Can You Spot a Fake Service Dog?
An issue very near and dear to me Please people stop just stop

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I know, you love your dog, and wouldn't it be really cool if you could take him with you everywhere, like to a restaurant? What fun! Why not just go on line and order a Service Dog Vest and ID, afterall, you're not really hurting anyone, right? Wrong. Purchasing these bogus products is bad for several reasons..including you are taking advantage of a loophole in an operation that affords people with disabilities a special privilege . A highly trained Service Dog completes a task for a human. They are necessary for the handler. They are not pets, per say, they are partners. It's a complex issue and we'll uncover some more information that we hope you will share with your friends as well. Dr Sally Irvin, ICAN,(Indiana Canine Assistance Network) is also a board member on the International Board of Assistance Dogs committee. Join us as we delve into this complex issue. As Dr Sally says, 'just because you can do something, doesn't make it right'.


Rivka Avraham : Anyone who tried to pass off a fake" service dog,IS DESPICABLE.

blakedrowned : I have a pitbull as my service dog and I didn't know anything about the laws of owning a service dog so once when I went into a store with my dog a worker comes up to me, asks if it's a service dog and I tell them yes, they ask what the dog is for (they even have the nerve to point out its a pitbull in a disgusted tone) and like I said I didn't know about the laws. I immediately grew horribly anxious (yes, my dog is for severe anxiety) so my dog pushed himself between me and the worker, I was still having trouble breathing so the dog then began to pull me away from the worker who then received a lecture from my mom. That was a fun experience, I never stepped foot into the store again even though the worker had apparently been fired

Nami : The smile on his face when she licked his face gives me hope

apperusenpai : People who get fake identification for their dogs are awful people. Get your dog certified for real if you need a service animal that badly. Not only does it make legitimate service dogs seem like problems, but it also distracts and prevents them from doing their jobs, and that's never okay. My sister has a dog that is trained to warn her when she is about to have a seizure. I dread the day her dog gets distracted by someone else's "service" rat and fails to warn her in time. Her dog's warning can be the difference between life and death, if you didn't know.

Dez Grace : I thought they were going to give us tips on identifying dogs that aren't real service dogs, but the only indicators they mention are pulling on the leash and attacking other dogs. 🤔

Chipwhitley274 : The lady claims that the vests and tags make the dog look very legitimate... But the law does not require *_any_* kind of identifying vest or tags etc... for them to be legitimate.

KelsieKidneyBall : Not all disabilities are visible, and it's very sad to see that because of the people who bend the law, these esas and therapy dogs are discriminated against, because they are real service dogs, but the way these people are doing it makes it supposedly "fake".

rainygirl65 : Some disabilities are not visible ,

M Steele : I have mild vertigo and a heart condition that causes me to faint at random times along with horrible blood circulation. My service dog is trained to get herself under my legs and raise them up so that the blood can get back to my heart and brain. There was many times where someone would see me faint and they would sit me up as i was still unconscious which is very dangerous and can cause my heart to stop. We had to train my dog to protect me while i was unconscious. She does this by barking and standing between myself and the other person but she is also trained to identify medical symbols such as an ambulance and will back down when she sees one. From this, im sure you can tell that my dog is very well trained. and with that being said, i dont think that "fake service dogs" are as much of a threat, if any threat at all, as a random person. If your dog is trained well they should know to ignore any other dogs while on duty. I can also recall a time with my first service dog when i didnt have the money to get a dog from a professional or have the dog trained. I had to use the "fake services". I trained the dog at home myself. She was the best dog i ever had. Banning these services is basically a big "fuck you" to the people who HAVE to spend their money on treatment and cant access a professional trainer. Moral of the story, train your dog right and you wont have to worry about fake service animals.

Stormy K : Unfortunately there will always be people out there who slap a vest on their dog and claim then to be a service animal. If these people want to be so special as to take their dog where they go the very least they could do is put the time and effort into training their animal to behave like one. I can't remember how many "service dogs" I've seen that are pulling on leash, smelling/eating food in stores, getting in the way or growling and barking. These types of people put others who do NEED their dogs in jeopardy, could you imagine a fake service dog attacking a legitimate one or another person? I'm thankful to be in good health where I don't need my dog to assist me, but I've put so much effort into training mine to be a therapy dog that many mistake him for being a service animal. Anyone who fakes their service dogs are so incredibly selfish.

Larry Parks : It's the law that one must take the disabled persons word alone. A vest or ID is NOT required.

