Man on Bike Shoots Down A Scooter With Rocket Fireworks

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hypebeasty22 : I know what to do in school

epos499 : I need a translation 😂

HJMXmechuchemen : Thanks to grezzo 2, i undestand most of the insults. And they say videogames dont educate

Rob B : LMAO

Minato284 : here we see the Spanish version of the Katyusha.

FuckEbonics : So Fuckin set up its not even funny.

Jvv Hvknvvjja : A baffanculo, figlio di puttana!!! 😂😂😂

Comic_Drips : Mario kart

Marco Antonio Legendario : Grettzzo due bike edition hahahahaha

Fireboy9447 : Damn it i am moving to Pasta Pizza

tbuelna : Best shit ever!!

Susana Sanders : Vaffanculo!!!

Nsa Adverse : Sorry, it's original but completely staged.

Jasse : sorry m8 but i just witnessed the most gayest intro on madafackin eurthhh..... ps enlish gud

Matt Haw : Da bike go skraaa, pa, pa... Skreee, ra.... Ya dun now.

Helena Jones : What a stupid man

Dash Face : Not all heros wear capes

David Chinn : Hey da bike go a boom boom