Come take it away

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MusicAllTheWay : Editing level : infinity


Froggyman145 : This man is a God and you can't change my mind. Hope he gets paid for his editing skills someday.

That one Bernie Sanders fan who's glad Trump won : That is one hell of a dedication (and editing)

Animacreep the unfunny : How the heck did you-

Doctor xG : That was not what I was expecting, great job

srk3461 : This needs more views...... love your humor.

Jeff Bobo : Holy crap on a stick!!

Asus chinu : It's scripted but yes talent level : Savage

Fabio Alves Show : Well that's beyond awesome

Insecure Information : Perfect. Now take out my mom out of the women clothing store

A Random Commenter : You’ve got to be kidding me😂 this man is incredible

Iaintclonitwasmybro : The original photo and the request is all obviously staged, who don't see this has no idea how difficult it would be to get the second half of that frame right (to not talk about the bike being in the same place after such lapsus of time... with no lock... in LONDON.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Ixi A : Wow Jaime you are not from🌎👏

Jon Kolb : the absolute mad lad

Brice Astruc : Woohhh, love it !!!

Rajendra Makwana : Genius 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tinkeroftime Little Seed : I kinda thought he would do that and THEN HE ACTUALLY DID THAT!!! XDDD AH MAN. This guy is just hilarious!

squashkarakal : Holy sh.. Well done.

Jojimbo Usagi : Hi Jamie, you're a legend :-) Keep it up & you have a new subscriber 👍

VIRTUAL ESENCE : mission completed

MelOTea : I’m an atheist but I can’t explain this.

Serchhip Chelsea : OMG!!!!!

MarufTIM : Is this perfectness?

Brice Astruc : 0:53 😱

Hey Jessie : Wait what?

Jas Garcia : here before it trends.

velasketz : Jame powered up.

bren106 : How is it that people are too stupid to understand that he filmed the girl stood perfectly still as he walked up and rode the bike away. Then cropped a still image from that video as the starting photograph. That said Mr F, I follow your work on Facebook and really enjoy what you do, I know you won't see my remarks as a criticism of you.

TDK_JoKerTM : ...

товарищ Владимирович : Jebany xDDDDDDDDD

Winnerche studio : 1

Shadow Eevee246 : This is awesome nice editing skills man

Agatha Trengove : "Ok. So he either goes there, finds the bicycle and takes it away or takes the photo in the same place so that way he can edit it out"

CryptoSecret 币密 [ 區塊鏈 ] : God editing skill. how you do it

Theodore Bastard : it's so geniusly

RSpudieD : That was great!

turtlebone : That's going the extra mile! ❤️🐢☠️

Nidhee Kumari : Superb 😀😀

RBAirsoft : This is so great!

4,000 subs with not videos? : Hey James! Can you Photoshop a picture of me and my friend in front of the empire State building ❤️😍

EYAD Jj : its... enormous job you are super

lil meow meow uwu : what do you use to edit

Ashok Kumar : i subbed

ROBLOXowns Productions : Look at the sky. He took a new picture and photoshopped her into it.

EpicDonutDude : I was like "oh yea you cant get the weather to be exactly the same as in the picture" and ofcourse it was exactly the same so it was probably filmed within a few minutes time frame. That doesnt mean its not a cool video tho, really cool idea tho

Flaming hot Cheetos : Not all hero’s wear capes

Imtiyaz Ali Syed : OMG, you're truly amazing man!

whotz : Que tipo de hack você usa?

Leah Gaming : Couldn’t she just crop it out?? Lol