Let's talk about Kavanaugh, bar fights, and "what if it was your sister?"....

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jmms429 : Hi Beau, I'm a woman, I feel I have to say that because I'm often mistaken for some guy jim on YT, probably because of my user name. I even changed my avatar to be a little more feminine, so now I'm a gay guy named jim, lol. Most of the time its not important, but sometimes it is. You're right, 1 in 5 women are assaulted, but I have no doubt every woman has been in some kind of situation(s) and escaped through some kind of divine intervention, some because a person like you was there. You're also correct when you say not enough people ask "what if", but then again a lot of people are "that guy". I'm pretty sure Kavanaughs accusers got upset when they saw him on tv acting like Mr. Wonderful.

Steve Vassallo : Who TF is this guy and why TF isn’t he running for office? Intelligent, informed and radically reasonable.

Geof Thompson : Well sir, i got to say I'm impressed. This is probably the most insightful intelligent articulate video I've seen an American do on this issue. Not screaming and outrage. Just wisdom softly spoken. I'd begun to lose hope that America could be saved, but if you exist there must surely be more decent people like you. This was a really concise and well reasoned piece. I'm definitely subscribing. Look forward to seeing you speak your opinions on other things.

Helen Holden : The part that blows me away is just how few people even understood what it was they were watching. He wasn't on trial for his life or freedom. It was a freeking 'job interview'. And one I presume, that he volunteered to take, as I saw no one holding him at gun point. At any time he could have stood up, said, "This is too much trouble. I'm out.", and walked back to his life. The greater question for me is, after such a poor showing, just how did he still get the job? Have any of you ever gone for a interview, behaved even close to that badly, and still got the job???

Nefarias Bredd : The example of men abused by Catholic priests is what I use whenever I hear someone say: "why did they take so long to speak up?" A question I only hear when it concerns a woman alleging abuse.

Brownsugar M : I love rednecks without the racism.

PhoebeFay RuthLouise : Wow! I’m so impressed with you and so grateful that you exist! That was a wonderful educational video! You are the antidote to the comment section on every Kavanaugh video!

Stonemansteve II : Even the oldest Supreme Court justice, 98-years-old, who has praised Kavanaugh before, said after his "show" that he's not fit to be on the SCOTUS!!! And nobody gave a damn what he said!!

Charlie Cross : Women often don't tell anyone about their sexual assaults they feel shame fear and they think nobody will believe them

Carol Thomas : U r a real nice guy. I was 19 when someone I was on a date with tried to rape me. We were on our way to a movie when he took a road I had never been on before. Right away I knew I was in trouble. W/o going into a lot of detail, I never told anyone until my daughter's got old enough to date. I was so scared for them. A flashback of that night came rushing back. Why do men act so stupid when they here a woman was vallated. It happens all the time to men and women. U need to teach your children to choose their friends wisely.

One Pretty Cookie : Can I share something with you guys that only maybe 2 peoole besides me and the guy that violated me know. When I was 9 years old my brothers friend who was a senior in high school climbed through my brothers window and raped me. Yesterday opened up all those emotions for me again and I am 44 now. Ive never even told my parents because I was so scared and I thought I did something wrong. I bleed really badly and being a child instead of flushing the paper I put it in trash, I didn't know what to do. I was in such pain I didn't go to school. I will never forget this guy. I will never forget how he smelt! I will never forget! So to all these people thinking she is lying! You never fucking forget! To this day I can smell him! But all these years I still haven't told my family. This is how I know she is telling the truth because you are the one that feels humiliated, ashamed, disgusting, belittled, and degraded. I havn't been a child since I was 9 years old! I wonder why I would fill so empty and yesterday reminds me why. No way in hell whether he did it 30 years ago or yesterday should he ever be on the Supreme Court!

