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TheZooropaBaby : wow that's a wild looking synthesizer

mr saxophon : Some vacuums just want to see the world burn

Soul Messiah : LOOK MUM NO FURZE

Sperm Bank Baby : Jesus Christ, you’re out of control. First it was turning furbies into mechanical monsters and now this

UBER : Weapon to surpass metal gear.

Maker's Muse : Heck yea that's a good strong flame. He needs to be faster tho, Lipo! The little Henry that could... burn your house down

Ebahn13 : You know, when I saw the title and thumbnail, I totally thought this was a Colin Furze video. After watching it, I still do. =D

BeanieEagle : look mum no computer's off his shits once again. I wonder how legal this thing is exactly?

Jackson Mcquade : Poor camera man has no eyebrows after this 😬

Little Bacchus : Henry Cam looks like found footage from a robot uprising.

Ben : Furze is that you?

Benspeed's Channel : Henry Warhammer 40k edition!!!!!!

RKE Photography : How can something be so cute, yet so terrifying at the same time!?

Ryan de Silva : make it into a synth. somehow. 😂

TheMasterKrook : I can already imagine the shanaingans with this "Make sure you use the hoover that isn't the terrifying destroyer of worlds"

Tamás Csernák : Hardcore Henry 2 looks good so far.

Tim Stanley : Is that the latest DieSon vacuum!

Ay Ay : You turning into Colin furze or something?

Jean Bonnefoy : Name? Henry, sir! Surname? Dalek, sir!! Xterminate!!!!

raimondspauls : Finally! Henry discovering his true self.

Reidroc527 : Henry needs a spinoff series

disliker 22 : wow, i hope the court be gentle

OMDS HaHa : This is awesome can you do a meetup in London one day

incufish23 : Henry's favorite novel Fahrenheit 451, "It was a pleasure to burn." 'Gets me right in the feels, mate.' -Henry

The Jayman Show : Henry Rocks!!!

Networking Folder : Some tachyons+ in tha mix! Ya boi!

Angelo Merken : Sam, do you even have a will to live?

Cecche's Psyche *Music* : You're such a freaking Legend my Lad hahahaha

M. Waters : When are you and Colin Furze collaborating?

Keith : Lookong fresh, Colin

MisterG : Ha! I bet you can't do that, can you Roomba?

Keith Lane : Robot wars, eat your heart out, or let Henry after he's roasted it !

enzo szymczyk : waoh im fast

Jeditard : Seems like Henry would be just as effective as the cumzamboni I just saw on South Park at cleaning up child molesting priests!

PacifierMusic : As a fan of your shows, I would say that I love your music content but this looks very dangerous. Kids will certainly try to make one of these and likely burn their houses down or worse. Stick to the music content and leave fire out of it. You don’t want to be the cause of someone getting hurt or killed.

Cyranek : i wish i had a flaming henry

Inky AT DaMm CaT studios : 😂you nutter😂

Erik Bakker : Haha you absolute madman! Loving it! But, can it play tunes?

Jon Geist : Sam is going to get contracted for the military.

uSeRnAmEs HaVe tO Be MeAnInGfUl : Please give Colin furze a ring and see if he could make Henry jet powered!

Neurotic Sos : Clean it Henry!

Red Squirrel : Lol this is crazy dangerous. It's great!

Raymond27 : Stick bagpipes to Henry, he could have change pitch with the intensity of vacuuming.

G Zeus : Ever stick your knob in Henry's schnozz?

I have no name : Live accounts of the source of the granfell tower tragedy...

Wilhelm Music : Henry bringing the heat 🔥

Joanna Żelek : We love You Henry <3

danny devito : this is ridiculous. where can i buy one

Skraboing649 : Brilliantly bonkers as always Sam! Keep up the great work!

Sheen Sheep : I'd rather not put it in your blowhole Henry. But it sounds hot