The best conversation in human history - full

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Olle Mcdulle : please tell me where to buy a shirt like that!

WARNER : Man the effort he puts when he says "Bitch" is extraordinary haha.

Hans H.S. : This is fantastic from start to finish. I assume Disney made this, yes?

selthroWs : So she says that she will have sex with him for money He says that he wants sex And she calls him an asshole. GENIUS.

kingbradley6000 : truly inspirational acting

Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy : No but really, I would...

Shōgun : Where's the Mass Effect dialogue wheel?

aaa aaa : I wonder if the wieners between buns on his shirt is deeper symbolism than it seems

WLHamontree : I thought my life was complete before I watched this clip.  I was wrong.

livardo : Way to break the 4th wall.. bitch.

100domathon : Why is she breaking the fourth wall?

Sean Manaloto : Press 6 for the pinnacle of human communication.

Lex Ault : Still... A... better... love... story... than... Kim and Kanye

Michael Lovell : I want a bagel, I want a bagel

Cringeflix : Arin and Dan send me to weird places on the internet

HavokMakerX : i love how his voice changes from nice to rape mode in 1:10

Junksick : Anyone know where i can get that shirt?

DoktorStrangelove : HOT DOG BOOBS

jacob jonhm : He's Jessie Pinkman father.

MrJohnnyPetey : There is no God

apexpppyyuu : Damn, I need a shirt like this so hard!!!!

Rock Barcellos : Sounds like they doubled their own voices in studio or something

Arnodude53 : Am i the only one who loves the starting song?

Nirvana Girls : still better love story then twilight.

shagy lee : wait how is this the best convo in history ? plz explain :/

Mike Strider : With how bad the dubbing is, he sounded just like Bad Lip Reading.

Febuary is Short : I love you mr hotdog t shirt guy! Lol

The Burgundian : I need a hotdog shirt just like that.

Sage115 : I bet no one noticed the guy walking in the tunnel at 1:22 and then magically dissapears

petemacarthur : Sorry, but if you want to hear the best conversation in human history, try searching for "royale with cheese". You're welcome.

T10_4E KING! : The only crime i see here is that T-shirt

wildecoyote253 : What makes this worse is that this exact conversation has happened in real life at least once

SRD Unlimited : Michael Crabtree  Is the name of the hotdog shirt guy x.x i can live in peace now xD

Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy : The song is called "Doin' The Bang" by Fascinating Force.

Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy : hahahaha

MatthieuAmherst : "Why don't you find a toilet?!" "Why don't you find a bed!?"

Shadows 31 : for a second there I thought that was the camera man puking XD

DankDuckDinker : i love the line "i vould if,i could, BITCHH."

flamestorm31 : all he wanted to do is anal and she get angry for that!

Sina Ranje : Her whole dialogue with him is dubbed in post filming. The homeless guy is not dubbed then its right back to her being dubbed. Anybody else see this? CHECK IT AND REPLY WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.

sWeasel511 : Keep pressing 6

spookanide : Not a troma production? Wow.

John Willis : she says "gets her pants down " and dude starts puking ,,classic

DaringDarkwingDuck : The fuck is half and half?

Gunnhild Edwards : Check this dude IMDB page. The pictures on there are priceless

DerpTwerk : ahahahah :) I would if I could...**bitch!!!**- >:(

Daniel Gertler : Lesser Grump Bump

Brandon Ortiz : Why is she acting ghetto?

dude : Whaddaya want, a handjob?

RedxLilxSleepy : i dont understand, she wants sex for money but calls him an asshole..for what reason?