It's not enough.

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Your Everyday Dad : Cody Wanner recognition! 🦄

Michael Lardizabal : Burke! Good morning! Always stoked to see the notification for you. YES! Momentum! Cody's energy is so infectious, but also yours. I love it man! Also, that cinematic was 🔥.

Rick 2Bees : You are vessel of inspiration and creativity !!!! You're like a Coke bottle just before the Mentos is dropped in !!! Keep that energy flowing !!!! 👍👍👍

Lincoln Riddle : A camping roadtrip?! Dude that will be amazing.

Your Everyday Dad : JOBY!!!! Your a vlogger now bro!

Metal For Breakfast : ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!! 🤘

where is danny black : love your work!!!!!!!!

Carin Somers : Everyone has the same struggles because we are all humans

Michael Lardizabal : You can find a way to do it, man. YES! You don't have to film your whole day, dude. I think that's a huge thing. It's cool, but it's not necessary. 6:45 I can feel the future music collab stirring...

This Natural Journey : Awesome creativity as always ✌that walking sequences 😍 we can do this ✌ you can do this 😁 drums😎 💚 PEACE LOVE LIGHT 💚

Adil Bakkouri : first view ♥ i like your job brother ♥

where is danny black : haha/// got a joby!

Bearded Broski : Got a Joby..💪

Richer Dinelle : Damn, you shot some wild corn dogs? 😉 You got this, my friend and also, drums 🥁 ftw, noice

Wood'n Metal Shoppe : Wow, I don't feel alone in this. I feel I don't have time to even restart my videos. But I feel better after I watched you talk about it. And what you said about just filming small sections means a lot. I too feel like I should prioritize and set a schedule. I am not going to do that. Just grab the camera and vlog when a thought comes to me, even if its short segments. Thank you, I am smashing the Sub and Like buttons. Keep up the vids.

Life Probe : Great energy Burke. Keep creating. Just found you from Michael's Channel just subbed. #nosmallcreator

Brian Sapp : I just started hitting the notifications on #nosmallcreator a month ago. I’m glad I did. This one spoke to me. Love your energy and your thinking through your thoughts and doubts. Thanks!

Thinksmartresells : seriously underrated YouTube channel.......

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Cody!!!!!!

Ilyass Ben Ali : yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh doooooooope

Your Everyday Dad : Shout out to Tom!

Justin Romeyn : Great message as always. Sounds like you’re killing it freelancing!! Isn’t working for yourself fun?

Matt Stephen : Im in the same situation as you bro! Kudos on the 4 vids a week tho thats nuts! Keep it up

Bearded Broski : I wanted to try and get more comments than a few others but they win. 😁

Adil Constantine : Dude I feel ya! Cody has a lit a fire under me and Im getting back at it now

Daniel Kirkwood : I use the joby 3k, Perfect size man!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Poppin peep ‼️

Brian Sellers : That's great stuff, Burke! Love your energy and message - just subbed! Keep it up, man... 💪😀

FREE M1ND : That poor phone :(

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : No alcohol!!!!!!!! Dope

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Told u about the outro

Your Everyday Dad : I know it’s subtle, but always love those walking shots looking down with changing scenery!

Scott Is Talking : JOBY!!!

Bearded Broski : Drum on drummer!

Your Everyday Dad : Yeah man, usable content doesn’t need to be captured all day long. It can be strategically placed to get your point across.

Bearded Broski : No laptop charger, no bueno. Creator creatively creating.

Mike Figueiredo : Dude i feel you on being focused. Im steuggling with time management myself. I can relate to this video so much.

Scott Bell : Good words man. Totally feel the workload stuff. Sometimes I feel like I overcommit but manage to pull through. Keep going!

Tobi Krick : It is crazy!!! Cody is inspiring so many people! Nice vid Bro! You're going to places!

Mike Figueiredo : What part of NE are you from? Thats my area!


Your Everyday Dad : Those drums!!! Yes! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! 😎

Steven Murphy : You got this, dude... Just. Keep. Creating.

Marten Kählert : You're so right! Love your energy and yes... the Joby does a great work 😁 see ya

Paris Bosserman : bro, as long as you keep uploading, ill keep watching! Great episode! P.S. Good job on the the drinking, keep that up!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Wth? Barely got a gorilla pod

Til Death Do We Travel : I diiiiig this one man! Cinematic sequence was on point, sound design clutch, message great. All around quality work dude #nosmallcreator

Scott Is Talking : Great insight and motivation!

Suketu Patel : This video is amazing man! I agree with you 100%

Alex Baber : Ooo looking forward to the road trip! Awesome vlog man :)