The best conversation in human history - full

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Adam S : its funny just how taboo anal sex was back then.  a street walker was offended by anal. lol

PapíDimmi : Did she just break the fourth wall? 2meta2fast

Fluffy Dango : The best part was so hilarious at 2x speed XD

argus telperion : where can we find the starting song?

Targus Sugart : 1:40 Oh hey that's Zito from Miami Vice.

Archiev Sullivan : i dont get it,why this video only gets 3k deserves about 10m likes..😂😂😂😂

Siimon Hades : I almost forgot to watch this today

dogbert2121 : must have that shirt!

GreatfulGert : And nowadays it's seen as a common thing.

Crimson Snake : Better than Oblivion dialogue

PapíDimmi : Just because you ask someone if he’s a cop doesn’t mean he can’t lie.

Surge Alvez : I need that hot dog shirt

Viorel Af : random guy disappears at 1:21

Captain MacMillan : I almost forgot to watch this today

Nupetiet : what if at the very end she replied: "that depends, what do you do?"

Martin Wood : I remember this scene. I mean from the film. Not my life. I think..........

Eamon Doyle : The person walking through the tunnel at 1:21 disappears when Liz turns around.

Grammar Nazi : 1:15 "I would if I could". The sorrow in his voice. He REALLY would fuck his own asshole if he could.

p00p : "Wanna date"

MAN : suicide

Dexter Mosburg : She kinda sounds like Sailor Moon from the 90's English dub tho

bluetextonwhitebackground : i still cannot believe that _dances with wolves_ won best picture at the academy awards over this masterpiece.

Daniel Gertler : Lesser Grump Bump

ThatSkyrimGuy : a whore that doesnt want anal? must be a soccer mom whore

woodlefoof2 : You know, this scene is really a lot better without context, kind of sad I found context to it

MrT hommyl : Can we just take a moment appreciate his shirt with hot dogs on it

Cringeflix : Arin and Dan send me to weird places on the internet

Jay West : What kind of prostitute doesn't take it up the ass?

Haman Karn : John Diel hit some hard times after he was killed off Miami Vice lol

Mike Strider : With how bad the dubbing is, he sounded just like Bad Lip Reading.

startervisions : Boobs

TheDude : and the Oscar goes to....

Diarmuid Balfe : This. Is. Glorious!

joshkilla67 : Press 9, then wait 1 sec then press 6

Athelstane of Coningsburgh : I just that he's wearing a hot-dog shirt.

selthroWs : So she says that she will have sex with him for money He says that he wants sex And she calls him an asshole. GENIUS.

WARNER : Man the effort he puts when he says "Bitch" is extraordinary haha.

DensLight : don't read into it - its a haha -me

kingbradley6000 : truly inspirational acting

Grimmers : Remove the dumb annotations.

flamestorm31 : all he wanted to do is anal and she get angry for that!


John Willis : she says "gets her pants down " and dude starts puking ,,classic

MatthieuAmherst : "Why don't you find a toilet?!" "Why don't you find a bed!?"

Rock Barcellos : Sounds like they doubled their own voices in studio or something

Cristian Romascu : Haha that was fckn unreal man haha

pro masterchannel : Is that the same dude from psycho(normanbates)

Michael Oliveira : what movie is this hahaaa

James Barrie : great film

Sean Manaloto : Press 6 for the pinnacle of human communication.