Flintstones Winston Cigarettes Commercial (Rare)

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1950's cigarette commercial featuring The Flintstones!

Comments from Youtube

freepressright : Wonder if you could get a free pack of Winston in the bottom of every box of Fruity Pebbles.

Richard Smith : "I never get tired of hearing your robot voice there, Fred!"

Jay Noffsinger : I doubt this was a 1950's ad considering that The Flintstones didn't premier until 1960.

Mikey Patchy : "Bedrock is flavor country."

Lyon Cobalt : Grand Dad would be disappointed.

MiDuWay : Phoenix Wright sent me here

Pepsi Man : WEENSTONE?!

wileyk209zback : I always get a kick out of the Flintstone characters smoking those big live-action Winston cigarettes, even if it's kinda gross.

mariosonicfan2010 : Obligatory *GRAND DAD* comment

ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ : Nostalgia Critic sent me here

Darin Warren : "Let's go around back were we can't see em" :)

Vojislav Prljic : I'm shaking and crying rn the flintstones would never do this

William Krutt : Jeeeez, I actually remember these commercials.

Lach : 'And then an entire generation died of cancer. The end'

the trash man : you know the flintstones was never realy supposed to be a kid show any way and that's how the got away with this


Waddle Dee pop : OMG

Marksmithwas12 : But these cigarettes break the timeline

TheLiving Bluejay : Back then you wouldn't get cancer that fast from smoking.

Edvinas Tamošaitis : After 50 years still master race.

jsgold2000 : " I hate to see them work so hard!" "Yeah me too." "umm..let's go around back where we can't see um!"

Xander Lee7 : I have the Flintstones season 1 and 2 on DVD, in the special features on commercials they do not show this. WHYYY!!!??? Its just part of history! Why hide it? Why alter everything! Flippin' communists!

LaidBackGaming : 1:08 fred the f***ed up bobblehead

burlingtonbill1 : Actually this Wasn't "The 50's" -- it was early 60's. The show aired on primetime TV from late 1960 thru 1966. Winston pulled their sponsorship in 1963. Just FYI. (BTW this was researched in less than 5 minutes by doing a little googling.)

Pluck my Feathers : How stupid were people back then?

Timothy Conway : I never knew about this commercial. That's pretty neat

Bruce McGee : Sure they did.

hugatag : Thanks for putting this here,it made me start smoking!

pdchr : I love this commercial... Those mother fuckers knew how to live!

tripp cory : They never knew smoking was bad for you back then!

gageesongs : nostalgia critic!!!!!!!!

The Lord Noah : WOW...

John Lomuscio : No more cig. Commerails

Arctic : I am fucking sick of people saying what is a kids show and whats an adult show, they are all just entertainment you retards

Debbie Cashin : OMG, I remember those days. LOL

I.C.y : If Fred Flintstone does then you should too

I.C.y : Im sure this cause lots of little kids to EAT cigarettes

wombatro : I know Right! I mean, how dare they put a commercial for a product targeted at adults in a show targeted at an adult audience! /sarcasm

dclayton777 : Aren't we touchy today?

knqneal neal : Hate the promotion

zzzombie888 : Flintstones aired from 1960-66 So no not the 50's The first two seasons were co-sponsored by Winston cigarettes and the characters appeared in several black and white television commercials for Winston (dictated by the custom, at that time, that the star(s) of a TV series often "pitched" their sponsor's product in an "integrated commercial" at the end of the episode)

Dramatic Irony : Cigarette commercials were common in the 50's even in cartoons today you can't even put a cigarette in an adult tv show commercial.

dclayton777 : Lol! Dayum!

Epicness271 : ah the 50"s were everything was healthy because we didn't know other wise

cooliovasquez : hahahahha YEAH

死亡疤痕 : Back when America was still in it's prime and was sending people to the moon........ Ah, the good ol' days!

lightwolf865 : WHAT. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. There goes my fucking childhood.

Matthew Treadway : fucking wow, i'm trying to rap my head around how they even began to think putting the gaseous waste of something that was burning in your lungs would be healthy or even acceptable

MrMushroom123 : goodbye childhood... hello lung cancer.