Peanut Rambles : Wow. That's a great perspective. He saw her as your property basically but didnt respect her space without a man's presence. Think we just went back to 1920. Its crazy how old paradigms move through to even today. I've never been a feminist. I just believe women should respect men and men should respect women. I dont follow political news like this kavanaugh guy. But you really said a mouth full here. Not just that but allowing our real life relationships with people we know change over political views. Awesome point of view. 👍

Meggish62 : Two days ago a relative shared with me that she was raped by a neighbor when she was 11-years-old. He was between 18 & 20. I’m the only person she has told. Ever. She buried this memory because it was just too painful & horrifying to think about. Kavanaugh’s & Dr. Ford’s testimonies brought it all back & she seems, to me, to be near a complete emotional breakdown from having to remember what happened. Most women don’t talk about it because many of us know women who have told their stories and have been dismissed or completely discredited, whether by another person in a conversation or by the media. One in five is the estimate based on who has come forward. Based on stories other women have shared with me, MOST have been sexually assaulted & about half have been raped. The first few times someone grabbed or touched me inappropriately in public, I told male friends. The responses were so uncaring or dismissive that I never told men again. I also chose to end those friendships. That is why women often don’t talk. The majority of our society has set the precedent that a woman being physically violated is not that big of a deal. Why is it SO surprising to too many people that, if those of us assaulted are treated with such lack of concern, how does one think a person who was raped is treated? If a person can’t feel empathy or concern for another human, then they need to really assess themselves, their belief systems, their heart, & their motives.

Erndea : This is my first visit to your channel, and I just wanted to say thank you, Beau. I'm a survivor of rape and this whole shit storm has left me feeling pretty angry and scared about the state of our country. Thank you for showing me there are kind and empathetic people that do understand how a victim's mind works!

A M : Wow, what a powerful and refreshing message to hear from a man. I love that you’re addressing men in this video to try to get this important message through to them. The only thing I would add is that I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been sexually assaulted/harassed. So no matter what number you’ve heard, it’s much higher as those are only the incidents that have been reported and most of us have and probably will never come forward so thank you for helping to educate men on this issue. 🕊

Lil Riggs : My new favorite channel! "He respected my property rights over her more than he respected her as a person." WOW! Just wow! Thank you!

DrBraxy Gilkey : God bless you for this video!!! Made me cry tears of joy to see someone gets it. As a rape survivor I thank you so much!

RobbyOnTheWay : I'm sorry to say that, especially for the people in the United States who still have sanity in their heads, but the United States is slowly becoming a shithole run by a corrupt, lying government full of criminals!

mosunshine326 : Great video brother. As another life-long hillbilly (I live at Lake of he Ozarks) it is inspiring to see that there are more of us out there that respect and try to protect women, whether relatives or not. Like you, I also get great satisfaction when people assume I'm just another dumb hillbilly (or worse - a redneck) although I have a graduate degree. I'm sure that you suffer the same discrimination in your daily life. We are not alone and need to keep on being vocal about the bad things going on. Glad I found your video and you have a new subscriber for life.

Thomas Binney : In the early 90s I was in my late teens and early 20s and found myself with a lot of female friends who felt comfortable enough with me (sometimes after a couple of drinks, but usually just sitting in the dark listening to music) to open up about things. Over the course of 4-5 years, probably 20 women shared their stories with me. All of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE, had suffered sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. Twenty for twenty. And we aren’t talking some drunk guy shouting “hey baby” from across a crossed bar. Every one of them felt like shit about what had happened. Every one wondered if they were to blame in some way. I think only one or two had ever reported the assault to the police. In one case the assaulter WAS a cop, I tried to help her with reporting that one but you can imagine how that went. When I hear the “real number is 1 in 5”, well maybe it is. But it’s not MY real number. My real number is 1 in 1. My real number is 100%. And this has had a big impact on my life too (nothing like for them of course), but I basically don’t like guys. Another guy REALLY has to prove he’s not a dirtbag before I’ll have anything to do with him. And I listen to everything they say when they start talking about women. It doesn’t take much before I’ve decided I’m done with them. I may be an outlier. I hope I am. I hope in the 90s there was a guy with 80... 100... 200 close female friends who never had anything bad happen to them. That’s what I hope, but it’s not what I believe.

