Stephen Fry in Alabama

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likeriver : My favorite part is when he's covering his ears and the two camera men in the background are hi fiving and jumping up and down because of the jets.

Jon Howard : Fry couldn't have picked a more American venue.

ninjastah : From a London POV I fully understood his perspective... I always say that America is tacky and cheesy as fuh... But nobody does it like The United States of America maan! So damn Epic! An actual Eagle and fighter Jets... Come on brahh who can top that shit!!!!??

Shandra Mutchie : The South does football games better than the rest of the country. It's not as extravagant in too many other places.

fkylw : I have a slight criticism. It's not just an average game. It's the iron bowl. Alabama and auburn aren't medium sized for how he phrased it. They're the two largest colleges in Alabama. Also it's arguably the most important game for the two teams that year and they have, again arguably, one of the biggest rivalries in the history of college football. There's just a little bit if editorialization on fry's part about the description. For what end I don't know.

Trippi Bethea : This is an absolutely fascinating ousiders view of college football

okrajoe : Interesting take on the Iron Bowl.

mike miller : I think what Stephen is trying to convey is the kinetic spirit of America and a contrast to England in terms of tradition. He has a GLOBAL audience. He was not knocking America in any form and LOVES this country. In the series he's highlighted what he loves about the US. He has studied America more than most Americans. Everyone should unpucker their buttholes and listen to an "outside" opinion. (he's a resident alien). I hope he becomes a citizen and dies here (at a very old age) so that he can be a citizen of the culture he finds so much pride in. He's a great American.

JohnnyWishbone85 : It's the South.  Football is SERIOUS business in the South.

bulldogsbob : And soccer fans claim we Americans aren't as passionate about sports as they are.

The Madhouse : That was both terrifying and exhilarating. There is nothing like this in the UK, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Rusty : The world's greatest military just buzzed his tower.

Alex McCoy : He cried during 'God Bless America' 2:47...Mission Accomplished.

Sammy Buckle : I live in Canada so this is pretty normal to see, but I never thought about how fucked up this must appear to Europeans

Javale McGee : >mfw europoor cannot into extravagance and larger than life

Jon Stark : he can't handle the freedom

Clinton Pittman : This is the 2007 Iron Bowl, when Auburn beat Alabama 17-10. This was part of a show called Stephen Fry Visits America. Fry is a famous British actor and comedian. His former comedy partner was Hugh Laurie (Dr. House on tv), and he is a friend of JK Rowling and is the reader for the British versions of the Harry Potter books. Fry's father almost took at job at Princeton after WWII, but chose to stay in England. I think Fry was just trying to see what his life might have been like if his father had taken the job.

Noah Kaczor : College football is the greatest sport in the world. Where else will you find 100,000+ fans in multiple stadiums every week? Not in the NFL, not in "soccer" or rugby or cricket.

Crass Envy : i can't believe this is life for these people. in their napoleonic costumes and such...

WhereEaglesDare117 : I didn't even go to Bama or Auburn, I'm from California and went to school in New York. But god damn do I love watching the Iron Bowl. Easily the best of what college football can be. Easily.

Kombaiyashii : To be fair, if our Universities in England similar if we got rid of everything but the premier league and told budding professional football players they need to go to university for at least a year until they were allowed to become professional. And then cash in on all these otherwise professional athletes, don't pay them a penny but waste a full scholarship on them that will likely only be there for a year and all other things being equal, probably wouldn't have gotten into university on his intellectual capacities in the first place.

Sweetbutterflykripperino : That's the south. A country within our country

A Leaf : poor limey can barely comprehend the glory of murrica

Pander8874 : calling america over-populated does not seem correct

plebian : That ending was PERFECT.

Robert Manning : hahah the look on his face as the jets flew by is wonderful

Genesis Maldonado : britbong experiences freedom

malteseheart : Stephen wasn't being derogatory, he was being adorable and honest, based on his experiences. He obviously didn't understand the magnitude of the Iron Bowl. Just imagine if he'd been at the 2013 Iron Bowl.

josh m : Too bad he didn't go their for 2013 he would have seen something he'd never forget

Olof Persson : How refreshing. Anyone how has spent more than 2 minutes on the internet these few past years knows what I mean.

kwo dell : And we should give up that for soccer????  Ain't gonna happen. 


MrTropics64 : Reply to Jon Stark. Sir you are so right. This is our national pastime. What makes America great.  Perhaps he learned something positive about the South:)

Joseph B : a big reason why college facilities are so big is because the professional league is not very entertaining compared to college.

John Bolton : I wish UK football was on your all's level.. GO CATS!

Orlando B. : Basically like a soccer match in England except our black players don't get tossed bananas. They are rewarded with cars, women, and money. Kidding.

Caleb Jorstaad : Roll Tide

Tiffany L : As an American watching this I just smiled so big. It made me feel warm to see an "outsiders" perspective of what is very common here. Thank you for that, Stephen. I love your work. *Edit: that moment when the jet flies over is awesome. 

Tom Wolfe : There is nothing in This world like the iron bowl. God I hate Auburn.

flyon awall : I've always wondered what went through his mind when he saw that flyby.

Ignalis : Why is the background music from the Alien soundtrack?

starkiller871 : WAR EAGLE

0Imtheslime0 : The South is my second home from home..

phillipsqazxsw : Did not expect it to be that big of a thing. Looked pretty much the same as the Superbowl.

Johnny Garcia : I loved Stephen Fry's reaction to the jets flying over the stadium. 

Josh Thompson : Freedom isnt subtle.

Amor Y Paz : I love when he teared up while the whole astadium sang in unison "God bless America". He could really feel the love, patriotism and energy. It really is a moving experience to be in an arena and all singing in harmony. Makes the hair stand up on the back of your next and gives you goose bumps. super surreal.

Jon Smith : I'd like to know how much it costs to have fighter jets do a flyby.

LizaVP : He gets it!

infjard : people are on about north korea but in many ways america's extravagant nature is pretty much exactly the same. that's not neccesseraly a bad thing, aestethically, but i just find it really bizarre