WKUK - Season 5 - Hot Sister

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Bob : I could pause on 1:41 forever.

Darrell Lim : Does anybody find it weird that the boy and his father are sitting on the same side of the table?

Tim Clark : was mom ever that hot? god no. mom is timmy. poor timmy.

Grammar Secret Police : How'd they get Zach to be a hot woman like that?

Jack Forbes : Literally a day in the life of Trump

Legendary0425 : is it just me or is that blond not even talking and its just some voice over bs

ziljin : every dad's nightmare

Andy B : looks an intro to a porno

slaywee : 2:20 Did he just say: "Put her back" xD hilarious

Harry Smith : But the real question is why did the wife look pregnant after she'd given birth

Barack Bramhall : haha I never understood the ending until now.. the whole thing is in his imagination.

Eddie Barragan : Haha, #RedneckProblems.

cruhg : thank god they didnt make timmy the sister in this sketch

ApotheosiZ : Why do I feel like this is a trap?

gil yahalom : The "oh GAWD" kills me every time.

Julianna Kopa : Idk I find the brother hot

ADJAX : The soundtrack of Tatooine desert during the switch back to reality

Incanticle 666 : "having really *hard* day.."

Martin Grant : Wait a minute she has no ass and they said she do hahahaha😫🔫

keptyeti : Incest is a millennial thing. They're into it. Back in the day or was just limited to hillbillies and criminals. Now it's mainstream. I think it's nature trying to thin the herd.

Matthew Martinez : lol why did they do a voice over for the hot chick?


Chad Kase : Why did they use someone elses voice and not sure her face?

enigma mist : So he went out to have a pack of cigarettes 😂🤣

Miss Edits : It doesn't help they gave her a stripper name

robert rowe : At 1:39 I see balls tucked

Adam zoabi : She is wearing underwear BTW

Trygve Plaustrum : Oh, Japan...

Grottgreta : Oh wow I just got the "having a HARD day today" comment

NoVaKane : Her badge underneath her skirt when she bent forward.. damn

Bruce McCulloch : LOL

d00bZubElEk : At least he saw it coming. Unlike why he was in that room to begin with.

Joaquin Andreu : Filmed in Kentucky

Lonus Bjonus : nah its for the best

littleapples : Anybody here because of gorillaz?

cole unruh : One of the best!!

Robert Griffith : Hard day

Roddy Dykes : Probably the hardest thing about having a daughter I’d imagine, kinda glad I don’t have sisters lol

E-MAN : This is the exact conversation Donald chump has with his sons

Jerry Dalrymple : I'm outta here, put the baby girl back and deliver it when I'm less immature. 🏈🤸‍♀️

Coda Mission : I'm on a list somewhere for laughing at this

Ray Webb : When she was hugging her dad I think she sat on a kitten.

maxcardun : It is and I am.   I gotta remember that line.

Nico Montinola : haha yeah guilt is funny

Alec Caso : jfc whose mind did this come from

Jonah Bodnovits : “I’m having a really HARD day today.” XD

mastersleib : Why do I see it only now, wtf.

thestigDMC : Could someone lower the quality a bit? I don't think I'm seeing enough noise.

Stephen Paxman : 1;37 to 1'43 awesome snatch

M C : nah . . put it back