Butch Hartman Blocked My Video For Criticizing Him! (Pinned Comment)

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Noahh : I've now found out it was Frederator affiliated with Butch, so Butch did not do this. I'm keeping this up to show people why you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Please stop using this video to lie about Butch Hartman.

Kingrey Animations : I used to look up to him

Noahh : Edit: Recent emails are suggesting it was not Butch, rather his team. Will keep investigating..

ElectabuzzKing : Of course he blocked your video: according to his insane mind, he can do no wrong and he just used that short footage as a reason to block your video. Now it has come to light that he was conning people the whole time! Well Butch is not going to be able to block the storm that's coming for him for lying about his service.

legend 27 : Wow the butch Hartman that I knew is gone

Crystal McLean : Wow.... Butch is really something else😒😒😒

Mason RobertsTV : In the words of Patrick Star himself... I DEFY YOU HARTMAN!

Adam Haydel : If you stream about this sometime soon again, I WILL absolutely join you on this. What has been happening about Butch has been bugging the hell out of me. Heck I might even make a video about this.

Weenie : Butch Hartman really has become the Onision of the Animation community.

brierra greer : There's nothing wrong with criticizing...he really didn't have to do that

TotalDramaRicky : Wow... just wow...

Gacha Tails! : Bit- I mean... Butch! I meant Butch

Mr Root Beer Man : I totally lost respect of Butch Hartman... This is unbelievable! He was my childhood memory’s! But then he disrespects his fans then blocks your video! Wtf dude?! I thought he was so awesome and I wanted to be like him! I started drawing because of him! I can’t believe he would do this to his fan’s! This really makes me mad! Really Butch?! REALLY?!?!?! Cmon! Grow some balls! 😒🖕🏼

Sailor Moon Generation : His agent blocked it not Butch himself

Jared MG : I used to like him now I don’t because he seems like an ass

Artezeous : Butch Hartman is Derek Savage confirmed

The Legendary Omauri : Censorship at it's finest, and Butch Hartman at his lowest.

Justyn Morin : Want to share this video pieguyrulz?

Semi - Senioritis : Here before this gets taken down

Peggy Jeffcoat : Who is Butch Hartman? Never heard of him🙄

wishingt0befam0us : lol wow. You know in the beginning what few people say about Butch Hartman I will ignore it mainly because it sounded so far fletch. But I do agree with the criticism with the oaxis and the whole donations part. But lately it's like, Butch is proven himself from what the people is telling about him. It's like he is slowly exposing himself to me. If the oaxis turn out to be a fail, and the shows that is shown out there turn out to be not good, then I will start to unfollow him because this is ridiculous. Plus if he starts to expose himself even more, then that will be the tip of the ice burg for me. I'm glad that he left nickelodeon before this nonsense because gees.

Jason Pop : #TEAMNOAHH

Joshua Blackwell : Sorry this happened to you Noahh.

awesomo9 : Butch Hartman is a self-centered, over sensitive douche. That's the kind of guy who will never improve because he can't comprehend himself being wrong. That's also the kind of guy who will always look bad because he doesn't like to clear up or talk about controversy surrounding him.

Fruitninja888 : Butch heartman used people to fund himself what a con artist.

Commander cone : Back off my body Noahh Butch. That’s a fairly odd thing to do. Get it

Some Pie : I saw that it had 5 views before it got taken down

Vigor The Sloth : Derrick Savage 2.0

Tyler Houston : Congrats on almost 10k subs mate.

Ninjago Nite : Noahh bro have you checked out tdgw before the arrival yet dude.

Jason Pop : Kool

Ventura the Ace : Tara Strong would he ashamed

Ella Kelley : Omg really that is crazy

TotallyTyree : 👏🏾Yes👏🏾we👏🏾were👏🏾waiting👏🏾for👏🏾this👏🏾

dramanoah ! : Yea I saw it too!

JOSHUA ASANTE : butch you're a nice guy but you need to learn how to take critictism

Total Drama Undertale Unite : Not fair!

The cookie Of the woodys : Keep the great work Noah.

RedWolf316 : This is an all new low for Butch Hartman.

TBF NO END : Butch Hartman is absolutely horrible. 😤

ESPN brooks : Butch can't take criticism.

Luxer Husku : I use to look up on Butch a long time ago. Now, he's becoming more of a jerk and lives in his own little world where everything is ruled by him. Can't believe he's doing this to his fans. He is also taking down videis of him deleting is video in 24 hour on his Oasix or whatever his dumb Kisckstarter is called. This a low blow and making me dislike him even more. He reminds me of YandereDev, but Dev is much worse.

animelover424 pantera : Seems like he can't take criticism from his fans of people that try to help him.

Yuri Green : Yo you got 997 videos? There gonna be 1000th video special?

Cloneboy0329 : Looks like Butch Hartman is the new John K.

simpleplanfan011 : Butch has used clips from other people in his videos before... I think he should get demonetized as well. I used to look up to him so much! Shame on him.

MrSalyerman : Butch hartman changed in my eyes..... From a Great Guy who made some of my favorite cartoons Growing up (FOP before Sparky,Danny Phantom,and Tuff Puppy) to A Guilt-Tripping Jackass Who Can't take Criticisim.... I'm *GLAD* i Unsubscribed from his Channel.

Nycmaq 1234 : He shouldn’t be blocking videos because he can’t take criticism and is sensitive

beep beep dying : thats bullshit dude

Racer MK8 : Dude that sucks especially since u spent a lot of time making that video and u barely used footage that wasn’t even copyrighted and still get copyrighted