What's inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

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YourMCAdmin : "Undisclosed Location in Kansas" *2 minutes of Googling later* 1347 Gold Rd, Glasco, KS 67445 Literally Google "Survival Condo" + Kansas. It's super-secret you guys. Don't tell anyone ;)

Acheツ : Imagine being a kid to wake up to a zombie walking to the Window/Camera

Florida Man : I do not trust a man who wears a t-shirt whilst swimming. Not one bit.

Dehve Osuboruno : if I could afford a place like that, secluded from society...I'd be living there right now.

Hugh Janus : Then a sinkhole swallows the whole bunker

Eh Bee Family : What's the wifi password?

Harry S : I hate stuff being explained to me by this snot nose kid..

Girtu Bogdan : *but does it have free wifi??* thanks for all the likes ❤

Easy Ray : Only the strong (wealthy) will survive? What if after all the preparation, the Event happens so rapidly that you can't make it to the bunker? Oh well!

Chadoy : I would rather die in the blast

kremit the frog : It's for the day of doom but still luxurious, gotta appreciate our species

SC0RP10N : Image ninja buys one so he can stream during a nuclear warfare

A M : Ok but where is the pharmacy , hospital, and morge

Lucien k : whats inside vault 76?

mince full : Imagine buying one of the rooms. Then when the world is ending you don’t make it in time

Good News : I am very surprised of how cheap this is for all that it actually features.

Logan Bauer : You didn’t even cut the bunker open. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life.

Trolleylol : fun fact. 100% of all billionares in the world own a doomsday bunker. 100%....

Steve Jones : When Mormons get a camera

nic farrow : Tiny-minded, selfish people wasting millions when they could be helping the world move away from doomsday.

Kim Jong-un : What’s inside Best Korea

Cheii Nuggs : What's inside area 51

Liana Gao : Hunger Games vibes🤭

Chris White : "Love It..!! But if we're talking 'Doomsday', what if, just what if, the sea levels got to be so high, that water started to fill in the hole..? Is there any kind of way to start draining it out once water started to flow in..? I think a floatable island, (or an island), with a huge tanker (boat) would be better..! I know we're talking 'Doomsday', so why not the tanker idea and take the chances up top instead of down below..? Just a question... That's all..!!" 💥

Maivah AV : Wifi signal probably terrible 🤔

Fiery Man : 8:40 when u can afford a 3 million dollar bunker but u can't afford a gopro

Sebastian Gallardo : yall should start the doomsday hiest

Max Plays : Russia be like: -YouTube- *OurTube*

mango152 : whats the point of the window camera if its just gonna get blown up outside

Jx : My bunker on GTA is better

Maribeth : Who gets to go? Politicians only?

mutt naughton : Great to know while we die off an entitlement child will be swimming.

Reistoph Milkayr : I AM VAULT TEC!!!

Jason Khan : How sad! Taxpaying Americans paid for this luxurious bunker to protect the wealthiest and most powerful people in government! Ordinary people like myself and people who are less fortunate are basically cannon fodder and will only have death and destruction to face during the end of times! The richest most powerful people will only laugh at our demise! We are like cattle going to the slaughterhouse!

Youmuus : Looks like the elevator is taking u to different resident evil games XD

TheDrexxus : Undisclosed location? In the first few seconds of the video you already have everything you need to find this place. Former US missile silo. Currently has wind turbines. Located in Kansas. I could spend 5 minutes on wikipedia and google maps to locate this exact address. But anyway, on with the video.

Filipeczeg : If a nuke blows, I ain’t sure if this cameras will still work...

Rene Hinojosa : I would love to flush out its occupants, kill them, eat their food, and move on to the next nearby bunker.

wali raza dawachh : no one can secure or alive on doomsday that bunker is burnt and blasted on doomsday because on doomsday the earth will be like a air durt

DormaniAvenue : The 100 “Mount Weather”

The Black Mamba : Those uv lights would be great for weed

9 LAZARUS : LOL, they won't even state that it takes tons of electrical power, alone, to run a place like that. Even if you were running generators, 24/4, eventually you would run out of fuel, and then what? Morons...

Mark Graves : Now this is what I call a doomsday bunker. So basically it's a missile sylo converted into a bunker.

Veminex : My father actually owns a missle silo but it doesn’t look like that

Tianna Elizalde : He sounds like ryan Reynolds

Hunter S Thompson : _fourteen stories down_ -fudge- *that*

KyptoKlutz : "Theres a contamination area"...that's a restroom

feedub : "Same battery's that they use in submarines" well those look like backup generators, there is probably a massive generator under you somewhere

Nia : When a doomsday bunker is better than your actual home

TELL THE TRUTH : how would you get your food if they blocked the front entry and cut off the electric?