The Sopranos - Junior gets beat up in prison

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Silver Snail14 : Fascinating scene. Carter, who feels marginalized and rejected by his family, finally finds a mentor figure he can look up to. When Junior doesn't validate his childish and disruptive behavior, he feels rejected again and snaps. This show is so well-written.

Feminism Is The New Aids : It's not a prison it's a mental hospital.

D'lish Donut : this is karma for all the Chinamen jokes Junior made

Daniel Staab : I find this scene kind of sad. These guys truly understood eachother and their problems and knew how to get along on the same level but it really bothered that asian kid when he saw what those doctors turned junior into and he snapped.

Bob Givens : the pianist has some rack

sghunter : he looked up to junior as this guy who doesnt take shit from anyone and doesnt conform to what society wants. i guess he couldnt handle seeing the facility having tamed junior into some singing choir boy.

coolwhip455 : God I'd love to motorboat those big ol' tities on that pianist lady.

TheLEFE : revenge for the joke of the chinese godfather

SacredPain : He never had the makings of a Varsity boxer.

J Thomas Rains Jr : at 1:00  guy in glasses is laughing his ass off!

Al Smith : 00:53. the guy jumping up and down and tapping his head was great. He needed to be in more scenes. Emmy nomination for sure...

Charles Duvall : The pianist was my favourite character they should have developed her more into a shinebox

Darnell Major : Prison? I thought this was a nursing home LOOOOOOL

LPVP : He did a Pearl Harbour on Junior.

Faisal Mirza : That Chinese guy is a great actor. I remember he was in Lost and the movie rush rour

darell johnson : I liked that Asian dude its too bad he didn't have a bigger role. I would have loved to see him be a hitman for Tony

prince : Eventually, after Corrado comes to terms with his ailments and starts taking his medication, Carter becomes disillusioned and angry at Junior for this sign of defeat and betrayal to him, and gives him a beating. theres ur wiki answer lol

Pimsleurable : Nurse Ratchet shoulda had a beating like that before MacMurphy got lobotomized.

TheCoolProfessor : The Rutgers professor was right though; how the mighty have fallen.

ffp08 : did the glasses survive?

Mos Eisley : That kid just signed his death sentence for touching Junior.

BlackShadow86 : Junior walked into an environment whereby the people he would deal with were unpredictable. Without realising it, he couldn't manipulate people the way he did when he was the boss of the family. He tried to manipulate a mentally unstable man and when he tried to go the other way, the man flipped. Nowhere to run to and no one to help him since being outed from the family, no one can do anything for him As he is no longer a made man. Pretty brutal reality check for him.

Copacetic : Made me a little sad seeing his glasses on the floor at the end. Truly sucks to get old. He'd have been better off getting clipped.

emperor clovis : junior had a less than stellar ending. confined to a mental institution then an adult home losing his marbles.

R C Nelson : Assailant must have gotten Lost.

jetshockey5 : It's Juntäo

Shlomoberg Shoahsteinshekelberg : Huge balls or no brains????

The ASMR Genie : Bian Yixhue must be sick of being put in prisons lmao

AllPureSkill : He got beat up by the immigrant from Oz lol

Francis Albert : The Asian dude played the Asian dude in rush hour. "Wipe yourself off man, you dead."

TheHightower92 : 0:37 TRIGGERED

Hugh Jass : Well in all fairness the Asian dude was a mutant.

AviatorM4 AviatorM4 : Beat up in prison....? That's one nice prison lol.

JesseTheMindless : If you just dropped in some sound effects and a few pies, this scene would play like a 3 Stooges movie.

The Stuport : prison???


ClearlyCaribbeanReb : Rincoln or radillac?

Curt Christensen : Yeah I hate John Denver too

laminage : I'm sure that John Denver either must be laughing or turning over in his grave.

CharliePineapple : can anyone provide context?

GodofThunder66 : tony will have him whacked..

Eric oung : why did he do that i cant remember

Tommy Two-shoes : The Chinese actor gives a really good depiction of someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder.

purple sword 4 : juniors story arc ended pretty crummy imo..

Thomas Mitchell : Its Leon from Person of Interest!

webe e : "Did you hear about the Chinese godfather?, He made him an offer he couldn't understand." Lol

john sean : well....that escalated quickly

Josh Matthews : I like oranges

Jake Carlisle : He is not in prison

Jake Carlisle : He is not in prison