Why pop music sounds bad (to you)

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Adam Neely : Hey all! Sideways made a video about Coco that explored similar points, you should check it out! https://youtu.be/v7foqVQNPcQ I realize this looks like I copied his video, and I can assure you I did not intentionally, nor did I get my inspiration for the subject from it. I just finished reading This Is Your Brain on Music, and has wanted to explore the idea of taste and age for a while, specifically how it related to popular reactions to jazz and rock at the time. Similar people working on a similar subject working from similar sources will reach similar conclusions and tell similar stories. I realize how hypocritical this makes me look, after I whined about Vox doing a similar thing with my video on the US national anthem. I’ve since taken that video down. Lesson learned, and I sincerely apologize to Vox, as well as Sideways. Sideways’ treatment of the subject is in some ways more in depth than mine, and so my take sounds a bit like a cheap facsimile. Anyway, check out his video.

Dr Shaym : Isn't it true that modern music is becoming increasingly formulaic due to corporate interests?

Celestial Dragon : 80 year old millenial with Alzheimer's listens to lil pump again: 👀👀

NerdWith BlueGlasses : People in 2104: Ugh, this music is terrible. Remember Gucci Gang? Masterpiece. edit: oof thanks for the likes

Novaseer : 13 year old me enjoyed: classical/orchestral music 14 year old me enjoyed: classical/orchestral music <--- when my music tastes supposedly locked 15 year old me enjoyed: classical/orchestral music 16 year old me enjoys: thrash metal. Wait, what?

What's Kraken? : okay but 6ix9ine is still bad

Tomek Dymek : Now I'm 21. When I was 12-14 I was listening to 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg etc. When I was about 17-19 I was listening to Queen. When 20 I went to Led Zeppelin and now one month 21 I'm into early Rock & Roll/ Blues, Chuck Berry, Little Richard etc. Don't worry. Nothing is fixed :D Though I seem to be going backwards 😅

Athena O : Everyone saying they listen to classical.. but they dont listen to TRUE classical.. See, I'm not like other girls, I listen to cavemen banging rocks. True, classical music.

Jennifer the rock : True, i was born in 1546 and have never loved anything more than classical music

Notinserviceij : 2008, Age 11, I listened to Queen 2012, 15, I listened to Queen 2016, 19, I listened to Queen 2018, 21, I listened to Queen and now at the ripe old age of 22 I still listen to Queen Simples, eek.

Rom : It's funny watching all the fourteen year olds trying to prove how mature and cool they are by listening to older bands. Listen, yall got nothing to prove. One day, you'll discover new music for yourself instead of being influenced by everyone around you. And those artists you find will be more special to you than Beatles ever could be. It's an amazing journey and I can't wait for you all to have it.

BaggiBoi : r/Im14AndThisIsDeep

FAT JAXSON : I mean... System of A Down is objectively amazing

bryan ramirez : I hate when people try to intellectualize music, art is inherently subjective, if you like it then you like it.

Look, I'm just not all that fond of Jews. : Pop today is garbage. The Beatles is, too. I only listen to lolicore, vaporwave, and black metal: real music.

Romax 24245 : I'm not even 14 yet and pop music already sounds bad.

Ian Prado : I'm so sorry you were 13 when nu metal was popular

Ashrune : My music journey: 1. Minecraft parodies (kill me) while I was in primary school) 2. Dubstep during early highschool 3. Rap late highschool 4. Hardcore rock late highschool 5. Now I just listen to what I think sounds good. It doesn't matter what other people think of your music taste... as long it has some meaning to you.

Stew-A-Rew : Me as an 80 yo singing to xxxtectonic

Hunter O' Tails : R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Huixtocihuatl : Not entirely true, I feel like when you go past age 14 you get more mature and turn your music tastes towards the best musival history has to offer. I never liked classical music that much at 12 but at 17 I became a total fan of this genre.

NARKISDUDE : Umm yeah, today's pop music is still shit, not just the low energy, single layer sound and lame vocals, but also the lyrics. i'm generalizing here btw.

