Auntie Fee: How to feed Seven people with just $3.

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Comments from Youtube

Absolute Unit : She straight up that one lady at the store that calls me 'honey' and 'sugar'

ega milos : i was gonna comment on scraping the teflon lacing of the pan with a metal fork, but i feel like she would reach thru the screen and slap me for it

Tony Clark : "Fat people like a lotta cheese." Auntie Fee, how do you know me so well?

Rosa Nzeakor : Auntie Fee: *add a little bit of water. **Pours Gallons**

That One Guy : Is YouTube trying to tell me that I'm poor

MrBakersClub : **How to make 7 people absolutely shit out their soul for just $3**

yoas tesfom : R.I.P Auntie Fee, always had the struggle meals on lock ✊🏾💯

Welcometo FPV : Why is YouTube suggesting this to me? Do they have access to my bank account? I feel personally attacked, also asking for a friend

Nick : knew the video would be good after hearing 0:14

A Drum Tsukumogami : College students wants to: *Know your location*

Yea oh yea yea oh : I mean.. sure i will watch it youtube... *thanks*

mohammed abuelenain : “Don’t get scared, there’s nothing to it” Me:*hand starts shaking* there’s nothing to it

Hashirama Senju : In my country, 3 dollars could buy 3 dollars worth of food

Alexander McAdams : 1:25 was the best part 😂😂😂

Harumi Kagaya : This is HOOD RAMSAY 😂😂😂😆😆😆

Destinee mercado : Her: you watching? Him: yes ma’am Her: good. *you gon get some of this for doing it* Lmaooo

War : I'm the seven people that I'm cooking for

Sharu V : Sad she died about a year ago, R.I.P

Marben Christian Pedrano : I wonder what Gordon Ramsey would say about this 😂😂😂

JLP IV : Directions weren't clear. I accidentally made crystal meth and fed it to my family.

Indi Singh : Welcome too another episode of: wHy iS tHiS iN mY rEcOmEnDeD

Harold HON [08N14M] : 3 is way too much, lemme tell you a healthier and cheaper option. Rice, egg,spring onion, soy sauce, pak choi. In a wet market you can get these for under 2$ and has nutritions

Jessica : 7 people? My 2 sons would eat all that, on bread, then tell me they're hungry 20 mins later😂

Adrian Burke : Imagine what grand feast she could cook with $8

Bleached Towel : Next Video: How to feed $3 with 7 people

xLurrz- : Another Episode of “WHy is ThIs iN mY rEcOmMenDaTion? “ 👍

EroticTomato : *Auntie Fee:* exists *_michelin star has entered the chat_*

SweatySlob : i mean its a meal, but how dat gon feed 7 people? that just enough to feed me

suga and spice : With 3$ which is approx 180indian rupee I could get 18 packets of maggi

IC347 : who else got recommended this 5 years later?

RogueStormKnight : Always the mystery ingredient and in this video it was leftover steak 🤣🤣🤣

Gabriel Maxey : Man it’s 2019 and we still miss you Auntie Fee! RIP!!!

Bekka Aquino : “Kids and fat people love cheese” Me: *heavy breathing* Yup, I love cheese

alexander stubbs : How to kill 7 people with just 3 dollars

Mrs. Fiore 4 : They gonna be hungry. That does not feed 7 people

Ishimura 1337 : video: How to feed Seven people with just $3. *The Fat Controller laughed:* y o u a r e w r o n g

Edellea : ramen noodles with extra stuff in it. i often put tomatoes and some sort of meat in my noodles, makes em even better

Bovine Banana : “Kids and fat people like a lot of cheese” Truest thing ever said

Henry Vlogs : GIvE it SoME coLOr sO IT LoOK lIKe iT gOT SEAsonInG

Lacresha Simpson : she stole my recipe. i made that about 17yrs ago

Diana Lastovska : Maybe it can fill you up but there are 0 vitamins

Liam McGealy : Gordon Ramsey wants to now you’re location

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : “She is better than Gordon Ramsay as she can say the n-word” -Thomas Jefferson

Pin The Tail Productions : Wait. At 10 cents a bag of noodles, wouldn't it have been easier/cheaper to give each person a bag each?

lovdusk : The Kardashian’s does not approve this

Tobbsken : That is gonna be a very small portion for seven people lmfao

mister lo : She is just an amazing character!!! The more swearing the tastier it gets 😉

Aditri Mohanty : Is YouTube predict my future?🤔 Probably

Lisa O : Man this got me hungry. Be right back imma go make some😂😋