Stephen Fry in Alabama

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Exhausted Elox : For those of you commenting on the fly-over, American fighter jets have a certification process that they have to maintain.  They have to be up a certain number of hours every year (possibly broken down by time of day; I'm sure a commenter below will verify that either way) to be certified as combat-ready by the Dept. of Defense.  This includes all craft in the arsenal down to the Air National Guard.  Since the "birds" have to be up in the air anyway, they coordinate with local events (sport events, public gatherings, etc.) to fly-over and provide a bit of wonder and awe at the event in question.  Nearly every home football game I went to in college had one to help out the state's Air National guard and they weren't games nearly as big as the Iron Bowl is/was.

Jon Stark : he can't handle the freedom

likeriver : My favorite part is when he's covering his ears and the two camera men in the background are hi fiving and jumping up and down because of the jets.

Trippi Bethea : This is an absolutely fascinating ousiders view of college football

ninjastah : From a London POV I fully understood his perspective... I always say that America is tacky and cheesy as fuh... But nobody does it like The United States of America maan! So damn Epic! An actual Eagle and fighter Jets... Come on brahh who can top that shit!!!!??

malteseheart : Stephen wasn't being derogatory, he was being adorable and honest, based on his experiences. He obviously didn't understand the magnitude of the Iron Bowl. Just imagine if he'd been at the 2013 Iron Bowl.

bulldogsbob : And soccer fans claim we Americans aren't as passionate about sports as they are.

Alex McCoy : He cried during 'God Bless America' 2:47...Mission Accomplished.

steveohmygoodness7 : it is humorous, the rest of the world has absolutely no ability whatsoever to comprehend the sheer size of amateur, UNIVERSITY level athletics that exists in the U.S.A.  The only thing to compare it to is professional sports, which of course the U.S. also has.  For example, the stadium he is in has a capacity of 87,451 and their opponent has a stadium of 101,821.  These are comparable with the largest soccer stadiums on earth and they are for University athletics.  

Shandra Mutchie : The South does football games better than the rest of the country. It's not as extravagant in too many other places.

JohnnyWishbone85 : It's the South.  Football is SERIOUS business in the South.

Rusty : The world's greatest military just buzzed his tower.

RenaissanceNerd117 : I didn't even go to Bama or Auburn, I'm from California and went to school in New York. But god damn do I love watching the Iron Bowl. Easily the best of what college football can be. Easily.

Sean Martin : This isn't just another college football game. The iron bowl is the most anticipated event in Alabama. 

Sean Mulligan : American college sports is probably something no other country in the world would understand. Big time college football and basketball trumps even major pro sports in some cases. 

Pokemon2019 : That's the south. A country within our country

Amor Y Paz : I love when he teared up while the whole astadium sang in unison "God bless America". He could really feel the love, patriotism and energy. It really is a moving experience to be in an arena and all singing in harmony. Makes the hair stand up on the back of your next and gives you goose bumps. super surreal.

Sammy Buckle : I live in Canada so this is pretty normal to see, but I never thought about how fucked up this must appear to Europeans

porkinwitz : Stephen Fry missed half the fun of going to a football game. Tailgating. Beer, food, and more beer.


SpikyDane : Alabama is a cool state

Olof Persson : How refreshing. Anyone how has spent more than 2 minutes on the internet these few past years knows what I mean.

Clinton Pittman : This is the 2007 Iron Bowl, when Auburn beat Alabama 17-10. This was part of a show called Stephen Fry Visits America. Fry is a famous British actor and comedian. His former comedy partner was Hugh Laurie (Dr. House on tv), and he is a friend of JK Rowling and is the reader for the British versions of the Harry Potter books. Fry's father almost took at job at Princeton after WWII, but chose to stay in England. I think Fry was just trying to see what his life might have been like if his father had taken the job.

Ventian Kraus : Damn, never knew he had come down here. Would have loved to meet the ol' chap. Always seemed like a stand up fellow IMO.

jerseydevs2000 : As someone who loves college football and follows a Premier League team in England, I've always felt that college football, more than the NFL or MLS or any other pro league, is the closest thing we have to European footy leagues. College football teams represent your town, state, region and sometimes even your religion. And the best teams have die hard fans who aren't even alumni of the school, or even taken a single class on the campus.

Robert Manning : hahah the look on his face as the jets flew by is wonderful

The Madhouse : That was both terrifying and exhilarating. There is nothing like this in the UK, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

TLW918 : Now that I think about it the fighter jets dont make much sense, but damn are they cool.

mike miller : I think what Stephen is trying to convey is the kinetic spirit of America and a contrast to England in terms of tradition. He has a GLOBAL audience. He was not knocking America in any form and LOVES this country. In the series he's highlighted what he loves about the US. He has studied America more than most Americans. Everyone should unpucker their buttholes and listen to an "outside" opinion. (he's a resident alien). I hope he becomes a citizen and dies here (at a very old age) so that he can be a citizen of the culture he finds so much pride in. He's a great American.

fkylw : I have a slight criticism. It's not just an average game. It's the iron bowl. Alabama and auburn aren't medium sized for how he phrased it. They're the two largest colleges in Alabama. Also it's arguably the most important game for the two teams that year and they have, again arguably, one of the biggest rivalries in the history of college football. There's just a little bit if editorialization on fry's part about the description. For what end I don't know.

A Leaf : poor limey can barely comprehend the glory of murrica

plebian : That ending was PERFECT.

IamAnastasia : He is such a sweet ,educated and world icon. I'm very honored to have him at the iron bowl , and teach our friends across the pond about how wonderful America can be. It only thing he needed to be on the other side of they field ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

oneoneonefour : I read his book about his time in America. He was more impressed with the timing of the jets than the jets themselves. He didn't know anything about getting jets, but he knew about timing from his TV work, and getting the jets at the right time in one take blew his mind.

0Imtheslime0 : The South is my second home from home..

hardassteel : At the end, Stephen Fry is in tears of awe. 

Zachary Smith : I thought the timing at the end was perfect with the score when the photographers high five after the fly-over

Fly OnaWall : I've always wondered what went through his mind when he saw that flyby.

Starrione : My God! From Blackadder to the Iron Bowl... I would have had a fit. Stephen certainly had good researchers for this, this is Alabama madness at its best! How lucky, lucky you are, Stephen! And the icing on the cake - your reaction to the flyover! RTR!

edinvestor1 : Awesome video and a great outsider's perspective on the greatness of our country.

Javale McGee : >mfw europoor cannot into extravagance and larger than life

Josh Thompson : Freedom isnt subtle.

Laurie Watson McKay : Roll Tide Stephen Fry!

Mike Patton : Just catching this great series on Netflix.....8 years late....but an incredible doc nonetheless. And I got a little weepy too after God Bless America. What a great perspective Mr. Fry. This segment reminded me what a spectacle NCAA football really is.......and Roll Tide.

Gavril Gavrilov : I absolutely LOVE how they used the music from Alien for the opening sequence :) 

david : WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sgfan93 : His face when the jets flew over was priceless.

Johnny Garcia : I loved Stephen Fry's reaction to the jets flying over the stadium. 

wolf : say what you want about our way of sports, but I'd rather be pumped during a game rather than sitting bored while i watch soccer. smh