Do Honeybees Really Die When They Sting HD

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A short video about honeybees and stinging from photos and video clips of my honeybees.

Comments from Youtube

Justin Y. : At least you weren't testing this out on hornets

nameless Manuel : Bee: stings Human: *OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU* Bee: *_NANI?!_*

Dihan Santana : *aNYbOdy ELsE feEl iTcHy?*

Karla Coto : "Don't slap the bee, let them spin free" well... i'm allergic to bees so If I want to live I have to freak out to save my life, sorry little buddies.

Ohbama 7 : Another episode of why is this on my recommended

Chuck Norris : *Don’t slap that bee, Let it be free* *~ Speech 100*

Tri_ Angel : This is a discount brave wilderness

Minty Turner : Imagine if spiders grew wings.... 😱

TheMagicat : Anyone else find it concerning that bee stings leave you with a _rotting insect carcass clinging to your skin that was ripped from the bee’s abdomen and still it is technically living as it pumps more venom into your bloodstream in a futile attempt to protect their colony and stop you from destroying their hive?_ Well now that _I_ think about it, I am literally never going outside again.

Max Hyuga : How can you freely let it sting you you are so brave

Syco Lucas : *gets sting by bee* Meh.. *gets flu shot* *runs out building*

WuzNab : First you get stung. Then they pull out there guts on you... nice.

Pitty J : That bee is an actor so...

TIPPIE : This is redneck bob ross

CursedJerry : In russia, you sting bee's.

Hot-Dog11 0 : Props to this guy for being purposely stung for a YouTube video 1 like= 1 respect

Shok731 : *Swells to the size of a f***ing blimp* "And then there THIS gal right here"

Hunter Brett : I am scared of anything that can both fly and sting.

Lol 4488 : U wondered why bees go bzzz when they fly *because they like jAZzz*

Epic : Leave that job to coyote peterson from brave wilderness he handles it like a boss

MLG NOSCOPER420 : whoever got stung deserves a prize


Abel Mendoza : * guy gets stung by 5 bees* seems chills Me: *sees a bee* “Call the FBI”

X Leshens : Just don't think about em crawling and your phobias won't show

ÃŁҎĒÑĬĐẐĖ : This has been in my recommendation for about 1-2 month 😵 YT forced me to watch this...

Ant Anderىon : his nervous system failed to load

Komafツ : I still asking: Do bees die after they *sting*??

Animator Rally : Dude: And there’s this little gal here! Bee: DIE Dude: Acts like he feels nothing

Purpur The Official : I learned this from the bee movie bruh Barrie's friend almost died uwu

DAAEIIS : The time of this video is 4:20 and my birthday is 4/20/X... and...

Frank Vucak : Screw the bees I wanna know the size of his balls

Karma : Man: Sting me Girl ;0 Bee: Its stuck!!!!

Nesttlesham : You make honeybee sting look all fun and unpainful.

Dano : Bees be like : you spin my head right round right round

AimE JYS : The bee realy die when they sting *because people killing them with hand**FACT*

Lindsey Working : Haha thanks for the vid. Still terrified of bees, but this sort of helped me understand more

Cande Torres : ESPECISMO EN SI ESTADO MAS PURO, somos lo peor que hay

Chinchilla Boi : No bees were harmed during the making of this viseo!

NPC #49616392 : _"If It's Africanized it needs to die."_ -Me _"Bee humble if it's a bumble."_ -Also Me

Black Scythe : Arvin pierce:*gets stung and very acts very chill* Me:.....nuke the house

Blitz Gacha : But what if someone’s allergic then slap em

Heaven Toms : Arvin Pierce for president 2020 "Don't slap that bee, let them spin free."

Avakin Des : I not just terrified of bees💀

WuzNab : The sound is really getting me... I keep thinking there is a fly/bee around me.

yOu bEtTeR sToP : you sound like you would be great friends with bob ross

aesthetic josh : How can you bare that without screaming or saying ow?!

WettestArtist 67 : Dang, this dude seems chill...

DARK YODA : Mmmmm.. *A great calmness I sense in you* *I do..*

GhostRecon : Him: *Sees a bee* Ehhh its just a bug Me: *Sees a bee* OH SHIET SHIET CALL THE SWAT