Why pop music sounds bad (to you)

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Adam Neely : Hey all! Sideways made a video about Coco that explored similar points, you should check it out! https://youtu.be/v7foqVQNPcQ I realize this looks like I copied his video, and I can assure you I did not intentionally, nor did I get my inspiration for the subject from it. I just finished reading This Is Your Brain on Music, and has wanted to explore the idea of taste and age for a while, specifically how it related to popular reactions to jazz and rock at the time. Similar people working on a similar subject working from similar sources will reach similar conclusions and tell similar stories. I realize how hypocritical this makes me look, after I whined about Vox doing a similar thing with my video on the US national anthem. I’ve since taken that video down. Lesson learned, and I sincerely apologize to Vox, as well as Sideways. Sideways’ treatment of the subject is in some ways more in depth than mine, and so my take sounds a bit like a cheap facsimile. Anyway, check out his video.

S.I.C.K Art : In 20 years from now people will say "I remember the good old LIL PUMP days and mumble rap, Music in 2038 suck"

Malay Agarwal : So this guy thinks that songs about hoes and money will become songs which will be, virtually, ranked the same as The Beatles or Queen in the future? Oh, sure.

Dr Shaym : Isn't it true that modern music is becoming increasingly formulaic due to corporate interests?

TheMawsJawz TM : To be fair, pop is still, objectively speaking, garbage.

Gabriella Grace : Imagine Despacito being a classic song 30 years from now

Tomek Dymek : Now I'm 21. When I was 12-14 I was listening to 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg etc. When I was about 17-19 I was listening to Queen. When 20 I went to Led Zeppelin and now one month 21 I'm into early Rock & Roll/ Blues, Chuck Berry, Little Richard etc. Don't worry. Nothing is fixed :D Though I seem to be going backwards 😅

Olivia : I hope mumble rap is forgotten

Dave Rucci : All music has sucked to someone at some point. Making some sense?

James Rocco : In all fairness, this really only applies to people that don't really know anything about music.

Douglas O'Hearn : The problem with music today is a reflection of the generation creating it. It doesn't stand for anything, nor does it give a shit about anything. It's soulless and misanthropic. There is no rebellion against anything, no passion.

Ian Prado : I'm so sorry you were 13 when nu metal was popular

J Morris the Review Guy : Metalcore/Deathcore/Death Metal/Doom Metal brothers and sisters unite! Where y'all at?!

Andrew Olsen : For all of you guys strongly opposed to the idea that "mumble rap" or whatever you consider "bad modern music" will be held to higher degree in the future, this guy makes a great comparison using Nu Metal. Some nu metal is more respected now (Linkin park, System of a Down), but it is still a critically panned genre to this day (especially limp bizkit). The people who still like that stuff are like this guy who admit its shitty, but damnit its fun (to him). I think for sure a genre like trap rap/mumble rap that is the current mainstream zeitgeist for music, this will be exactly the case. Too many people (young and old) currently shit on it for it to be held to a higher artistic degree, but if teens bump it now they will probably bump it in their 50s like "Yea, this is shit... But this is my shit!" Disco is kinda in that vain too, despite people still nostalgically enjoying it is a still critically panned genre for being a pop alternative to better music at that time. Just my personal feelings/predictions tho.

Alexander Anglias : But I hate the music I listened to as a teenager. Like the music that I absolutely love I started to listen to when I was 18.

Emilia Ballester : completely unrelated but you look like Anwar Hadid

BaggiBoi : r/Im14AndThisIsDeep

Rizki Pratomo : 5:20 Crawling on The Other Side

Guthrie Cireil Camacho : I’m 15, listening to queen

Josh Harmer : I think a lot of people confuse modern music with pop music. Yes 90% of modern music is pop and rap, but don’t forget you still have mainstream alternative bands like twenty one pilots for example, that creatively blend electro, rock, hip-hop, reggae, and pop to create some really cool stuff that’s interesting to listen to. A lot of people also freak out about bands using electronic instruments and assume all electronic music is trash, but there are ways that electronic music can be utilized that can appeal well to rock fans. Listen to “Ode to Sleep” by TØP for example. That being said, if anyone here puts off all 60s or 70s music as trash, think again. Look into The Beatles for starters, a band which, for me, was really easy to become a fan of. Basically what I’m saying is, there’s a lot of good music out there, both modern and old.

Timotius Marbun : See, the beauty of music is one's garbage is another's treasure. Hating a certain someone music taste is equal to hating what they hold dear in life. That's why i couldn't fathom people who can straightly say "This music sucks" when their acquaintances show it to them.

NARKISDUDE : Umm yeah, today's pop music is still shit, not just the low energy, single layer sound and lame vocals, but also the lyrics. i'm generalizing here btw.

