Ed Edd n Eddy The Movie Live Action Fan Film

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Loon Lagoon Productions : PLEASE CHECK OUT the Re-Edited Version (Link Below): I also made a re-edited/director’s cut version and the editing is way better. All of the awkward pauses and the parts with dead air are eliminated, it’s faster paced, the audio has been readjusted and I added more sound/special effects. Here’s the link, if you want to see the changes for yourself: https://youtu.be/pmg3v7juQv4 LINK TO FIRST BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD EPISODE: https://youtu.be/ivYSV4BZw98 LINK TO LIVE ACTION FROG BASEBALL: https://youtu.be/-K8t3NTURoE PLEASE READ: Your Questions May be Answered Below . . . We are not a professional studio with a budget; we have no budget at all. We were just a bunch of theatre kids from high school with an iPhone 7 that are trying to please the other Ed, Edd n Eddy fans. My buds and I wanted to make a fan film ever since the 7th grade, but we had no knowledge of how to do so. Fast forward to our senior year of high school, our last opportunity, we didn't let the chance pass us by. WHAT’S NEXT: SEQUEL? Currently, Steve (Ed) is in the Navy and he doesn’t come home until August. College starts in August, so it doesn’t give us enough time to make the Ed Edd n Eddy sequel that we set out to make. WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO: In replacement of the sequel, we are making an adaptation of a different cartoon (Click the link at the top to see what the what film is). :) We didn't anticipate this film to be as popular as it is. We are just grateful that fans have seen it. Thanks for the support everyone! -Preston (Eddy)

Infamous Supra Boy Backfire : Some much nostalgia thank your guys for bringing back my childhood memories

eve _kali : Eddy is perfect

Wubcake : I wanna know what was people's reactions to seeing all these cartoon characters walking around XD Did anyone recognize you guys?

Fressh : This is quality

Meso Sacred : MAKE A PART 2! PLEASE! :D

Ade V : This is so impressive I hope the producers of the actual cartoon find this

Habefastro : This is a beautiful incarnation of such a memorable series. You are all so talented. Thank you for giving the Ed's a break. It feels good to see them succeed. The casting was remarkably perfect. The characters are still there good ol' selves, yet some (even Eddy) seem to have matured. It's funny how the more things change the more they also stay the same. I loved the part with the Kanker Sisters. Bravo everybody. Bravo. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

ryebread 07 : How it seems to work nowadays: Zero Budget = Great fan film Budget = Filled with errors that derail what it was supposed to be Hm... 🤔

Total Equinox : Some say this is the last thing you see before you die

Total Equinox : This honestly wasn't bad

Clipper2018 : That Eddy is spot on

Minako Hiashi : I never understood why they tried so hard to get Jawbreakers. Jawbreakers are okay but it is the only candy that the name is a warning because it can break your jaw. I think in the cartoon jawbreakers were only $0.25 so why are they $5 for 3? Must be some really good candy

Michael Obendo : KEVIN NAILED IT

MagicOfTheRails : TBH The best character in this was Eddy.

LightningLion : There's of course some things I thought could've been done better, but I enjoyed it and have to admire everyone's passion that clearly went into this. The 'masticate' joke got me, too.

sachumo : This is what happens when you put time effort and love into a film regardless of budget, awesome!

The People's Kid : Just found this, thank you guys for making this... awesome

AC.BIGblacc : 10 out of 10

shadow : Eddy’s performance/ acting is so perfect!

MadBio Reptiles : Wow I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. At first i was like naaaah but after the silent intro you kept me entertained 😂😂

com truise : this could NOT be more perfect

Painful Mediocrity : Honestly though this is how YouTube should be used, Good job guys EDIT: Goodliness is next To Godliness!

Henry Alfonso : Lol this was worth my time

Ryan Ulinski : *UPDATE* To All Fans: We thank you very much for the support, we had so much fun working on this. We got many requests for a sequel to this, but I'm sorry to say this: There will be no sequel. Right now we are extremely busy with life and college, My twin brother, Steve (Ed), is in the navy and won't be back home to film the sequel. That's the bad news, the good news is that we are working on another fan film based on another cartoon!! We will start filming in May! We can't wait to start filming, we got the script, costumes, cast, everything! I can't give away the title. Take a guess... The announcement video will be coming soon!!! -Ryan :)

Lulu Mai : Brings back memories.

Hub Pie : I don't care if this is a no-budget film: This was a perfect live action take on Ed, Edd 'N Eddy.

Minako Hiashi : What does the bathroom mirror say?

FRISHR : Why does Kevin steal? His family is loaded!

Jack Frost : This was great!!

Kronos Urano : A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Marcel Styles : Eddy😂👌🏻

lonemoon : im finally putting this shit in my watch later its always in my recommended.

YukioTheExorcist : Why so many dislikes? It’s creative and a good fan made live action

Mike_Eternal : Great video

Brody Hall : The end was filled with such....courage🤣

Michael Scofield : B U T T E R T O A S T

Mrhotcoco : Wtf this is surprisingly good haha! Im enjoying this

Mprosser : Real or cartoon, I knew who everyone was in a heartbeat, thats just how much of a fan in Ed Edd n Eddy I was.

Majikalnight : Looks like a real live action movie that Cartoon Network would do, too bad the Jawbreakers where not as big as in the cartoon

Andre Floyd : This is MOTIVATION

Kenny Gates : This is honestly a million times better than I expected!

ariana e : The Kankers were SPOT ON!

POPTARTSYUM : Double D - “stealing is wrong” Eddy -“ you’re right... we need to scam”😂

Andre Floyd : Ed funny asf ...like i said though..this is MOTIVATION💯

keepingitrealawesome : That was actually really good! I enjoy it! Reminds me of the classic cartoon!

Leandro Miguel : I got a question: 2:51 when you spray yourself, are you ok lol was Thati on the script?

PinkCrushPegasus : Eddy sounds just like eddy and so does ed XD love it

Peter Cully : 2K people don’t have a childhood

Hakistorm : This is awesome!! Thanks for make this!!!