Beau C : While I understand a lot of women are sexually harassed, I also know a lot of men are falsely accused. Both are lives that could potentially be destroyed or severely damaged. Until people start talking honestly about this, nothing's gonna change. Innocent men are gonna stay defensive and victimized women are gonna stay quiet, while dirtbags keep walking. Sad thing is, rape and assault become harder to prove every day, maybe even hour it goes unreported. Listen and believe doesn't work, staying quiet doesn't work. We need a mix.

Karissa Castorena : I just absolutely can’t with you. You are just a beautiful person and I absolutely appreciate you. Your words made me cry. Thank you for what you have said.

April rich : Sir, I am stunned. You have a gift for succinctly explaining this in a way I've seen no one else replicate. Thank you Sharing and subscribed.

Christopher : Absolutely, what blows my mind is this is the 21st century and there are still Men today , young Men who should know better. What doesn’t blow my mind is how his Party reacted . I can only hope the Americans saw what I saw and step up to the plate to vote every last one of those politicians out of office. How they got there in the first place is a stark reminder that We haven’t done our job as voters to make sure nothing like this could happen. So we are to blame. These folks should have been voted out in 2010. Vote folks Please. It’s the only way to restore any dignity back to our country.

Jael Sonnen : I don't understand why your channel hasn't blown up yet. Great, thought provoking content. Keep up the good work, sir.

Sangode Lowe : It's appreciated, what you're saying. I've participated in raising 4 young ladies, and it's difficult when you think of what they have to face. They make me proud - all the time - but still, I'd rather we all lived in a world where everyone respected their rights - over themselves, then anyone else's.

Cristabelle de Intuitive : I wish every single member US Senate could see your video. Just discovered you. Well said thanks for being an ally.

Channel Fiend : We need more men, regardless of race, to speak on this like you have. And Thank You for doing such.

HazumuOsaragi : "He respected my property rights more than he respected her as a person." It's part of the human-invented concept of hierarchy. God over human. Human over animal. Male over female. Northern European ancestry at the pinnacle of a hierarchical pyramid, where the more the melanin in the skin, the further down the hierarchy one is placed. Heterosexual and [not-transgender] over any sexual minority. Those of lower status/power can't fight back. If they do so, they are being 'uppity', and most likely will get 'slapped down' (notice the up/down higher/lower metaphor.) A black person – no matter how resourceful – is not allowed by the hierarchy to prevail on their own. They need someone of the same status as their attacker to fight on their behalf. A woman must have a man on her side to prevail against an attacking/harassing/abusing male. LGBT people need straight people to take their side. And in many of these cases, the person who has privilege enough to defend will lose some of that privilege because they defended someone whose hierarchical 'rank' is 'beneath' that of the attacker and defender. Beau had to 'spend' some privilege when he said 'brother', the woman said 'boyfriend' and he had to say '"We're from West Virginia." In the bar story Beau illustrates, his female friend lacked the power/privilege to defend herself without tapping into the external-to-a-single-female husband/boyfriend/brother gambit. I can't think of anything she could have done on her own that would have ended the harassment with the harasser(s) not likely to re-engage later, either in the bar, in the parking-lot, or on the road, and perhaps violently.

K'Nai Massini : Dude who are you?? I have to give you props for breaking things down so concisely that anyone can understand. I watched your comments on the Botham Jean shooting and now this. Why can't more MEN think like you, be more open, objective, empathetic, not just to the rights of women but to the civil Rights of all people. I thank you and applaud you. And I have said the same thing regarding Kavanaugh and his emotional state and being a Supreme Court Judge.

