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Kara C : This is my favorite episode ever. I love the compassion you showed to him. Unlike a lot of your fugitives, these guy truly deserved another chance. I hope someday you will do an update on how he is doing!

Tibias Kennedy : This guy is nice unlike other people they always wrestle Patty like if you agree

Panda Gamer HD : POOR GUY 1 LIKE 1 PRAYER D: P.S poor guy. D:

Dragon Slayer : I would take an hour to start a fund me for this guy...he's so good, i can see in his eyes he didn't mean to do anything wrong intentionally....I'm in tears right now 1 like equals prayer for Beau :(

Dat gay potato : THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! Pit bulls are *NOT* all mean. I own one and the only time he is "mean" is when he's protecting me. They are just protective.

DiamondWolf25 Gaming : I'm sad for this guy for him going to jail, he seems humble and going trough a lot of situations and just like he wanna be a nice guy, God Bless him! :)

Braden Warren : 1 Like for 10 prayers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dustin Slife : This video was Awesome. Its hard to get honesty out of people these days. Yeah he made his mistakes and had a warrent and ran. But he was right. Its an instict to run because of being scared. This video was awesome. Patty Mayo awesome job brother. I hope and pray this guy gets back on his feet and pushes forward in life for the better

Jaklin Khudabakhshyan : That poor guy so humble and innocent pray for him

Renee Cynthia : Aw patty I'm so proud of you! I almost cried watching this <3

Scrim : Such a humble guy

RandomContent _ : I feel kinda bad for this guy..

Bobbie Black : thats why his flashlights are always dead

jess jess : Amazing the love of an animal gives sum of us a reason to keep going unconditional love

Ben Massey : That’s a shame because he seems like a decent guy!


Bessy Guevara : God bless his soul and dogs

Dolan Lover's : I love this channel 😁😄😱😰😫😖

Ella Gleeson : God please bless this guy🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Angelina Nicole : I love everything you all do, I’m hoping to be in law enforcement when I’m able, you guys are amazing!

zackstud09 : He was very respectful once caught. He was alright

Milo tv Sanchez : One like equals a prayer for him

Kimber Strasburg : when you eat the fries it made me laugh then when the camera guy tried to get some I almost peed myself lol

Team Talon : How did the pitbull try to eat him???

Cole Teaman : I felt really bad for this guy

Turt Reynolds Channel : My Safe word is pineapple juice

Minecraft 11199 : What time is the pit bull almost eats him thing

Ryan Mckillop : Stop giving pit bulls a bad name I have a pit bull and he wouldn’t hurt a fly

Brice’s Sliced Life : This was my favorite video I ever uploaded I feel so bad for the guy and after everything he has been through and I pray for him that he will soon get better and heal and thank u patty for giving him care and help

Mike Deakin : I want to bond with you ... Well I don't , obviously ... Never done anything but if i do ... I choose you

Brenda Anne L : Geeze he really got burned. Glad it worked out for him. His dog is basically his moral/emmotional support animal. Best to him in recovery.

Lauren Bankes : This is so sweet 😭💕im so glad he’s recovering good and his dog is okay and that he’s cleared, or almost cleared, other than running he was so sweet and so were you and that’s amazing, I’m so glad you uploaded this episode it’s hands down, my favorite one ❤️

Black Canary : THE FLASH!!!!

Jijie Sangco : Anyone else tear up while he was mentioning his dog and his story

Nurhadimah Eltringham : Bro.. u r awesome n have a nice heart too!! Diz guy really deserved 2nd chance n not like other fugitive they r very wow dude!! Salute on u bro.. love u!!😉😉😘😘

Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland : This got me right in the feels man.

Jean-philippines dumas : That is why your flash light is always dead Pat you turn it on whitout knowing and its very clear on this footage bro

Rebel State Sovereign : Seems like a nice guy, just a bad situation, 2nd chances!

EVE YAD : He’s the sweetest person ever I swear🙏🏻

Jamie Chapman : Can you shoot a bad guy if he thretens

Jasonlau101 Slime : This is a very nice guy

Diamond In The Rough : Pat to the Dog:"RELAX, CHILL, STOP RESISTING!" lmao

Christine Smil : I feel like this is the most comments on youtube! LOL

Samuel Barney : Poor dude he he was going through a lot pray for people like this they really need it

Tom Swift : I feel really f*cking bad for that guy. He didn’t deserve all the crap he’s been through...

wallie dizon : Ya he knows who’s an “a” and who’s innocent this guy was just in a bad situation and seems he’s looking to renew his life

Sun Snows : 10:47 rip flashlight

GloriousPotato Three : Oh my gosh, this was such a tragic story, I hope he didn’t go to jail, and lives a happy life

Diane Badawy : young man,...you have a heart of god....you're a sweetheart and you don't even know it,...kudos to you

Unicorn stuffed Potato : I just found this channel on YouTube and it's very interesting I think it's awesome how this man Patty is showing what the struggles are on being a bail enforcement agent. It's interesting how a man like him can be so powerful and I feel bad in a weird way because a lot of times the person will panic and will not cooperate with Patty And often try to run and or threaten him. I am a totally subscribing and sharing I will like to show this to my professor who has a son who does a similar job like Patty. Just wanted to point it out and see is anyone would agree, I know him being threatened is common for his job but I still think it's cool.