Red Dead Redemption 2 (dunkview)

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JesusChristVEVO : 0/10 not enough snake in my boot

MusicDaiIy : If you don't shoot the guy on the bed that's grabbing the gun, he will kill himself. 10/10 worth it

Reece Jones : this game really makes you feel like you have tuberculosis

Vince Perman : This game is just a rip off of Red Dead Redemption 1 on the Xbox 360

TheBobcheto : >horse riding on a snowy mountain >Suddenly wake up on an island Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Same as us, and that thief over there.

Melodica Dude : What the heck Dunkey don't you know you're not allowed to give this game less than a 4.5 out of 5 at worst? The number of immersive yet often tedious or hyper-specific details in this game clearly make up for any gameplay faults or dips in quality. For this reason, I rate this review 2 expanding horse balls out of 5. Nice try, Dunko, but the cowboys win again.

Pazaak Master : If Red Dead Redemption 2 is so good, why isn’t there a Red Dead Redemption 2 2 yet?

MultiAdamSandler : lol nice try rockstar but there was no alligator back then

Papa Sickle : honestly Dunkey you should just quit playin League of Legends it seems to have taken a toll on your mental health. we want the best for you

Adam Huntsmen : Does this play on my phone? We all have phones right?

Weegee Plays : Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

Kruewl : “Occasionally, I would stumble across some weirdos” *slowly approaches the Ku Klux Klan from a distance* 4:31

Benjamin Burke : Congrats on 5 🅱illion subscribers, Dunk. Can't wait 'til you have 5 🅿illion.

Daniel Howard : Bad review, terrible. This game is 10/10, it’s a masterpiece, it’s just like Dark Souls and it really makes you feel like Batman...but there is a online, PVP, Battle grounds and it’s focusing to much on single player and story. As we all know linear single player games are no longer popular so I give it 2.5 flaming hot Doritos out of 5 Mountain Dews.

Enrique Ibarra : sorry, but game of the year goes to *Knack 2, baby*

How to properly clean your metal computer : 0/10 didn’t have the Boss Baby as main character

Patricia Holmes : Red dead revolver was superior to these games because it had a boss fight with a gang of rodeo clowns

SyronSamurai : I was surprised at just how much this game made me FEEL like Spider Man every step of the way

AleXX : Dunkey is definitely my favorite youtuber because he really understands how to make you FEEL like batman

Wal Nutz : It sounds like Dunkey just wanted the entire game to be chapter 2&3

Goblin Slayer : *Remind me not to play poker with you....*

Keetoh Sil : where is petters on the low 2?

that one guy : You'll never stop the main Character Red Dead Redemption

Crunchy Crackers : I loved chapter 5. It was so unexpected. I didn't binge play all the missions so it didn't feel repetitive to me.

Suggestive Gaming : I'm like 12 hours in so I think I'm almost done with the tutorial part

thegmanish10 : Lotta great criticism here, but I gotta say I respectfully disagree on some of your points dunko. I agree on the point that the aiming is a little doo doo, however(and I know this doesn’t completely refute the criticism to begin with) messing around with aiming deadzones in the Controller settings helps improve shooting a lot. On the topic of the story, I think that the tonal shift from “kind of hopeful in a ragtag misfit sort of way” to “completely fucking dreadful and depressing” after Chapter 4 makes this game harder to play in it’s third act. We start seeing the shift in Dutch from this benevolent leader and father figure to the shell of a man we saw in the first game, and although it’s interesting, the game suffers from the same thing all prequels do. We know where it’s going, and have trouble engaging with the narrative because we have that knowledge. I do however think the climax of this game shortly before the Epilogue is amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There is no denying that the first half of the game is probably the greatest bit of interactive entertainment released in a while though. Keep up the good work Dinkey!

Nicotine : Red Dead Redemption 2 : 3/5 dunkscore Tony Hawk's Pro Skater : 5/5 dunkscore I'm gonna 180 kickflip + manual + darkslide + 180 impossible outside the ranch

Isaiah Thomas : "Uncle who constantly demands that jackie retrieve the talismans" love it XD

One From Dust : This story actually about Dutch, and his madness. By act 5 you have already realized that Dutch cannot be saved. So there is now hatred to him, because he was fooling you all

SubwayZ : Am I the only one who felt sorry for the donkey at 2:30? The way it was getting up looked so realistic

SlayerSheenSubscribes : I think this is the only game I disagree with the dunko points 🙏🏻

Decaf : I do agree that the diversity of the mission structure kind of goes away later. For sure, a lot of the latter half, less so in the epilogue, is filled with "shoot a dillion enemies in a big thing". But I don't agree with the sentiment that the writing and characters take the same path. I found this game's story to be one of the most enthralling and powerful I've ever experienced in a game, easily earning its place alongside games like The Last of Us, NieR, Xenogears, and Persona 2, regarding my favorite game stories. Coincidentally, The Last of Us and Xenogears both also kind of drag in terms of gameplay and general execution (the latter much more than the former, but nevertheless). Maybe this is a bit of a common pitfall when videogames go above and beyond to tell truly provoking and engaging longform stories?

Jay Dunna : Weird. I was more invested in the 2nd half of the game. Over all, even with the shit controls, i LOVED it. cant think of many games where i was invested in the characters as much as this one. Jack, Abigail, Sadie, Charles, the Indian chief ( eagles flies?), Dutch & Micah (for -ve reasons), and ofc Arthur even though he was dullard. Man...ill miss this cast. What a tragic...bittersweet ending.

THWIPsniktBONK : Red Dead Redemption 2 is a better game than this

lil pump : that guy was cheating, I 100% agree.

Jack Leclair : Dunkey riding a Donkey, game 10/10

EROS M : That Classic Jackie Chan reference had me in stitches.

om khetia : Finally someone who doesnt just suck up to the game and calling it the best game ever made

craig nolan : *BIG SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO* should only be watched after chapter 5. Still very funny.

kremit the frog : "A traumatized widow who turns into a merciless gunslinger" My mom when she gets mad in a nutshell

James S : Dunkey says that after Chapter 5 (halfway point) the missions get repetitive. I would say there's a good way to play this game a dumbass way to play this game. Don't just binge all the story missions in one go, mix in some side stuff along the way. Do stranger missions, go hunting, rob a train, steal a coach, then do a couple of story missions. I am past that point and the missions don't feel any more or less repetitive than they were before, but I think that's because I mix it up. Also, you don't have to make every mission a shooting gallery if you play them right.

Jake McConaha : I love how everyone is hating the dunk for this. The man can have his own opinion. All I care about is that super Mario bros 2 has a better chance at game of the year.

ベント : Am I the only one who really likes chapter 5?

Tristan _ : Dunkey didn't even mention Mary-Beth in the beginning. Disliked and unsubscribed

Uncultured Swine Entertainment : Dunkey: is a donkey and also a black man Also dunkey: forces donkeys to commit suicide, attends klan rallies. Diagnosis: epic

Desiree Kabwe : CD Projekt Red Dead Redemption 2

Succ Loves You : 3/5 is unacceptable in my view. But this is dunkview.

L. Nombeu : Dunkey on a donkey Amazing

Joey Nitram : I did find myself rushing through the second half of the game. I chalked it up to a growing sense of urgency in the story and my desire to see what happens next. god damn fantastic game would recommend

Vsauce Puppet : It really makes you feel like red dead redemption 2