Algarith : Interesting video! Unfortunately I don't think the statistics tell the whole story, as the main problem with pop music today is that most of it follows the same formula, and these days popstar's appearances and personal branding are more important to their success than the music itself. Neither of these things hold true nearly as much for rock and metal music which is why they're generally more respected genres by critics IMO. When people say music as an art is dying I generally role my eyes too but they're sort of right in the sense that most mainsteam pop has degraded in musical creativity. If anyone disagrees I'm happy to discuss ✌️

yerawizard harry : Arctic Monkeys

Josiecheese : When I was 14 I mostly listened to twenty one pilots. I kind of hate most of their music now, but I can’t help appreciate the nostalgia of simpler times. These days I pretty much only listen to Queen, but also other classic rock and glam rock artists. I think I’m going to be loving Queen for a long time and I can’t imagine a band ever becoming more influential on my life (though I haven’t delved very deep into Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd so it’s possible). Still, I’ll never forget the lyrics to the shitty emo rap that I know realize likely had a negative impact on the way I think about my mental health.

oh yeah yeah : I'm 14 and I strongly miss the times when the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga were all that played on the radio...

Learn Jazz Standards : Linkin Park= Secret happy place for Millenial jazz musicians #thatsme

jim Morrison : There is alot you missed in the argument as to why pop music sucks now. For one there have been many studies showing in recent years that music is becoming more repetitive and less diverse. Fewer and fewer artist are getting played and fewer and fewer artist are writing the songs. companies now because of the financial strain brought on by the internet invest alot of money into a smaller select few artist they consider safe bets and some of that money is used to make sure they get played over and over again to drill catchy repetitive songs into your head. That's the major problem that pop today has. It lacks diversity like never before because the industry just can't afford to take risk anymore . This is far different than the past criticisms towards jazz and the Beatles. The industry has changed music for the worse. The teenager of today dosent have the many options to be exposed to. I don't have a problem with people liking today's music the problem is they almost never hear anything that strays from the formula. The vast majority of popular songs use the same chords and lot of the songs are written by the same people. It's not just about old people not liking new music Not to mention the problem with the human element being sucked out of music with everything being fixed perfectly with pro tools and autotune. Just ask rick beato about it. Music today is in a very sad state of affairs. You'll have a hard time convincingly me other wise.

Dyslexic Batnam : lol last year I was 14 and that's when I really started getting into the Beatles

Nobody Cares : Mumble rap still sucks tho

bluferday ros : Yes, old is better, because most of the modern music is just about love suffering and depression for teenage girls that sit and cry in there rooms, groups such as one direction, chainsmokers etc... Are shit made for teenages.

Diabolic Disintegrator_666 : Where all my headbangin, corpse grindin, windmillin metalheads at?

Me and my BobbyGee : Old people in 2069 listening to Anaconda: good shit

Alexander Lawrence : Well put. As much as I don't like a lot of newer music... I always keep in mind that it's subjective. To go around complaining about others tastes in music, has to be one of the dumbest things to do. No matter how horrible I think it is. (for example, .Juggalo type music or Black Veil Brides) To each their own.

