Come take it away
Let me just take that bike out of your photo

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That one Bernie Sanders fan who's glad Trump won : That is one hell of a dedication (and editing)

Froggyman145 : This man is a God and you can't change my mind. Hope he gets paid for his editing skills someday.

Animacreep the unfunny : How the heck did you-

Doctor xG : That was not what I was expecting, great job

kaizoku_gaming : This needs more views...... love your humor.

CryptoSecret 币密 : God editing skill. how you do it

Fabio Alves Show : Well that's beyond awesome

Jeff Bobo : Holy crap on a stick!!

Jon Kolb : the absolute mad lad

ShadowEevee246 : This is awesome nice editing skills man

velasketz : Jame powered up.

squashkarakal : Holy sh.. Well done.

Månï Kántàn : wtf !You went up there to do tis editing huh?!😂

Tinkeroftime Little Seed : I kinda thought he would do that and THEN HE ACTUALLY DID THAT!!! XDDD AH MAN. This guy is just hilarious!

Brice Astruc : Woohhh, love it !!!

Avinash Pandey : Absolutely Holy Editing Skills Man, Love Ya!

A Random Commenter : You’ve got to be kidding me😂 this man is incredible

Pana Cotta : According to the thumbnail, I didn't expect this end. Awesome.

Super whatever gamin' : Alteration: 100. Illusion: 100.

Flanamation : This was a(Horbury)mews - ing

AndrewLeeTV : This was absolutely epic in every way! Best edit ever, keep up the great work James!

VIRTUAL ESENCE : mission completed

김미소 : WTF HOW YOU ARE A HUMAN? Pure talent omfg I love you

Zhira : This is the best 👏👏👏👏

Joel Castillo : Wait what? Is this the first time you actually (although unintentionally it seems) fulfilled a request? (Great video btw)

J Edwards : In the words of Shakespeare: "Thyself hath been shooketh!" ☺

message in a bottle : It took me some time to figure out how you did this. Well done, James, well done!

Brice Astruc : 0:53 😱

MarufTIM : Is this perfectness?

Kenneth White : Cute. Thanks James. Epic skillz.

CME : This guy is so cool,i bet you he uses PS from TPB. Just kidding,awesome work man,you should try and film you working in the photoshop.

Olive Juice : WoW allot of work editing skill are nearly inposible

Imtiyaz Ali Syed : OMG, you're truly amazing man!

Epic Stevens : DUDE😲!!! YOU'RE THE REAL MVP 👑

Rajendra Makwana : Genius 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

dawn zeraus : OMG James, youre a genius.

turtlebone : That's going the extra mile! ❤️🐢☠️

Alectricz : Omg! Subscribed.. thats pure art.. respect!

Pissed Off Papa : By far the best video so far brother.! You are a god with photoshop.

ramen noodles : Okay, *THIS IS COMMITMENT!!!*

PokéLink64 : At first I thought someone was gonna put on a show because of "take it away", but this is also amazing

Defaults Skin : Hey my bike man!!

Glitchy - : Wow just wow im proud of you

Old Dude : Can you teach me to work in Photoshop like this? :D

Robin Chakravarty : well, this was a bit extreme! 😂😅

Burton Kent : 53 seconds in. Watch for the flash, the bike changes slightly - look at the front wheel shadow. That's when he gets on and rides off. Looks to me like he edited her picture outline and pasted it over the video. Still brilliant.

Danish Human Being : Fjamie gonna take memes to the next level.

plucas1 : Actually the bike adds a much needed framing element and makes the photo look better for it. Basic picture composition. I know that's not the point of the video, but still.