Red Dead Redemption 2 (dunkview)

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Melodica Dude : What the heck Dunkey don't you know you're not allowed to give this game less than a 4.5 out of 5 at worst? The number of immersive yet often tedious or hyper-specific details in this game clearly make up for any gameplay faults or dips in quality. For this reason, I rate this review 2 expanding horse balls out of 5. Nice try, Dunko, but the cowboys win again.

SyronSamurai : I was surprised at just how much this game made me FEEL like Spider Man every step of the way

Shamrock : If Red Dead Redemption 2 is so good, why isn’t there a Red Dead Redemption 2 2 yet?

Adam Huntsmen : Does this play on my phone? We all have phones right?

Andrew Maxwell : SPOILERS! I disagree, sure, while on Guarma the game isn’t at its best, but once you return every single mission from then on feels like a climax in the story as you learn more about his gang members, and as their true intentions arise. In this moment you learn so much about Arthur and in my case once I found out he didn’t have much more time alive I began to care less about money, and more about my honor.

SubwayZ : Am I the only one who felt sorry for the donkey at 2:30? The way it was getting up looked so realistic

Nicotine : Red Dead Redemption 2 : 3/5 dunkscore Tony Hawk's Pro Skater : 5/5 dunkscore I'm gonna 180 kickflip + manual + darkslide + 180 impossible outside the ranch

Cinematic Theatre : I disagree with this review. But that is okay. I believe Rockstar successfully conjured the different puzzle pieces of a story together in a beautiful, dark, atmospheric, and hopeful refuge in the players heart. Constantly, I felt the guilt of Arthur's actions. Watching the man he was start to come into view as he slowly withered like a dying thorn bush, his sharpest moments becoming the dullest, most fragile reflections in his distant memory. He started to see the man he could be, not the man he was. Choosing the honorable route, you see Arthur interact with people differently, catching himself when he ponders upon a immoral decision. The people you have grown attached to and seen thrive, are falling apart. Piece by piece, this puzzle of a story falls to the ground, with the wind holding the few pieces in the air that remain. That wind being Dutch's hope and determination to see his and his people's freedom not taken away from them. By the end of the game, I felt the most conflicted feeling for Dutch than I have felt for any video game character in my time. As Arthur laid there, grasping the pistol under Dutch's boot, gasping for breath as he got out the words, "Dutch... He's a rat." In this scene we see the loyalty that Arthur has built up for Dutch shatter and fall to the ground. In the moment of silence we hate Dutch. At this moment we realize the complications of morality within a group of men and women who just wanted to be free... Actually free.

AleXX : Dunkey is definitely my favorite youtuber because he really understands how to make you FEEL like batman

The Forgotten Ones : Hmm, I do agree with guarma being repetitive and pointless, but the second half of the game ramped up the story and, essentially, gave meaning to the game.

JesusChristVEVO : 0/10 not enough snake in my boot

Benjamin Burke : Congrats on 5 🅱illion subscribers, Dunk. Can't wait 'til you have 5 🅿illion.

Tristan King : Dunkey didn't even mention Mary-Beth in the beginning. Disliked and unsubscribed

Enrique Ibarra : sorry, but game of the year goes to *Knack 2, baby*

Wal Nutz : It sounds like Dunkey just wanted the entire game to be chapter 2&3

Uncultured Swine Entertainment : Dunkey: is a donkey and also a black man Also dunkey: forces donkeys to commit suicide, attends klan rallies. Diagnosis: epic

Rino Zisa : This game really makes you feel like Rockstar haven't improved their control mechanics since Grand Theft Auto 4

irarelyupload : Dunkey makes the game seem a lot worse than it really is...

joshua martin : My initial reaction: "This game is fun, and the story is great, but controlling Arthur is like maneuvering a shopping cart full of cinder blocks."

conker jones : Trust me, Dunkey. This game really picks up when you get to the part where you get to ride a T-rex and eat cavemen.

