your style and voice, Great video, Thank You! Subbed! :) <3

Simon the truth detector : Dog the ice head(sorry the predictive text shows this when typing about dog)hunter..😂 Set the dog on the crew of greys (they are wanted law breakers)💰🆔👾👽... (🐩the ice head,bounty hunter)

The Ghost Watch : Love the video. I just found out about this while making a video for the Falkirk Triangle nearby. It is a very fascinating, yet terrifying tale.

Charlene Davis : I have epilepsy that's not what happened to him.

Damarys Dingui : UFOs stories always intrigued me. Nice video and narration.

Rebecca Maness : nice!

Jen Penn : I found your channel through your collab with Michael . Great video. Very interesting case. It’s always interesting to hear the theories of the sceptic and what they think made something occur

Simon the truth detector : The filth(police) Should put up wanted posters of the galactic law breakers!! 👾👽👽👽🆔👍💵💵💵💵💲💰

Zach Blake : Michael scot is the man

Steel City Show : epilepsy? I doubt it but what ever floats their boat

Hungarian Railway Videos : Probably the most bizarre and intriguing unsolved case.

Rock Wave : Weird world sent me to your channel

John scotland : Look I stay half mile from the area it happened and there are very strange things happen in the woods. So I believe 100% on what happened too him