The Rarest Computer in my Collection

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Anesu C : Ok this is actually pretty cool! And I have the same problem with commenting my code as well! I have been trying to get out of that habit but like a few hours later I end up not bothering and telling myself "I will comment it later" and never do haha

InsaneFire10YT : my rarest computer is my virtual box

Lord Cekrom : I like the little treasures of the past! Thanks! =D

RadioactiveMoth : Oh cool, I have one of those. It's a fun computer.

Daniel Yahalom : Smart enough to build a custom computer when they're 15..... Not smart enough to give variables normal names. *you were so close to greatness*

VERY Excited Doggo : You made that when you were 15? Holy shit

Artery_Wolf_0505 w : Clever clever title... ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Still cool tho so i'm not mad

andrew kohn : When I was a freshman in high school the most I accomplished was eating the cheese someone held out a car window.

Wooksley : 0:21 portal fan confirmed

avfusion : I remember doing something almost exactly like this. At the time, DRAM was dropping in price in the sub MB varieties, so I ended up buying some 3.3v memory, dedicating one of the cogs to being the memory arbiter and then with a combination of dropping down to PropASM and learning how to use 74x logic to keep the memory refreshed while the cogs were rotating, I learned SO MUCH about how computers dealt with memory and how it was mapped. However, I am super jealous of your 15 year old harware skills. I didn't really get started until I was 25, but seeing what you did with that is mega impressive :D

TheToaMaster : Ladies and gentlemen, the New Steve Jobs

Grilled Cheese Sandwich : _Freshman year of high school?!_ Man, you must have learned early, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm good at and I'm in college.

Lefteris Stylianou : But can it create a GUI interface in visual basic to track an IP address?

raydoesnilusin : How did you capture the screen? It looks awesome!

I Cant Think Of A Name : happy green drink day

64 bit : Propintosh 2 release date ???

Ábel Lowescher : Can you do a tutorial to show how did you made it?

Lawrence Lentini : I would love to see a video on how to make something like this. It's admittedly not very useful as a computer, but it's an amazing learning tool.

The Ultimate Kerbonaut : First!

wikipedia 2 : can it play csgo

MarkusTegelane : Moral of the story: Comment your freaking code

MyMomDosen'tWantMeToUseMyRealNameOnTheInternet : 159th!

QVear : How about using several propellers (think multi-core/multiprocessor architecture) in the Propintosh 2 (if you decide to make one)?

Lucas Jeremiah : Have you heard of TempleOS? You should do a video on it... And find out if it's usable lol it has an interesting back story too

Dubb : "Another fine addition to my collection!" -General Grievous

Jajan313 : Propintosh !

Sean Walla Walla : Do you ever plan on selling these? It could be a cool retro item but not the best computer :/

Syphist Prime : Honestly, I think it's really cool you turned a limited microcontroller into a computer. I always love seeing tech stretched to its limits and taken outside the bounds of its intended purpose.

Shrugz TM : I don't care how long your videos take to come out. The wait is always worth it. Good job 😁

wowwowweebs : GLaDOS Hired you?

Kevin Vandermer : /* Impressive...most impressive */

The Gag Show : he has an aperture science mousepad. Subscribed

Andrive : but why didn't you add a speaker? or a color display? _just asking_

Vikrinox : The Wait was worth it. Edit: Wait this is the same machine the message video used.......

betarage : Cool but does it run.... Donkey kong

ToasterOven : Fuck hdmi am i right lol

cyberpunk64bit : int i=0; while(true) { /* i should comment on more code. but im lazy, and .. something, whatever... */ i++; } also, This is quite interesting!

TopHat Sam : Oh Dang it I fell for clickbait but tell me, will you make a more "updated" version in the future?

Timmy Joe PC Tech : god damn you certainty know your stuff good video!

SeireiART : *"Always, Always, Always Comment your code"* I learned that lesson too, the hard way :pp

jan harald : I'd have used one propeller for display and stuff, and another to compute stuff I'd guess the graphics one could _probably_ also handle the I/O, meaning you'd have the "whole 32kb" of ram purely for programs...

Javier Hernandez : You're very crafty and intelligent.

devjock : External SRAM chips on an I2C bus, with a dedicated core to handle memory management would sort out your space issues quite effectively. Possibly add a bit of "slow memory" on top of that in the form of an old MMC card (easy to handle in terms of I/O, as well as nice small code size for access and read/write ops). Other than that, great little puter dude, well done! You nailed the aesthetic! Subbed!

TechnoMemeYT : See i will most likely never be able to do this

Schner1 : Cool! My Grandpa did this sort of thing when he was in High School. Kinda feel like I missed the boat on this stuff :(

Aleli54 : This is a neat project. Great job!

Sithhy : Wow... That thing is actually pretty cool *:D*

MUMS-Universe : Ok, this is awsome!!!

Dominik Schütz : Github?

Creeperguy555 : add this,so its waaaay cooler