Suggestive Gaming : I'm like 12 hours in so I think I'm almost done with the tutorial part

johnexgamer : I will humbly disagree with dunkle. Yes I do think the game drops a bit in quality but I don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be. It's just that chapters 2 to 4 are like 11/10 each so getting to smth like an 8/10 feels like a huge decline. Firstly the game is undoubtedly the best open world experience with the best NPCs EVER in any ANY GAME (not just westerned themed ones) and that in itself deserves more credit. I never once went hunting in rdr, yet in this one, everytime I went back to camp i would bring smth to Pearson cause I wanted the food to be good. Not just for the stats but because I cared about the people in the camp. It felt harder to grind big sessions in the end but that was mostly due to me playing so many side missions early on meaning I had to binge play main missions. And yet I think it was meant to be like that cause everything has turned to shit. The gang is in chaos, people are dead, Dutch is not the mentor you wanted to follow and most of all, Arthur is sick and dying. This took a toll on me simply because I was so emotionally invested in such a large group (no game has done that to me with so many characters). Lastly I agree that there was possibly too match shooting but that doesn't take away the great eagle flies missions (who was a great addition as a character) nor the amazing ending. Game is a 10/10 for me and best game of the year clearly, followed by Gow and then Celeste or Spiderman. And Arthur might be my favourite video game character of all time (definitely my favourite one out of any character who has been in one game only. Yes even Joel)

Succ : 3/5 is unacceptable in my view. But this is dunkview.

Isaiah Thomas : "Uncle who constantly demands that jackie retrieve the talismans" love it XD

Arthur Morgan : Roses are red Violets are blue Dutch has a plan And lumbago too

MusicDaiIy : If you don't shoot the guy on the bed that's grabbing the gun, he will kill himself. 10/10 worth it

Dankus Memus : Red Dead 2 is one of the best games I ever played, but it's not for impatient people. I knew when I was playing that Dunkey probably wouldn't like it.

Ava Quest : "deemphasized aiming" is a nice way of saying the controls suck...

Dennis Reynolds : Chapter 5: Guarma was completely irrelevant to the story; Chapter 6 could've begun right after the ending of 4 and NOTHING would be different other than a few shitty dialogue references of "MUH TAHITI = MUH GUARMA, HUE HUE" and some horribly written, already established Dutch """development""" that was already overly developed in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6. At least a million dollars wasted here on a piece of shit Chapter in an otherwise incredible game.

Rennok : where is petters on the low 2

How to properly clean your metal computer : 0/10 didn’t have the Boss Baby as main character

ベント : Am I the only one who really likes chapter 5?

John S : I do not like donkey videos because he is blAcK

Trevor N. : Love ya Dunkristotle but you're a completely ape-headed Big Mac Brain this day, and I have proof. 3 is a totally acceptable and believable score for this barnyard hoedown of a game but come on now, we all know you picked 3 because 4 was sold out on Black Friday. Your review score gave a 3 but your words gave a 3.2, I see through your thinly veiled facade you filthy lying pack mule. Donkey up and admit to your error I will not have this injustice you're IGN in disguise and this is the new Sonic game starring Sonic as a cowboy with Shadow The Van Der Hog as his stoic leader the gang is in for it when the Eggertons catch on to their hedge-crimes and all the rings are stolen from the big city Mobius bank, now they're washed up on Angel Island how are they gonna get outta this one it was supposed to be the last big job

Saad サアド سـعد : For once I disagree with you, this game is a Masterpiece. The best game in gaming history.

Weegee Plays : Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

GysoOfficial [Desu] : One the best black youtubers

SK LLS : The game is fun but the missions are boring since you’re basically riding to your destination for half the mission and back. The aim system is broken and you cant turn the auto aim off. And most importantly the games story is dragged for too long, too long that I sometimes forget what the story is about. Other than that the game is fun to play and I absolutely love the game and if the aim system was fixed this would be my favourite game. I give red dead a 7/10 and if they fixed the aim system in a future update i would give it an 8.5/10

Brythonic : I thoroughly disagree with your assertions about chapter 5

Giggsy : Light a candle for MyHorse1 [*]

kremit the frog : "A traumatized widow who turns into a merciless gunslinger" My mom when she gets mad in a nutshell

Blue : disagree with the part where you say the 2nd half of the game is boring. it held the most emotional impact because of that long journey. then again, i just finished it tonight and im still working on the epilogie after more than 300hrs into the game. i think most people rushed it and thats why the ending felt underwhelming. i didnt wanna watch your video until i finished it myself.

Desiree Kabwe : CD Projekt Red Dead Redemption 2

President Pepe : F THE ending

craig nolan : *BIG SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO* should only be watched after chapter 5. Still very funny.

Vsauce Puppet : It really makes you feel like red dead redemption 2

ZB77 : A review I agree with from Donkey, nice

Who1dat2eat : I love this game to death but i see the complaints and accept them but to me it feels like a close masterpiece to me... but Its no knack

Horzinicla : Dunkey is the only one who gave honest and real opinions, all other critics are giving it a 10/10 why? Because Rockstar that's why. Dunkey best critic confirmed

Jack Leclair : Dunkey riding a Donkey, game 10/10