Bringing_It_@ll_Back_Gnome : I don't think so. I think that mainstream music has always been formulaic to a degree however there have been moments in history such as the late 1960s where a remarkable amount of the music that made up the mainstream was not formulaic at all, Think Hendrix, and Beatles, and Dylan, and this was because there was a demand for unique music because of a variety of reasons including the counter culture, and drug culture, and outside of the box thinking actually becoming mainstream... Think of the 70s.. a lot of mainstream formulaic crap that no one remembers but at the same time a lot of stuff like David Bowie cracked through the mainstream and there seemed to be an equal amount of generic and formulaic music and genuine expressions of a free mind and a free soul.. maybe 50/50 sometimes even swinging in the ladders direction... But the point is that really since the late 1960s the KIND OF MUSIC that people want is usually more formulaic and generic if you were to make a graph there'd be spikes going up and down in certain years and decades.. and all this is just a representation of people's minds and what they want, it's a market evaluation, really. Now you may be thinking how can we determine what is more generic and formulaic and real expressions of a free mind and free soul, well I'd submit that if your mind or heart is free you can tell the difference and there are probably more scientific ways to determine how certain songs follow formulas musically and the range of possible depth with a set of lyrics... Now, I don't think it's a stretch AT ALL to say that the decade of the 2000s into the 2010s was the time when the majority of mainstream music was generic and formulaic, You'd be surprised looking back at some of your favorite music from this era and when researching finding out it wasn't really mainstream.. and the same can be said for now I just don't think it's as prevelant as it was. I don't think this means people are stupid or dumb or anything like that it's just what they want. The majority of people who consume music are casual listeners more so than ever these people aren't seeking out a range of musical styles and interesting lyrical themes.. they might just want something to sing along too and there's nothing wrong about that. This essay to me is an example of how modern intellectualism works for nice guys typically on the left who don't want to offend anyone, there's no real critical thinking going on and all of this is just to suit a mind frame more than it is to suit the truth. that's my two cents on this

DETRICORE : I don't have a problem with modern music, there are some great and very talented artists out there, my only gripe is that that all sound very similar, many people will point to the 80's as "the best era for music" when in actuality the charts were dominated by carbon-copy glam metal bands who all sounded and looked the same, I believe the 2010's are like the 80's, the early 2000's were the 70's and 2020's will be like the 90's and usher in a wave of grunge and metal, but only time will tell.

slimkt : I remember watching a doc about how the elderly with Alzheimers were effected by music and found it incredibly fascinating. Now, all I can think of is all the millennials in an old folks' home, listening to Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.

Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano : Hey, could you make your Linkin Park cover available to us? I really liked it.

Abhilash `Nox` Baruah : At 13 - 14: I grew up on a range of music from Pink Floyd, Metallica, Tool, Pantera, G'N'R, Explosions In the Sky, Motorhead, Linkin Park, Audioslave, Alter Bridge, Kenny Dorham, Beethoven, old Hindi songs by Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeskar, Jagjit Singh to Avril Lavigne to MLTR ( Michael Learns to Rock) And That is just the tip of the iceberg. Pop music was not something I disliked. I just never found any time for it or maybe, subconsciously, I never got any revelatory experience from it.

neel mehta : I mean music now is trash, the 03-10s were glorious. Not as much as say the era of queen and Beatles but come on kids nowadays listen to crap like Gucci gang

K N A C K : Ehh I heard Radiohead's Creep as a kid, eventually listened to Kid A now I can't stop

timmy holiday : although i have enjoyed all the brilliant, insightful, and well researched content you have created and shared with us over the years adam, i feel like 3:24 is the finest moment in the history of this channel thus far

Cee Aaa : the beatles WERE bad though

Pellow Melkboi : It’s not that our tastes locked at a younger age. It’s that music from the past was legitimately, objectively better.

Bobbycat GT : I like to hear classical song more

snickelman : The criticism of The Beatles and the like was mainly moral in nature. Criticism of modern day pop music (repetitive, excessively loud, etc.) is based on actual data and science.

pobopower : gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang yeah you're right. Taste got stuck at 14. Modern music is flawless

Teal Squad Official : I listen to 3 Days Grace Amy Lee and/ Evanesence Linkin Park 3 Days Grace Five Finger Death Punch Lois Atmstrong Tupac Doobie Eminem Shinedown Creed 3 Doors Down Pearl Jam Metalica Guns n Roses Shinead O Conor Prince Lynerd Skynerd Led Zeplin Cigerattes After Sex Joyner Lucas and a whole whole whole lot more

Luci Lulu : Why does everyone here listen to metal

GeneralFatman27 : When I was 14, all I listened to was Weird Al and video game music. I didn't get into pop music until my early 20s, and back then it was still pretty good. I experienced the general decline of pop music over the last ten or so years entirely as an adult. I stand by the fact that Post Malone, Lil Uzi/Pump/Whatever, and everyone trying to emulate them are making garbage music for garbage tastes. And the Beatles are overrated as hell.