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Brenda Anne L : Geeze he really got burned. Glad it worked out for him. His dog is basically his moral/emmotional support animal. Best to him in recovery.

Duggy Dugg : good outcome.. wonder if the dude has job skills or will break back into cycle gang life... you gave him second chance.. hope he uses it

Kara C : This is my favorite episode ever. I love the compassion you showed to him. Unlike a lot of your fugitives, these guy truly deserved another chance. I hope someday you will do an update on how he is doing!

David and Seth : A better title for this video would be “THIS MAN’S STORY WILL BREAK YOUR HEART!!!”

AndresStopmo : Can we get a donation page going for this guy???? What a heart he has, he deserves much better than what hes going through. Hope it's all working out him

DiamondWolf25 Gaming : I'm sad for this guy for him going to jail, he seems humble and going trough a lot of situations and just like he wanna be a nice guy, God Bless him! :)

kurtis lowrey : whos whatching in 2018

Mysterious Critic : 7:36 legit looked like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.

bram wijntjes : This dude is just really scared of prison. Honestly I would be too

ken BAYLIS : I actually felt a little bad for the guy he was sweet and coupertive love this video❤️❤️🐑🐌

Scrim : Such a humble guy

Darrin Thomas : He pulled out the 9mm to protect his fries 🍟 lol

xXCameron BratzXx : *P I N E A P P L E J U I C E*

Unicorn Lover : I kinda feel bad for him😢

Hames Achwanger : House fires ain't no joke bro I had one almost lost my dig luckly we both survived

Experimental Fun : I wonder what he had to go to court for?

Valkan Van Jonesy : Flash is looking so old now in 2018.. I wonder what happened with Ezra Miller ... ?

XxxproroyalxxX Fritz : I feel bad for him!!

Kurfluffles : Also if I can say, I've been watching like half of your videos and I really like your professionalism

d m : i feel so bad. 1 like= 1 prayer :(

Turt Reynolds Channel : My Safe word is pineapple juice

Noah Knestrick : Damn dude, I feel so bad for bo

Daniel Lopez : I feel sorry for his Dog and him :(

jeffgamersuppp gamez : He was a good man

TSM Keegz Vlogz : I feel sorry for the guy

ThePainterr : Nice one.....compassion is in short supply....good man....earned my respect the way you handled this....not all deserve this treatment....yet some do....

Ssundee Fan : Calmiest guy ever getting arrested

Edgar Banaga : Is this real 😥

Milan Bowling : This is so sad I hope he gets though this just pray for him

Cookieslayer28 : Respect for this man. He has being through a bit by the sounds of it

Chase Taylor-lucas : Let’s just admire patty’s running

Holly Donnelly : The way he says pikachu

Ethan Brees : this has got to be the most easy person to arrest

Age of the Woken : He should’ve ran I mean he had the flash shirt

genarson28 gt : your a nice police

Newshesha Rawat : Patty you're the mayonnaise for me

Sandra Jerez : Those are some cute dogs they have there!!!

Alec Blommers : so sad manb pls free him

Tony Altobello : God bless that guys soul

GMoney Bags : wow he was really good and nice the nicest person pattiy crested

Scruby : GOD, I feel so bad for him :(

Official Carr : I feel bad for him forreal Patty a real one for this one that's all straight love and respect ❤

Vinny Brunet : He was so honest

Chase Haynes : I RESPECT this gey

MyValentineLopunny : this guy was frickin chill

TeenTitans AMV : I usually watch Patty Mayo’s videos as a study break! 📖😅

Cookieslayer28 : I feel bad for this dude

W0lf Warri0rs : I feel bad for the guy I hope he gets out of his situation

Andrei Zadorozhniy : Who are the crooks that disliked this video?

Xaiden Beaulac : i feel bad for him