ServiceDog Terra : I see a lot of comments on here about ESAs/Emotional Support Animals. ESAs are considered companion animals and are not typically specially trained. That being said, they are not allowed in public areas but are legally allowed in non-pet housing and on planes with their handler, as long as the handler calls ahead. Service animals are defined as medical equipment; NOT PETS - and are specially trained to do one or more specific tasks for their handler. For example my psychiatric service dog is trained to alert me to destructive behaviors and panic attacks. That being said, there is NO LEGAL REGISTRATION for service dogs OR ESAs and if you pass your pet off as a service dog with a fake certificate and ID, then yes, you are, in fact, breaking the law.

Erin Weaver : Some of those fake service dogs are passed off as emotional support animals for planes.

wild horse girl : I am an aspie among many other things and have terrible anxiety. I get nervous arounf people and when i have to actually interact with someone im not farmiliar with. I have had panic and anxiety attack and have also had trouble with fainting in my past. I have a 4lb chihuahua whom i carry in a side sling with me to places that are stressful and give me bad anxiety. This way i can stim by petting him and he can alert me when im getting overly anxious and need to either take medicine to help calm me or just take a moment to clam mysekf down without medicine. In restaraunts he sits on my lap under the table ans the wieght/pressure on my legs is a very calming effect. I sleep better at night because of him and i havent had a bad panic attack in a while thanks to him. Im not sure id be here eithout him because he also has helped with my depression. He doesnt bark or make a mess. Most people dont even notice i jave him because hes so small and quiet and in the side sling.

Noel Stolk : But can you legally deny someone who you know has a fake service dog?

Alyssa Sheldon : My service dog is for my panic disorder and just because people can't see my disability, they expect I'm one of those "fakers". so please, the law allows me to take my pet dog with me, she is certified for my mental disability. So don't act like just because a dog isn't trained a certain way that it isn't an actual service dog.

Juneau Wolff : This past weekend, I was at a fair. There was a man with a service dog with him. Not only was the dog a tiny guard dog, but it also tried attacking people (even me!). It was barking and growling. I was appalled. This was no service dog! I have anxiety and depression so I was disgusted to see someone pretending to need a service dog. Why can't people just follow the law?

Jeremy Cobb : When the little boy kissed his dog on the head my heart melted.. lol

Newyear2018 : I bet people will claim and have their so called service to ride on a plane for free.

Jet Stream : How about an official Service Dog ID bracelet or card for the patient requiring the dog?

pinkinthecity : I see this ALL THE TIME. I don't understand why people do this!

MrTimjwilson : What about the disabled person who has the ability to train their own dog and cannot afford one of the glossy labradors. I was born with a profound disability (arthrogryposis). I had over 20 surgeries by the time I was 10, just so I could walk. I am now in my 60s. I applied for a service animal but the waiting list was 2 years. I knew I would be laid up for 6 months following more surgery. I bought and trained a terrier myself. She pulls my socks off, picks things up, fetches remote or phone, gets my laundry together, pulls things from the drier. She has saved my life twice when I fell and broke my hip. I asked if I could get her certified but was told she had to be certified through ADI even though I live in Canada. I had no choice except to have a vest made so I can take her shopping with me. If I drop my keys she is my only hope. There has never been a problem in over 10 years. She has flown with me and gone everywhere with me. Now I am being faced with new laws which will in effect ban me from shopping because my service animal is not officially certified through ADI. Is this not a direct form of prejudice?

sophia : when he was kissing the dog i started crying this child is so pure and i love him. and his dog

awesomealex0919 : The dog was like "GIVE ME KISSES"

Juan Perez : This video mad me cry ; (

Sugas Tongue Technology : when he kissed the dog my heart melted 💓

ren : 0:40 he said “I love you” to harmony, what a precious child x)

jennifer murphy : i just recently had a fake one jump and try to play with my sd who at the time was alerting me about a vertigo attack. thank you for this video

Nina Leus : This article completely doesn't mention "owner-trained" service dogs. I am on government disability, I have MULTIPLE medical conditions - most of which are not outwardly visible (until the day comes that I will finally need a wheel chair). Due to my multiple medical conditions, in reality, it would take me over 3-4 years to have received a "program dog", who has been custom-trained, to fit all the things I need assistance with. We had several people, INCLUDING MY DOCTOR, recommend that we find a puppy appropriate for my needs. It has not been an easy process or an in-expensive process. In a couple more years, all the costs involved, will have cost our family tens of thousands of dollars. Personally, I have been working with dogs my whole life & an in the process of starting my own non-profit company, that trains service dogs for War Veterans, who return with physical injuries & sereve PTSD. Real service dogs really are a blessing to the people who truly need them.

