Do Honeybees Really Die When They Sting HD

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Justin Y. : At least you weren't testing this out on hornets

Heaven Toms : Arvin Pierce for president 2020 "Don't slap that bee, let them spin free."

Animator Rally : Dude: And there’s this little gal here! Bee: DIE Dude: Acts like he feels nothing

nameless Manuel : Bee: stings Human: *OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU* Bee: *_NANI?!_*

Hunter Brett : I am scared of anything that can both fly and sting.

Karla Coto : "Don't slap the bee, let them spin free" well... i'm allergic to bees so If I want to live I have to freak out to save my life, sorry little buddies.

Dihan Santana : *aNYbOdy ELsE feEl iTcHy?*

Adventure Divers : A few weeks ago i was outside pretending to play WAR with my brother and we were usinf phones as walkie talkies. So i said to my bro lets go inside that bush! So we r in the bush and i was so convinced my plan would work(now i have 0% luck with wasps and hornets. Its like they r attached to me and purposely sting me when im no where near them. And no one else gets stung but me all the time. ) so i am talking to my bro and i hear a noise. And i knew it was at this moment i was gonna absolutely get stabbed to death by a stinger.(its like a mosquito sound exept wayyyy louder and people who get stung understand what im talking about) the sound is horifying! So i ran outa there and yelled at my bro and pushed him out of the bush. Now im running as fast as i can still hearing it. I ran 1 block all the way to the closest mcdonalds and i was like oh im fine. And i started to slow down and BZZZDDD. It stabbed my arm viciously and i could tell this wasnt just a normal hornet. It hurt sooooo much worse. So i ran wayyyy faster and its still chasing me and i ran all the way back and it was zigzagging all around me and i was dodging it and everything so i went to my back door when i got home and slammed it shut. Now u would be suprised that this annoying piece of crap is bumping its head against our screendoor. So i knew that it was a bald faced hornet. I hate them. I also noticed i had litterally left my bro there and i went back out and my arm is throbbing in pain and he is gracfully playing his game nothing wrong and not a care in the world. So i said its a baldface and my parents said no its not. So a week later my dad goes outside and i hear him swear really loud and hes out ther fighting a little black spec(from my angle) and im like”THATS THE SAME HORNET” and my dad comes in all mad. It got him in the head and he said yes its a bald face. I was soo happy i was right so my dad knew there was a nest out there so he picked up a chair(cant tell if it was in anger or suspicion) and threw it at the bush and figured out i was directly under the nest. Wow this story is completely long and not worth it so whoever reads this. I am sorry

iiPricklyCactus : 1 like= one bandaid for this guy

WettestArtist 67 : Dang, this dude seems chill...

savage_ alpaca : This is a discount brave wilderness

Pitty J : That bee is an actor so...

Oh yea yea : Another episode of why is this on my recommended

6 God : He acting like that's normal

Max Hyuga : How can you freely let it sting you you are so brave

WuzNab : First you get stung. Then they pull out there guts on you... nice.

Animation Minis. : Him Get Stunned: Nahh did somebody pinch me? . . Me Get Stunned: AHHHHHH AHHHH AHHH SH EEEEEEIITTT THIS HUUURTTTAA. BOIIIIIII

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : That's why you have to BEE good or else they will sting you.

TheBeastModeGamer : I’ve never been stung before and I plan keeping it that way .

Syco Lucas : *gets sting by bee* Meh.. *gets flu shot* *runs out building*

Shok731 : *Swells to the size of a f***ing blimp* "And then there THIS gal right here"

Bronze Beats : *Don’t slap that bee, Let it be free* *~ Speech 100*

Minty Turner : Imagine if spiders grew wings.... 😱

CatalyXt : Dear God, I don’t know how this man is so calm and collected after being stung so many times!

aesthetic josh : How can you bare that without screaming or saying ow?!

Lol 4488 : U wondered why bees go bzzz when they fly *because they like jAZzz*

The kid your Parents warn you about ._. : In elementary school when we did recess (go to the playground) we were talking to much in class and we had to stand out side for 2 minutes until we can play. Bees were EVERYWHERE me and my best friend saw a bee. Landed on her.we looked at each other and started silent screaming because we can’t talk until the 2 minutes were over.It eventually got on our other two friends and landed on my backpack.Even thought the bee didn’t sting anyone I got scared and dropped my bag and started running around my whole damn school screaming “IM GONNA DIE’’.Im never getting fucking stung 😂

Terminati OG : I have journeyed far oh yeah yeah

Nesttlesham : You make honeybee sting look all fun and unpainful.

MLG NOSCOPER420 : whoever got stung deserves a prize

ÃŁҎĒÑĬĐẐĖ : This has been in my recommendation for about 1-2 month 😵 YT forced me to watch this...

Wholesome Lad : 10 Seconds in and im already stressing out

Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun : The bee should be fine with a couple of honey and a tiny sword from those fruit salads

Matthew Mucci : I remembered one day in elementary school I was sitting outside in PE and a little bee decided to land on my leg. On the inside my 10 year old self was freaking out but then I remembered just to stay calm. Eventually the little guy flew away and we were both happy campers

BJ Clark : 2018 anyone

Minion ßoo : Woman bee:Ahh help Man bee: I will save you woman: bee eww get away ex husband 2:33

The ghost of Sparta : Screw the bees I wanna know the size of his balls

CursedJerry : In russia, you sting bee's.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : I was strawling in New York city once, all of the sudden a bee with no wings falls down on the ground in front of me, one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

Someone : Test this out on bullet ants next!

Draw Matic : Don't Slap that bee... KILL IT!!!

Blitz Gacha : But what if someone’s allergic then slap em

Lakrima : The fact that this video is 4:20 minutes long ..

smokey 3616 : If i get slapping the shit out of exceptions....its the circle of life

Westernwilson : For all you tempted to post about bee stings...I find most people cannot or do not know how to tell a wasp from a honey bee. Big difference. And as the wasps have smooth stingers and can sting you over and over again, just standing there will net you more stings. So learn to identify what is stinging you first!

Eggy Egggs : Your voice is so soothing am I weird

That guy : This video is 420 long

PEDOBEAR Gaming : Damn human

Craig Burnett : I could listen to your voice all day long...remarkable storytelling abilities, and BEAUTIFUL video. Nice work!

derpylothian78 : Poor bee....