WKUK - Season 5 - Hot Sister

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ihax4snax : I'd masturbate to this but I'm afraid it's one of them in drag...

Grammar Secret Police : How'd they get Zach to be a hot woman like that?

Andy B : looks an intro to a porno

Engeldemuerte : I died at "GET OUT YOU MINX!" XD

Tim Clark : was mom ever that hot? god no. mom is timmy. poor timmy.

gmoney_griggs9721 : "It is,and i am" lol XD

Verma : Wincest

Eddie Barragan : Haha, #RedneckProblems.

gil yahalom : The "oh GAWD" kills me every time.

Martin Grant : Wait a minute she has no ass and they said she do hahahaha😫🔫

Smack Bramhall : haha I never understood the ending until now.. the whole thing is in his imagination.

Ezequiel Reynaud : that awkward moment when she has just had the child and still pregnant HAhah 2:15

Victor : nope, its for the best ;)

ADJAX : The soundtrack of Tatooine desert during the switch back to reality

Roy : son of a BEATCH

CybertechWKUK : Nope, could of been on my old account Cybertech44 before it got banned. Starting uploading sketches on this channel during like the last half of Season 5 so missing quite a few i think.

Chris Pruneau : My friend told me that girl is Zack. Please oh god tell me this isn't true

kagezara : It is..and i am...

maxwolfeee : Jupiter's Cock!!!!

littleapples : Anybody here because of gorillaz?

Dom Spiegel : feel like the same girl in GTAV

Julianna Kopa : Idk I find the brother hot

ziljin : every dad's nightmare

Joaquin Bottom : Over a million views, god, what a pussy can do.

d00bZubElEk : At least he saw it coming. Unlike why he was in that room to begin with.

Booshowthezombies : She has just as much of an ass as Jack Skellington. Funny video though.

TCTNGaming : I know where they are not... in the US lol

reno911unlocred : it says you'r name is Fran up there..

Jerry Liu : The American Monty Python ;)

animalmetalgeti : 2:21 put it back trololol

animalmetalgeti : 1:41 so she also has a hard day?

zouzik91 : epic ending

CybertechWKUK : Started*.

CybertechWKUK : I think that whole hot sister scene was just him wondering if that's what it will be like in the future having a girl.

CybertechWKUK : Thumbs up if you want me to upload more season 5 sketches or maybe season 4. Can't believe this sketch got so many views. Far surpassed Nerf Nuke in views, lol.

Victor Rockefeller : You Sir, are a moron.

Prokospit : @fshasdwe You should study that again.... Its possible for the parents to have black hair and the daughter blonde. What is impossible is for her to have dominant coloired hair if both parents are blonde. Id explain but english is not mu language and i dont want to invent words.

Will Smith : haha he said son of a b... he's the the father

Shiloh McGraw : Lol

Chiba Sophie Cha : it's... disturbing...

ME Gusta : WTF ? :o

presslee : 1:39 that's one big ass camel toe

SirKevinMartin : What is this incestuous video? Wild!

pancreas : what about your grandmother?

nagz-youtube : we hogged all of them up - hungary (ok, some have escaped to the neighbouring countries too :P)

7mani Alkhalaf : fucking hilarious

WJZ_Angel : the uk

Teal'c : The point was so that you could see it

DotaMaster1994 : i think the girl is a tranny for some reason....! AND she doesnt even speak! its recorded or something! look at 0:08 she moves and she doesnt seem to talk and whenever she talks u can hear the voice isnt as clear as the dads or the sons voice!

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band : incest....