Red Dead Redemption 2 (dunkview)

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(minor spoilers for Chapter 5) dunk store


Andrew Maxwell : SPOILERS! I disagree, sure, while on Guarma the game isn’t at its best, but once you return every single mission from then on feels like a climax in the story as you learn more about his gang members, and as their true intentions arise. In this moment you learn so much about Arthur and in my case once I found out he didn’t have much more time alive I began to care less about money, and more about my honor.

conker jones : Trust me, Dunkey. This game really picks up when you get to the part where you get to ride a T-rex and eat cavemen.

The Forgotten Ones : Hmm, I do agree with guarma being repetitive and pointless, but the second half of the game ramped up the story and, essentially, gave meaning to the game.

Melodica Dude : What the heck Dunkey don't you know you're not allowed to give this game less than a 4.5 out of 5 at worst? The number of immersive yet often tedious or hyper-specific details in this game clearly make up for any gameplay faults or dips in quality. For this reason, I rate this review 2 expanding horse balls out of 5. Nice try, Dunko, but the cowboys win again.

Benjamin Burke : Congrats on 5 🅱illion subscribers, Dunk. Can't wait 'til you have 5 🅿illion.

Tristan King : Dunkey didn't even mention Mary-Beth in the beginning. Disliked and unsubscribed

Cinematic Theatre : I disagree with this review. But that is okay. I believe Rockstar successfully conjured the different puzzle pieces of a story together in a beautiful, dark, atmospheric, and hopeful refuge in the players heart. Constantly, I felt the guilt of Arthur's actions. Watching the man he was start to come into view as he slowly withered like a dying thorn bush, his sharpest moments becoming the dullest, most fragile reflections in his distant memory. He started to see the man he could be, not the man he was. Choosing the honorable route, you see Arthur interact with people differently, catching himself when he ponders upon a immoral decision. The people you have grown attached to and seen thrive, are falling apart. Piece by piece, this puzzle of a story falls to the ground, with the wind holding the few pieces in the air that remain. That wind being Dutch's hope and determination to see his and his people's freedom not taken away from them. By the end of the game, I felt the most conflicted feeling for Dutch than I have felt for any video game character in my time. As Arthur laid there, grasping the pistol under Dutch's boot, gasping for breath as he got out the words, "Dutch... He's a rat." In this scene we see the loyalty that Arthur has built up for Dutch shatter and fall to the ground. In the moment of silence we hate Dutch. At this moment we realize the complications of morality within a group of men and women who just wanted to be free... Actually free.

Enrique Ibarra : sorry, but game of the year goes to *Knack 2, baby*

Reece Jones : this game really makes you feel like you have tuberculosis

Arthur Morgan : Roses are red Violets are blue Dutch has a plan And lumbago too

Rennok : where is petters on the low 2

Isaiah Thomas : "Uncle who constantly demands that jackie retrieve the talismans" love it XD

Hill : Red Dead Redemption 1: You can be sick with revenge Red Dead Redemption 2: You can be actually sick Lumbago really out did itself this time

I love you Karya : 0/10 not enough snake in my boot

Rino Zisa : This game really makes you feel like Rockstar haven't improved their control mechanics since Grand Theft Auto 4

joshua martin : My initial reaction: "This game is fun, and the story is great, but controlling Arthur is like maneuvering a shopping cart full of cinder blocks."

Ava Quest : "deemphasized aiming" is a nice way of saying the controls suck...

GysoOfficial [Desu] : One the best black youtubers

Vsauce Puppet : It really makes you feel like red dead redemption 2

Kyle Frank : 5:34 Holy mother of god dude... I think you're playing the game perfectly.

Daniel Patrakov : 5:29 RIP 3/4 of that guys head.

GBE Farts : If Nintendo made this game the online would be even shittier and you’d still give it a 5/5

Jack Leclair : Dunkey riding a Donkey, game 10/10

Mason Kemph : CritiKal: Loses at poker, plays for two hours straight on a live stream until he wins it all back dunkey: Loses at poker, massacres an entire pub

Dark Night : 5.35 Now go loot all those bodies.

John S : I do not like donkey videos because he is blAcK

Joey Johnson : The second half is supposed to make you miss the first half when the gang was together

Denzel Vistan : Dunkey gave God of war a 4 and he gave Red redemption 2 a 3 well... Congratulations to the smooth jazz of God of war for winning GOTY

Shamrock : The greatest thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is that it really makes you *FEEL* dead

Blue : disagree with the part where you say the 2nd half of the game is boring. it held the most emotional impact because of that long journey. then again, i just finished it tonight and im still working on the epilogie after more than 300hrs into the game. i think most people rushed it and thats why the ending felt underwhelming. i didnt wanna watch your video until i finished it myself.

Candle Stick : How to survive a Red Dead Redemption game... don’t be the main character

Anthony Tilleman : 5:20 Me: Who would kill someone over $11.00 Dunkey: Hold my beer

AsteriodBand 325 : Are you still seeing your reviews were a bunch of b******* I watch this one and then I played the game and I was like holy s*** he's right that's why I'm going to buy some merch

Clam Chowder : Yea I stopped listening to this guy after he said bubsy 3D sucked

Eric : 0/10 No Liar’s Dice

Wock Wee : A 3/5 is unacceptable... but a 3/5 with a BIG cigar, now that’s a good game.

Sir. Moe : He was cheating man people don’t get it

Brythonic : I thoroughly disagree with your assertions about chapter 5

Dan Groll : 1:46 "You open with these menacing horns being drowned out by the wind of the blizzard and just as a distant mountain comes into view you hear this faint shimmering sound....". You then open your eyes to see the other passengers of the cart. The man sitting across from you exclaims "Hey, you! You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there."

Giggsy : Light a candle for MyHorse1 [*]

FilmNitrate : Dude...the music IS the best part of the game. Totally agree.

SwagHags69 : Rockstar games are all incredible, revolutionary open worlds with the most boring travel/shootout/repeat gameplay

Koo Koo Cranberry : While i disagree with dunkle on the stale story climax, i do agree with the horrific controls

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : This game is just a rip off of Woody's roundup from Toy Story 2

Sander Cohen : *i give red dead redemption a 3/5 and a big ole’ cigar* A company’s career has ended.

shadowmohd : Petters on the low 2 coming soon?

SA4B : So many dumbos who played rdr2 before rdr1

me : The increase in combat from chapter 5 onwards is to show how deep in shit the gang is and how everything is going to hell. Edit: However, the game is a lot different and less fun after like chapter 2-3.

TheBobcheto : >horse riding on a snowy mountain >Suddenly wake up on an island Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Same as us, and that thief over there.