"Michael (Fan Invited Onstage to Play Drums)" Franz Ferdinand@Fillmore Philadelphia 4/13/18

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Two strudels please : Paul should quit the drums and be their dancer wtf

Klára Mohylová : This is the purest thing I have ever seen.


El Kawax : This is an incredibly risky thing to do, I'm glad it turned out ok

Frank Dardzinski : I was there... and it was amazing! Great job Chaz!

Wendy Balderas : No mames la chava toca chido la bateria y paul vomo siempre complaciendo a sus fans 💜💜💜💜💜👌🙌🙋

Adriano 87 : that was excellent! living the dream...

EUGENE KOLB : this was such an awesome moment, definite highlight of the show! way to capture it so well!

Bounce2it : as a co-owner of twilight collective the only thing I can say to this is... it’s free real estate

M & J Ostrow : Amazing job Chaz!

8 Ball Paul : yooo he be wearing that Twilight Collective shirt

Tamara Hathaway PHILIPPIANS 4:3 : That was the coolest thing...for the fan playing excellently and for the band Rockin' it♥️

virgiawan bagas : what a lucky bastard!

Yuli Portillo : 💜💜💜

Julio : Alex look like the singer of the offspring