Pam Semones : That young man is adorable. I hope he is doing well.

NOMADdaf : There is a flood of "emotional support" dogs. Total B.S. Usually little "tea cup" dogs and entitled owners. Makes me sick !

SANTA MUERTE : I think, employees most be trained to spot fake service dogs and expos owners.

Diamond Faith : I had one of these fakers try to kill my service dog on a public bus the lady didn't even have a harness vest or nothing on her dog except a color & leash this dog went after my poor dog which hid under the bus seat hiding from this very abusive dog then the dumb idiot owner had the nerve to sit right next to me with her dog still trying to get at my poor now scared to death dog I finally screamed get your dog away from my dog which then she moved & I again yelled only service dogs are allowed on the bus which she replied back he is a service dog I again yelled that's no service dog as he is still trying to get back to the front of the bus to try & kill my poor dog by this time the whole bus full of people is scared right along with my poor dog which finally prompted the bus driver to tell her to get off the bus my leg got scratched & scared do to this fake service dog that happened blocking him from getting at my dog which I figure better my leg then my dog but everyone on the bus agreed that it was no real service dog to do my poor dog that way I now try getting car rides when I can at least in a store my dog & me can have a chance to get away.

Ashleigh Stobart : i would like to point out that its not only service dog companies their are individual trainers like i am and we help to. i honestly have a firm believe that IF YOU ARE CAPABLE of training your SD with help then you should because the bond is stronger if you grow together. and on another point i had a lady approach me in a store because my dog barked at a small dog in a cart who was growling and i was in a moment of vertigo mind you my dog is a rescue 5 years old and in training this woman came up to me and yelled at me that im a horrible for bring my "pet" into the store and im braking the law by claiming im disabled all this time saying nothing to the woman with the small pet who was absolutely filthy and growling at my SD in training so whatever you do dont ever ever immediately jump the gun about whats going on because this woman set me off into a saver panic attack and my dog had not yet learned how to aid in that yet so if you decide to approach someone ask if they are disabled a pet owner will likely immediately say no dont just start yelling at them because they could be training there dog. now mind you mine only goes out when i need him because he has some unbreakable habits and i am currently trying to get a puppy to raise as an sd but its not that simple when rescues give you a 10 page contract that says what you can and cannot do with you own dog or they will take it away from you(sometimes a good thing sometimes not in the case of a service dog not), so if you dont know the story please dear god dont open your mouth you may make it worse for that disabled person this is coming from someone who is severally afraid of people to the point of i dont leave my house. yea my grammar is horrid no i dont care

Tony DeTuna : If they show you a tag that it's a service dog they are scammers. There is NO tag for real service dogs. Look it up on Any ADA Web site.

