What's inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

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YourMCAdmin : "Undisclosed Location in Kansas" *2 minutes of Googling later* 1347 Gold Rd, Glasco, KS 67445 Literally Google "Survival Condo" + Kansas. It's super-secret you guys. Don't tell anyone ;)

Arisgod27 : When doomsday hits, the owner of this bunker will be actually in China on a business meeting...LOL

Bdiri Sadok : 2 M$ is good deal

Hannah Curtis : *worlds ending and humanity is falling apart* wealthy : anyone fancy a swim and a game of table tennis ?

Kieran : Let's hope it never has to be used.

Eh Bee Family : What's the wifi password?

TarantulaDan : Let's hope it's never needed......though I'd love to visit there 🙂

Chelsy Burriss : Anyone else watch this and realize if something does happen to the earth we wont be in there? Really depressing.

I Need More Sleep : So they cost as much as a small condo in New York Edit: New York City

The Boss Banana : And here is the weed farm with its high quality lights

kremit the frog : It's for the day of doom but still luxurious, gotta appreciate our species

B molitor : they walked right past "the batteries" - that's the most important part of the whole complex - tell me more about those batteries....

Gerardo Rodriguez : Notice that its only made for a couple of people not millions or thousands or hundreds. Its made for like 50 people.

Henry Wang : *_World is ending_* Rich people: anyone fancy for a glass of wine?

E MAD : Nice camera feeds to watch in bed whilst the 'poor mutate and burn alive.

Kim Jong-un : What’s inside Best Korea

Deal with it! : So this is where the tax money is going, huh.

hi1234 bye4321 : I’m going to close my eyes and pretend Deadpool’s taking me around a dooms day bunker

Arvid Vanleeuw : Swimming pool, TV-windows, arcade room...? Am I the only one wondering where they will get the power from when the world is gone?

Sekai Hero : *Huh... This GTA Update Is Really Realistic*

Good News : I am very surprised of how cheap this is for all that it actually features.

Christopher Young : This video should be titled “ I have more money than I know what to do with”

Amait Vikram Bharadwaj : Ditching the swimming pool would've granted them a lot of water for life supporting purposes

Zeina107 : Shelter? Its more like a vault from fallout

Kalani Campbell : These are gonna be the first people to die

Jx : My bunker on GTA is better

fastfingersfunk : You definitely need a high end kitchen to eat freeze dried food for five years.

Pro Gaming : Starting to feel like $1.5M to $3M is cheap considering all the stuff you get. I’m sure they added a lot but still I was thinking like $10M at least

Tom M : When the apocalypse isn’t really that bad.

Brooklyns Cleopatra : Where is the electricity gonna come from for all of this ???

Youmuus : Looks like the elevator is taking u to different resident evil games XD

Jimmy Yim : Vault-Tec Corporation

Julie Pavlovic : My roblox bunker is better *yes*

Luukachuu : That whole thing is only 1 to 3 million???

thebr0wnhornet : Rich people would rather build a doomsday bunker than pay their fair share of taxes and make the country better

DormaniAvenue : The 100 “Mount Weather”

Music Legend : That is more expensive than my life

MrSupersixfour : ....some rich pricks

Frost. Waffle : Well a beautiful morning with radiated cows growing 5 heads, birds with 3 heads, plants/ plants vs zombies lol, and a brown cloud with a skull showing up once in a while asking for leftover radiated food, oh and wouldn't the cameras outside the bunker would be destroyed in the nuclear blast?

Muhammad : This is made for rich fanatics only, especially politicians and businessmen. Common citizens will die on roads.

Almighty Element : Is it me or does 1-3 million sound cheap?

Bobek_xD : Imagine sitting in that bunker when nuclear war starts people outside are trying to survive and you are casually sitting in luxury... But when a man form outside would come to you, Would you let him in?

luka : Go inside Area 51

skully : honey get the guns ready and a bit of cash we are moving to a bunker and we need to kill

Anatole Franck : Ehm, what about electricity? I doubt the batteries will last 5 years...

*Wyatt B* , : So biased. Windows PCs are better for school.

Jörgen Nilsson : No burglars going to come in there 😀

Zanna De Cuba : Jesus christ and i think €200 is much and the person who bought it was like “wtf am i gonna do with my money” sees this bunker for sale“ heck yes” 😂😂😭 And did the person buy all 15 ‘rooms’ because that means he paid 45 million dollars :o (me still being amazed if i have €100 😂) and all the extra things he/she bought... literally when you have to much money and just trow it around.... not caring about the poor people that life on this world the people that don’t have a bunker and will die if doomsday is here.... only the rich will survive won’t they.... :(

Syam Hussin : That bunker cannot save u from doomdays . It a fact dude .

RobloxGecko : I WANT ONE lol