(Weekly Idol EP.324) EXID's English Speed Quiz Start!! [EXID의 빵터지는 영어퀴즈]

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리아나 : Junghwa is me trying to speak Korean just vice versa 😂😂

Kpop Room : Junghwa is so funny 😂😂😂

HA: TFELT : Hani doing the Spiderman hang sign lol

Hoàng Wei : LE wanna joins maknae-line and dances with them, does anyone see that?

HA: TFELT : Junghwa is the cutest

unlimited : Hani is always shocked when he says the names of the guess 😅

Spicy Rice Cake : RED + GREEN = MIX !!! Heheheh so cute!😍💕 All members having long hair now! BTW, Where is Solji unnie?

-JuliaGrace- : I, as a leggo, need more of LE speaking english. I physically need it. But anyhow, I love my girls! EXID fighting!

AZWZ : The hand signals are too funny!

Nam Balloon : “she-lost-her-shoes-down-dastairs” IM SCREAMINGGG I LOVE JUNGHWA SHE IS ADORABLE and LE’s english is so cuteee😩😩😍😂

Keeley Mokomoko : Junghwa's "she lost her shoes" is the cutest

Ber Ghis : Hani so pissed off, she can't accept to be tricked by foreigners again XD

kevina warner : Hani face when the guy guess the chicken soup correct

Nuri Indah Sari : Their english pronounciation sounds so good.. hani must be so proud..

jamdahxos : Hani looked so shooked when he said squirrel in Korean lol

Voldemort JR : Hani can't trust foreigners anymore 😂


Beeyeon Ahn : The one that's fluent in English is the worst at the game and the one that was made fun of by TMZ for her English is doing great. + the one who only speaks English when drunk is doing amazing and the food lover can describe food in any language.

REVO TV : LE really has that CL vibe for me. Are you really sure they’re not sisters?

Once * Army : 2:17 Hani was like "Wait! What? So fast?"😂

Voldemort JR : You know a group is hilarious when you don't even need subtitles to understand what they're saying.

Park Inaj : The fact that the white guy forgot the English word for it and clearly remembered the Korean of it is very relatable! When I explain about things, I often pause and try to rember the English term of it but spoke the Korean of it instead and my friends be like, "What the heck are you saying?"

Christine Lee : Junghwa's English sounds like a rap. I think they could of gotten more but that guy's English seems to be the problem LOL.

Toad The Mushroom : LE'S ENGLISH OML I'M IN LOVE

Jared Legaspi : You can see the gears going in Junghwa's head as she explains Cinderella. 우리 똑똑해 막내!

David Dadoali : Hani: Korean chicken soup. Dude: Samgyetang! Hani: *this guy is really good, dayum*


Don't mess up my tempo : OMG. Hyelin has long hair???=)))))Really cute=)))))

Ding JK : 0:20 Hani your facial expression is not Spiderman. 😁hahaha In my country. Pervert has that facial expression. 😄hahaha

OddGirlKen : Their English is so good.. especially LE and jeonghwa. I knew LE could speak some basic English but her pronunciation is really good. I was really surprised about Jeonghwa tho lol. I bet if they all practice some more they could get even more better.

alohareina : I have watched this so many times but goshhhhh 😂 JEONGHWA WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING CUTE?! 😭❤️

King King : Their English is no joking, specially are LE and Hani!!! But I still remember "I study Englishing" of Seo Hyelin =))))) lol

Chester Bullock : I nominate LE as the new English Noona.

Rika Hi : I have watched so many times and I will watch many more times. EXID always makes me laugh. Elly speaking TINY is so cute, it melted my heart. Jeonghwa "She .. lost ... her ... shoes" and "Red & Green MIX". Hani funny Spider Man and Hyerin with the unique expressions always. Solji misses you, I kept imagining you speaking English and having fun with the group.


Always with Apink : RED & GREEN MIX!!! 😂😂😂

RyuDSo : I already see a new viral EXID video coming hahaha

Trúc Linh : Am I the only one think that Darius so handsome 🤗❤️

hope dean : "She loSt her shOEs" Jeonghwa invented English

cyclonicleo : Hani's face is either perplexed or very serious - especially when she says "Korean Chicken"! So funny.

f e e l i n g b l e s s e d : I think Hani is being considered about the members, i mean, her English is real good but she was trying to fake it so her members wouldn’t be embarrassed about their English. You’re truly the best Hani!

Migs Libs : Hani Being Tricked By A Foreigner Version 2.0 HAHAHAHA

Inesslyth Sy : Actually hani can speak in english. Maybe she did it bcs this is a variety show, so it will be more fun.


daunie stream : i cant stop laughing at junghwa though 😂😂😂😂 she’s soo funny i love her gesture hahhahha then the moment when hani unnie is like wait he just said samkaetang really well wth.. am i hullicinating or what? and then omg hahahaa when doni samchon goes he lived in korea for 8 years exid goes whatttt u tricked us i laughed so much 😂😂

Sonelah Sarmiento : detective hani actually started getting suspiscious of dario when he said tohmatoh 😂😂😂 @1:39 LMAO CRIME SCENE PRINCESS!!! (yas not kween bc thats jiyoon unnie)

theonlywei : 0:19 a new meme has been born

Krista : Junghwa is so cute and funny 😂

JavaChipung : Junghwa so cuteeee ❤️

Lala Candil : This was hilarious. Jeonghwa killed me a thousand times, her English was the best for me here, something amazing if we have in mind that Hani is the one who has the best English, which in this case did the worst. Funny. LE's English is so cute and Hyerin's facial expressions are as nice as the others. I love them, can't wait for their comeback!