Terry McCormack : SD trainers Professional or Owner Trainers that are willing to show their work says it all. It is truly the only way to prove legitimacy. When it comes to Service Dogs, it should also be a requirement. There is to much that can go wrong and the lack of accountability enabled by the Law is alarming. So alarming that there are more than just a few SD's that have hit the news in a negative light. I applaud the efforts of legitimate Owner Trainers. Their is no question that it is possible for SOME to owner train their own Service Dog.  I personally know individuals who can, in fact Owner Train their own Service Dog and help others to Owner Train as well. I have no issue with them. Those people are very talented training a dog to SD level in spite of their disabilities! On the flip side I have witnessed the horror of people trying this in public that have no business attempting it. This is not just Owner Trainers, it is from so called Service Dog trainers and facilities as well. Nobody ever said it was not possible to OT a service dog. Only that not EVERYONE can or should. These people that should not are out in public with a dog that is not ready and/or a liability. Most do not actually legitimately mitigate the disability (and never will) by trained tasks or a TRAINED task as required by law. When they say they help others train, then are asked to show their work in obedience AND trained task/s, they have every excuse in the book. Why? If they actually did have to prove the level of training the dog has, the flying colors of unicorns and rainbows will be exposed for what it truly is. A fantasy coupled with an unrealistic romantic notion. If your intent for the comment is to point out SOME OT's can legitimately do it. I agree. If your intent to post this is to lobby that ANYONE can legitimately OT their own SD, with or without help from a professional... I adamantly disagree. ADI is lobbying to control the Service Dog Equipment Market. What the company did in that video with the questionnaire is ALL THEY CAN LEGALLY DO. What this woman in the video from ADI did to obtain a vest for her "Pet" however is COMMITTING FRAUD publicly on You Tube.  The others that are doing this that she is complaining about are ALSO committing FRAUD. BUT the Service Dog equipment manufactures CANNOT LEGALLY DO MORE THAN THEY ARE DOING TO SCREEN FOR FRAUD. Is that their fault or is it the fault of lawmakers? A Fraud or "Faker" is not going to buy a $800.00 Mobility harness, they will get the cheapo $20.00 vest. Additionally, Identification OF ANY KIND is not required by law to INCLUDE a Vest or Harness. So why does ADI want to control the SD Equipment market? You guessed it $$$$$$$$$  I run a Owner Trainer program as well as train Service Dogs in house. I know first hand how difficult this is for a lot of people in need of a service dog to train their own SD and to function properly for them as well as be safe and reliable in public. The emotional factor coupled with frustration because of availability of good professionally trained Service Dogs, finances and the need for a SD is what drives most owner trainers to attempt this on their own. For every one that is successful, there are a half dozen or more that are not. Some actually have offered to help others yet cannot legitimately train their own dog to be a SD.  Commonly seen in the OT arena (those going it alone and some with so called help). 1. Delusions of actual trained tasks as required by law. 2. Reactive dangerous dogs in public. 3. Refusal to wash out a dog that clearly is not going to make it. 4. Advocating for all sorts of dangerous and harmful activities/training with a SD 5. The horror show list goes on and on. Some in fact can legitimately do it, those that can do not have an issue showing their work. Those that do, well... those are the ones pushing back against mandatory licencing and certification for all Service Dog Trainers, Teams, Facilities/Schools as well as Owner Trainers. Some actual pet trainers and facilities are also making false claims and getting in over their head with Service Dog training. It is a MAJOR issue, this issue needs to be realistically addressed and the law needs to change. If it does not, it is only going to get worse. I applaud the OT's that CAN do this with or without good professional SD training assistance. I support them, and encourage them. The others... It is what it is, and I am exhausted listening to the excuses.

Jane Doe : Thet should have goverment reccord of legitimate service dogs. That way companies can not sell fake papers!

chaskott3 : This is balogny

Sarah Asbury : Video about fake servjce skgs says support is a task when it's not

Katie Marshall : My service dog was trained at home. Doesn't make him any less legitimate because, as the law requires, he is trained in at least one task (he is trained in several, actually) to help my disability, and he is house broken and non-disruptive in public.

animallover1978 : I use my pet dog as a ESA dog. I have social anxiety and borderline panic attacks. My heart will race so fast and she knows when its about to happen. She will lick and try to calm me and it helps a lot. I wish I could take her more places so I could get out in the world a little more but I know she's not allowed so I stay a shut in more then I would like. I would never try to buy one of those fake vest things, it wrong for people to do that. when she flies on the plane with me I respect everyone around us and keep her in her bag. it makes it really hard on me so I have to take something to help me but that's the only time I take anything I don't like taking meds for anxiety.

Mercy : bless him and harmony

Bella Rawr : that boy with autism was so cute! my heart melted when he said "way to go!"

fandoms forever : i love how much you think bout your dogs comfort

Grace Hunziker : That little boy is so stinkin sweet!!!!

Lari-chan : I have my own special (service) dog... She takes my depression away :D ❤

Izzy May Be Great : NEVER DISTRACT THE SERVICE DOG OF ANY MEANS! No touching or making sounds or faces to get the attention of a service dog.

JKOK Gaming : My cousin has an autism assistant e dog. She fainted one time when I was in the toilet and my aunty outside. Her dog magic then ran to the toilet and started "knocking" on the door so when I was finished he was outside the door and he started walking a bit then looked at me then barked so I started following him. He then led me into the living room where she had fallen and when I got there he then ran outside and came back in a bit later with my aunty. Assistance dogs are highly trained and for only people who need them.

Karen Brady : What about the 'fake breeders exploitation of selling service dogs ( just a Golden, non-trained) and also, getting away with non-profit status with the government IN reality , all Goldens are great candidates for service dog training Where can someone lodge a complaint with the authorities about a particular false program exploitations?