WKUK - Season 5 - Hot Sister

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Grammar Secret Police : How'd they get Zach to be a hot woman like that?

Tim Clark : was mom ever that hot? god no. mom is timmy. poor timmy.

Andy B : looks an intro to a porno

Smack Bramhall : haha I never understood the ending until now.. the whole thing is in his imagination.

ziljin : every dad's nightmare

gil yahalom : The "oh GAWD" kills me every time.

Eddie Barragan : Haha, #RedneckProblems.

Martin Grant : Wait a minute she has no ass and they said she do hahahaha😫🔫

ADJAX : The soundtrack of Tatooine desert during the switch back to reality

Julianna Kopa : Idk I find the brother hot

d00bZubElEk : At least he saw it coming. Unlike why he was in that room to begin with.

littleapples : Anybody here because of gorillaz?

brian lash : hate girls like that

Joaquin Andreu : Filmed in Kentucky

brian lash : the voice box in the robot baby was low on batteries

Alan Rios : Damn veronica jk

Lonus Bjonus : nah its for the best

Shiloh McGraw : Lol

Mister Magic Man : This is Trevor's only bad performance in the show

cruhg : thank god they didnt make timmy the sister in this sketch

willem dafaq : *SHIT*

MadRoberts22 Gaming : Jesus this is sick

Miss Edits : It doesn't help they gave her a stripper name

Incanticle 666 : "having really *hard* day.."

saganist : WKUK is so good

Grottgreta : Oh wow I just got the "having a HARD day today" comment

cole unruh : One of the best!!

Baby Boo : hahah

Emad Khazen : OH GOD!

FORGEgentek : HAHA still funny!

Jerry Liu : The American Monty Python ;)

George Augusto Rodrigues : Big dung full of worms.

hi there : the dad looked like he got hard

Booshowthezombies : She has just as much of an ass as Jack Skellington. Funny video though.

reno911unlocred : it says you'r name is Fran up there..

ihax4snax : I'd masturbate to this but I'm afraid it's one of them in drag...

Henry Callahan : i'll be your third friend

gcxxx123 : It is zach

Chris Pruneau : My friend told me that girl is Zack. Please oh god tell me this isn't true

Joaquin Bottom : Over a million views, god, what a pussy can do.

DrNipples : this season was disappointing as hell.

Craig Tucker : @ClutchClick Mmm. Well said.

ClutchClick : I'm cool with women like this, it's the women that eat their own fucking children that make me question humanity.

Ziggy Azupardo : I'm Johnny what's yours @ironmango2?

TheHoodville : timmy did really good in this sketch

James Baynes : Know that feel bro...

James Baynes : 1:40 Clear gooch shot

Craig Tucker : ...I'm sorry, but that girl looked and sounded AND acted like a slut. I can't believe there are actually women like this. Just saying.

Chris Sharrer : 2:10 JOHN GREEN?!?!?

gmoney_sk8 : "It is,and i am" lol XD