Hasan Ansari : i was 14 in 2015 and i still hate pop music ........... rock n roll till i die

Remote control : im 14 and i hate pop. btw you can go back to like the year 646 when people first started using instruments rather than only using their voice and people felt the same way about how music is dying, because the idea was that instruments were too easy and ur voice was the only way u made true music. and beethoven was made fun of when he started. so it goes farther back than just the 60's

alphakid9000 : "MUSIC ALL SOUNDS THE SAME NOW!! Its all just super simple, derivative garbage where everyone sings about the same shit. Take me back to the 50s; when every pop song was 2 minutes, had the same chord progression/rhythms and everyone sang about the same shit"

Timotius Marbun : And i suddenly remember *Coco* That grandma scene

Learn Jazz Standards : Linkin Park= Secret happy place for Millenial jazz musicians #thatsme

Soundtrack Cat : This video makes no sense. You just can’t equate Ariana Grande with Bob Dylan. The guy won a fricking nobel.

Carl Johnson : Music is art, others see art differently. Therefore people have different tastes. I like a ton of different music, most recently pop (I always thought it was shit) but it’s not bad after all.

Yourlegaladdiction : But pop music of all eras was trash. Besides from indie pop which is still good. I think it's mainly because it lacks authenticity, pop is mainly made to sell and the more we grow up, the more we tend to lean towards REAL stuff, real lyrics with good music that took time to make, we appreciate the effort and having more experience, we seek music that we can relate to. My personal taste in music evolved drastically so idk about the fact that we still listen to the stuff we used to towards 14.

Tsukuyomi Phase : Imagine your name is Kant but you live in Australia

Yen the smiling dinosaur : 60 years later, gucci gang will bring back many old people’s memories lmao

DINGDONGDANIEL3 : I think a genuine point about today is that the themes regarding music today are much more hedonistic and detached from human qualities than before. Sure rock n roll has always been about sex, but not in an emotionally detached way for the most part. Nowadays weak-ass soulless trap is making kids relate to narcissistic unhealthy ideas in a way that is kinda sad imo

Djordje Miljkovic : American pop is bad *Laughs in all Balkan languages*

Robert Oakes : You got some bass skills!

mangaka08 : Actually, they kind of had a point about the Beatles; the Beatles are highly overrated, in my opinion. Good pop music exists, but you have to look really, really deep for it. Japanese City Pop, for instance, is a good place to start.

slimkt : I remember watching a doc about how the elderly with Alzheimers were effected by music and found it incredibly fascinating. Now, all I can think of is all the millennials in an old folks' home, listening to Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.

Unknown Anon : I'm 4 days old and I hate pop and rap music. I only listen to the Beatles 24/7

Nick Mellick : You had some shitty taste in music when you were 14.

Matheus Orth : In my opinion the problem of music (not just modern) is the lack of memorable riffs, something that the 70's was awesome at...

Akshat Sahay : This happened with me and well... Minecraft music. The soundtrack for me and a lot of people who played it when they were 12 - 14 has this sort of mix of what Adam describes in this video and an emotional connection to the game as a whole. Check out any stream of the Minecraft soundtrack and you'll be surprised at the sheer amount of nostalgic comments on the video.

Geometry Nacho : Does that means that Despacito will be a cult song in 40 years?

krissymf Sym : I can understand why Emanual Cunt says that about feeling alive and stuff, but what I think really is that pop music is getting more annoying with all the cute boy singing stuff and really cringe girly voices and stuff. Woman like beyonce were ones I heard growing up but these days they sound less powerful to me and lamer in general like they are trying to sound too cute.

handicapitation : I can see how this is true for most people, but not me. When I was 14 I was listening to Korn and Limp Bizkit. I've always grown with music and I don't really ever listen to anything that I was listening to 5 years ago, let alone 20.

Michael Engelmann : I mean, have you heard of these mumble rappers songs😂 they’re plain AWFUL

BigFry9591 : Just because we like it, it doesn't mean that it's "good". Music can be going down hill, we just refuse to accept it. So, you could be magnificently wrong. I understand that music taste is subjective, but there are trends and data that can be observed, quantified, and compared. Music today is so much more different than it was, say, 100 years ago. Music only gets more repetitious and more easily produced. Making these sort of "assembly lines" using today's technology. Combine that with the fact that music "artists" don't even make their own music anymore, and many "artists" hardly use their own talent (if they had any in the first place). Instead, they use tech to solve their problems. There IS less humanity in music today.

András Fogarasi : *60 years in the future* "Damn these kids with their vile music, why don't they listen to the good songs like some retro anime openings?"

lol : 3:54 , quite literally my chemical romance

Imalexhearmebleh : Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics of nu metal? It's pretty deep sometimes and not just teen angst. And what's wrong with angst. Sometimes it justified

r0b690 : I hope mumble rap doesnt become something good, that shit is just trash. But I think now the old nu-metal and hip-hop I used to listen to, some of it was not that good but most of it actually still sounds good to me. Probably shit to most other people. Music is crazy in this way that its very different for everyone. I cant stand listening to older 70s 80s music, but still, I dont argue that it is not good music.