AoE2 - Star Wars: Imperial March | With A Monk Choir

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Notice: Most of the monk sounds were changed to their perspective notes and may sound unnatural to the original sound.


Tymon Scott : I'll never join y-- *What is thy bidding, my master?*

Tomas ArVu : No units were converted during the recording of this.

Jay Blodget : I subbed after the first measure.

tunch90 : -I assure you, Mylord. My villagers are working as fast as they can. -Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them. -I tell you, this wonder will be operational as planned. -The Emperor does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation. -But he asks the impossible. I need more villagers. -Then perhaps you can tell him when he arrives. -The Emperor's coming here? -That is correct, Commander. And he is most displeased with your apparent lack of progress. -We shall double our villagers. -I hope so, Commander, for your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

M 98 : And so another dark lord was born. Lord Mememonk

Vancha March : How the Sith recruit their followers

Laurence : Love the creativity xD found the channel a few weeks ago!

Darshao : you have used the game for the right things

dmax : This entire channel is GENIUS.

Two Tailed Warrior : How Vader finally got Luke to join him.

Hugo G : The only time the monk sound is not traumatic

OOM- 32 : Rare footage of stormtrooper corps recruiters of the first galactic empire, 28BBY, colorised

TheGuardian : Nice work :) I hope this choir has a few more concerts in their future

Doot Doot : Mastapeece

Mr Necro : you're really talented bro

CrazyKosai : this is better than the guy making songs on the floppy drives, I'm impressed, also the map background is being more and more sinister with each take

Felipe Horacio Palacios Zúñiga : you are a genius (I'm not being sarcastic)

Julio Currumil : Sounds little creepy

Cryptosporidium 137 : Plays Galactic Battlegrounds...

Ivan Ivanchev : I remember subbing for this channel like a year or so ago and all I gotta say is this is why I did it. Every video is a masterpiece.

Mal kurz nachgefragt : I'm not sure, if I should be convinced of the choir itself or threatened by the added fear of getting choked if I'll fail, but for my own safety I clicked on Like! ;) Btw: Good Work!

Kaede Akamatsu : Darth Wololo is among us

StablizdBlodd : Added to the 140 video playlist "AoE remixes" 🙋👌👍

fl333r : Pinnacle of human civilization it's all downhill from here boys

KiljiArslan : I thought this had to do with Galactic Battlegrounds.

JadenBrazor : You have brought me to the dark side! =-O Great stuff! Your channel deserves more viewers!!💪 Just one thing: I think your videos are often a bit (too) long, I think 1 minute in this case would also be enough, adding maybe a long version for the hardcore fans 😎 just my opinion, keep up the good work! ;-)

Dovahkiin Septim : This is what internet was made for.

Clerkius : Excellent Choice!

Richard Cordero : I never new I needed this in my life before.

Петр Врангель : Это заслуживает миллиона лайков! Братан, ты гений!

Marc Dennis Esteban : What the hell are you... And why aren't you in charge of everything?

JeroMetal2000 : Luke... I'm your... (WOLOLO) Father, I'm your Luke (WOLOLO) I, Luke is your father (WOLOLOOOFGASG) *Death star just colapsed"

KomloUram : How medeival monk had fun, according to old codexes. Nice job!

Raf Orr : I wish I could like this video more than one time, you should have millions of subs, thank you !

The Hilltop Pillbox : Wow. I hope no one has researched "Heresy" before they watch this...

Jennifer LePage : You are officially the weirdest Age of Empires YouTube channel I've ever seen, and also one of the coolest.

Salih Aksu : Such a hard work needs to be praised. I wish you have millons subscribers

crqf2010ruler : Could you do other music? Hell March of Command and Conquer And Despacito Joking, only the latter

Horst Walter : Well, it's 3am and again I managed to get at this side of the internet. Gn8 everyone, I'm out.

Hamid Abrar Khan : Your channel is underrated, it should have more subscribers!

conkerlive101 : Galactic Batttlegrouds was better FIGHT ME

Brain Quake : Our Lord and savior at last Uploaded...Master

Tiger Lai : How did you do that? It’s amazing!

anonymous anonymous : Amusing, I enjoyed this, please continue. Somehow, I feel compelled to join the dark side after watching this video.

RX9 Wilms : Dude i Wish i can give more than a like and a comment because of this awesome ideas and quality. Please make more videos.

TanKKitteh : I am not really a fan of star wars, but this video deserves a like Maybe you can make one with the soviet anthem?

VoidplayLP : "im gonna go to bed earlöy tonight" 3AM:

Bradkinn : he did the whole thing! Much respect Bro!

Alan : Artful Wolololing