The Rarest Computer in my Collection

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Anesu C : Ok this is actually pretty cool! And I have the same problem with commenting my code as well! I have been trying to get out of that habit but like a few hours later I end up not bothering and telling myself "I will comment it later" and never do haha

Daniel Yahalom : Smart enough to build a custom computer when they're 15..... Not smart enough to give variables normal names. *you were so close to greatness*

RadioactiveMoth : Oh cool, I have one of those. It's a fun computer.

InsaneFire10YT : my rarest computer is my virtual box

andrew kohn : When I was a freshman in high school the most I accomplished was eating the cheese someone held out a car window.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich : _Freshman year of high school?!_ Man, you must have learned early, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm good at and I'm in college.

Artery_Wolf_0505 w : Clever clever title... ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Still cool tho so i'm not mad

CEKROM : I like the little treasures of the past! Thanks! =D

64 bit : Propintosh 2 release date ???

Syphist Prime : Honestly, I think it's really cool you turned a limited microcontroller into a computer. I always love seeing tech stretched to its limits and taken outside the bounds of its intended purpose.

Wooksley : 0:21 portal fan confirmed

Andrive : but why didn't you add a speaker? or a color display? _just asking_

TheToaMaster : Ladies and gentlemen, the New Steve Jobs

betarage : Cool but does it run.... Donkey kong

avfusion : I remember doing something almost exactly like this. At the time, DRAM was dropping in price in the sub MB varieties, so I ended up buying some 3.3v memory, dedicating one of the cogs to being the memory arbiter and then with a combination of dropping down to PropASM and learning how to use 74x logic to keep the memory refreshed while the cogs were rotating, I learned SO MUCH about how computers dealt with memory and how it was mapped. However, I am super jealous of your 15 year old harware skills. I didn't really get started until I was 25, but seeing what you did with that is mega impressive :D

Togs : But can it create a GUI interface in visual basic to track an IP address?

Vikrinox : The Wait was worth it. Edit: Wait this is the same machine the message video used.......

clark goober grand wizard of peace and love : can it play csgo

Lucas Jeremiah : Have you heard of TempleOS? You should do a video on it... And find out if it's usable lol it has an interesting back story too

QVear : How about using several propellers (think multi-core/multiprocessor architecture) in the Propintosh 2 (if you decide to make one)?

I Cant Think Of A Name : happy green drink day

Ábel Lowescher : Can you do a tutorial to show how did you made it?

Dubb : "Another fine addition to my collection!" -General Grievous

Lawrence Lentini : I would love to see a video on how to make something like this. It's admittedly not very useful as a computer, but it's an amazing learning tool.

The Weird and the Wonderful : Wouldn't it be hilarious if Clint from LGR still _somehow_ covered this before you ? XD

raydoesnilusin : How did you capture the screen? It looks awesome!

Filip's World : Do you make firmware or os for with macnihe?

MarkusTegelane : Moral of the story: Comment your freaking code

Shrugz 9 : I don't care how long your videos take to come out. The wait is always worth it. Good job 😁

Diggnuts : I'd say that sane variable and function names are far more important than comments. Comments can clutter the code if used to much. If the code isn't obvious, which it should be, a comment might be useful, but otherwise a short introduction at the beginning of a file or function is plenty.

RET80 : I absolurely love this. In high school I did similar with a 6502. Today I am embedded at software engineer. Projects like what you have created absolutely fascinate me. You took something with limited capability and through creative thinking, you made something amazing as well as useful with that basic interpreter! Prop(ellor) to you man! Totally gonna follow you channel. I like to do/make the same for fun, challenges and for the "hell why not" factor ;)

devjock : External SRAM chips on an I2C bus, with a dedicated core to handle memory management would sort out your space issues quite effectively. Possibly add a bit of "slow memory" on top of that in the form of an old MMC card (easy to handle in terms of I/O, as well as nice small code size for access and read/write ops). Other than that, great little puter dude, well done! You nailed the aesthetic! Subbed!

A'Nominal Will : This reminds me of coding in TI-Basic on my TI-83+ in high school. I loved making text based RPGs, and at the time, I learned the coding language pretty thoroughly.

TopHat Sam : Oh Dang it I fell for clickbait but tell me, will you make a more "updated" version in the future?

TheOmega : Yet noone noticed the GUI Interface. (Graphical User Interface Interface)

Elijah Esch : What LCD screen did you use?

Federico Velutini : THis is cool, but it's fat clickbait so I had to dislike.

AlienShirtz : man i remember seeing one of those at a yard sale.....dang.

Ryan McGuire : honestly really impressive. reminds me of how in freshman year of high school I made a computer in minecraft.

Ben-kitty Jones: : This is kinda cool. I would like to go and then build my own computer. I like your channel, too! See you!

Pug0nick Tec and More : You Should add on to it

BootlegScarce :0 : my rarest computer is my gaming pc because i built it

TEDX700 : the real question is can it play minecraft

superstar64 : My rarest computer is now the Macintosh Centris 660av (I’m not kidding, I actually own one.)

OltScript313 : Propintosh !

Max TheWinCat : No need to ruin your channel with clickbaiting

Handsome_ Squidward12 : My rarest computer is my apple one computer

Sean Walla Walla : Do you ever plan on selling these? It could be a cool retro item but not the best computer :/

Matthew Cabor : That is awesome! I subscribed.

Kevin Vandermer : /* Impressive...most impressive */