Hey Dude 77 : I'm going to be the one to say the harsh truth and make 1 of those comments right now: Sexual assault is a disgusting crime and it should be punished to the highest extent of the law, But just because it happens doesn't mean we need to sugarcoat or ignore the reality that if you do not have proof and that if you do not come forward until 36 years after it happened you are not going to get Justice. The harsh reality is that if we want Justice for sexual assault crimes, The victim needs to come forward immediately after the assault happens. That is the only way you have a chance of getting evidence to put that person in jail. And before you hit me with this crapp of what if it was your sister or your wife, My wife is a sexual assault survivor and she knows that Because of not coming forward immediately she contributed to the fact of why her assaulter is not in Jail. Furthermore the way you keep putting this Forward by using the Cavanaugh case, You are trying to support guilty until proven innocent and if you believe in what this country was founded on then you should be firmly against it, And be in support of innocent until proven guilty. By now we all know that Kavanagh won and got to the Supreme Court, But this is going to follow him for the rest of his life because of everybody that believes the woman is telling the truth no matter what. And as a final question to these what ifs, Let me ask what if it was you who was falsely accused of sexual assault with no evidence whatsoever and people were calling for you to lose your livelihood because of it? Would you happily delete your YouTube channel and never make a video again because of a false allegation, Or would you try to defend yourself?

Mary Riley : Thank you, Beau, for those profound thoughts. I'm sure my father must have loved my sister and I, but he told us that anything that might happen to us in relation to men was our fault. According to what he thought, "men are men" so the responsibility was solely on the woman. He sat me down when I was about seven and told me a descriptive list of reasons why women are worthless. I guess he forgot I was going to grow up to be a woman. That was a long time ago (I'm almost seventy years old) but I wonder how many women have been raised to feel that men cannot be held responsible for how they treat women because it's always the woman's fault. It has caused my sister and I a multitude of personal problems. I hope people listen to what you have to say.

Teresa Mack : I am SO glad that I watched this video. I’m going to admit that when you said that you were a Hillbilly I almost immediately clicked off, thinking ‘oh great’ but I decided to listen because I try to have an open mind. You broke this down not only intelligently, but with real care and empathy. You have your facts straight as well. Almost every woman that I know has either been molested, abused or found themselves in a scary situation with a man (I even know a victim of rape). MEN like you are what we need in terms of support and understanding. THANK YOU SIR! You give Hillbillies a good name!! 😊❤️

Clarify : Thank you Beau! This is one of the most thoughtful and well spoken videos on the topic I've seen.

Ebele Obianyo : If he was this angry at this age and status, imagine what he must be like as a teenager, he feels America owes him the job. A judge laying accusations he can't prove and behaving obviously in a partisan manner, very unbecoming, guess he felt guilty of his lies when he thought of his daughters praying for the woman he assaulted, and had to break down, he knows that he was lying but had to brave it to get what he wants. I am shocked that Senators can throw the institution of the Supreme Court under the bus to win partisan interests. Shameful.

Janet Ward : Thank you for this.

Peter Booth : "You're the reason they don't come forward" thank you for saying that, profound, simple and to the point

Shauntelle Leigh : Beau.... you’ve left me speechless, concise and eloquent 👏👍

Laurens Dehaan : WORD! WORD! WORD! Man, Beau, you SO rocked that! Thanks for the thoughtful perspective. I encourage you to use your calm, reasoned approach to things to help your fellow man by running for SOME government position. All the best, and I look forward to more of the same.

Orroz44 : "You're altering real life relationships over bumper sticker politics" (6:57) Thank you, sir, for your wisdom.

Snixelmix Nyx : This Man has Honor, A true gunslinger. Powerful stuff!

David Ferrier : Beau, wish more people took the time to think like you . Keep on !

Renae Whalen : Thankyou Sir, for these thoughtful comments! Nice to hear from a stand up brother like you!

bimmerella : THANK U! TRUTH!

Stephen Meadows : I’m from Alabama and have never seen a white guy with your insight. I was wondering what part of the south are you from? Also can you come to teach the guys on my job lol

Laura Barzano : Some good points here! Dude, you are definitely a thinker. 👍🏼

Ron Floyd : Well said Beau. Subbed and rang the bell. :-)

sandra graves : Kavinaugh is a prep school douche bag.

Corey Stein : Great video,very well spoken and right to the point. I 100% agree.Hopefully it will bridge the gap for some,but the majority is mostly supported by a population that can't comprehend such logic.

illanoiz1 : Damn brother you’re always on point! The way you explained this was perfect!