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Kara C : This is my favorite episode ever. I love the compassion you showed to him. Unlike a lot of your fugitives, these guy truly deserved another chance. I hope someday you will do an update on how he is doing!

Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland : This got me right in the feels man.

wallie dizon : Ya he knows who’s an “a” and who’s innocent this guy was just in a bad situation and seems he’s looking to renew his life

Big Jillo : Poor guy 1 like is a prayer for him to be it’s his dogs again soon

Mighty Pigeon : Is there a way I can donate to this guy?

Scrim : Such a humble guy

UNDERDOG 56 : Am I the only one who teared up for the sad situation this guy is in

cianna calara : Even though he ran he was actually pretty nice to Patrick. He seems nice. I has the feels when he said to his dog “ Daddy’s gonna come back soon” I just went aww

mnewt712 : This was a great episode! It touches my heart to see Patty take the time to sincerely listen to this guy with empathy and compassion. I hope the best for Bo and his dog. I already like Patty a lot up to this point but my respect just jumped 10X after seeing the way he handled this situation. He’s a damn good, funny AF bounty hunter with a heart!

GrinchPro1Gaming : Where his gofundme I Swear I want to donate so bad

zackstud09 : He was very respectful once caught. He was alright

Heaven Vitale : Awe, dude I honestly felt bad for him when he was saying bye to his dog, I hope he gets a second chance.

Juraj Jankovic : Such a nice work with people and this man you helped , very professional and very helpful to not just arrest people but help them too 👌👊 great work Patty !!

Tiger88480 : That guy was so fricken nice he deserves all the love he needs it I actually cried a little because he's so nice God blessed him

skedtm : Wow, I didn't think he'd take off his handcuffs. I thought he was going to run. Incredible ending! The bounty hunter shows he's understanding and trusting and not just another zombie with a badge. Best episode in my opinion.

DiamondWolf25 Gaming : I'm sad for this guy for him going to jail, he seems humble and going trough a lot of situations and just like he wanna be a nice guy, God Bless him! :)

M A : Might consider carrying dog treats in your kit lol

Erica TheQueenOfBadIdeas : My dog is so smart that when she heard the dogs barking in the video, she proceeded to bark thinking it was a neighborhood dog!😆😂❤️

bossmotocross 12345 : anyone else get tears in there eyes or was it just me

Zaird Baird : I'm crying after hearing his story

Jasonlau101 Slime : This is a very nice guy

Good Vibes : i feel sorry for him.poor guy:(

Tibias Kennedy : This guy is nice unlike other people they always wrestle Patty like if you agree

Ezekial Weathers : Definitely my favorite episode I just feel so sad for this dude.

Ali Sprouse : God danm u Patty I cried 😭😭😭 god. Bless u Patty


Mike .R. : Once I heard what happened to him, I immediately thought to myself, there before the Grace of God, Go I. I'll briefly explain...My wife and I were getting through some tough times after she had a bad accident and I quit my career to take care of her and we bought an old mobile home in the country. I woke up one winter morning, teeth chattering - our furnace in the hallway went out in the night. I was groggy and got my long lighter and pushed in the pilot light button and opened the small window to the combustion area and stuck in the lighter and flicked - *BOOM!* It blew up into me and blasted me into the hall wall and I was coated with black, nasty soot! It didn't flash, Thank God - or I would have very easily been just like this guy - and being miles from the nearest paramedic or hospital, if that would have happened to me, it probably would have burnt our mobile home and with my wife's disability, killed her as well! Sorry for the ramble. Just saying the way you handled this man's extreme circumstances was truly a heartful thing to do! You're a good man, Mr. Mayo. Glad I found your channel. This is very good entertainment and like your video with the weed-whacker woman - you really are sincere and it's no wonder you have 3 million + subs! Keep up the awesome work!

Bubba bros : This poor guy I nearly cried he was so sad about his dog

Philippe Riopel : Thumbs up for that compassion!

100 % : He’s seems so nice and calm 🙏🏼❤️♥️

Turt Reynolds Channel : My Safe word is pineapple juice

Renee Cynthia : Aw patty I'm so proud of you! I almost cried watching this <3

Siena Schettino : This guy was so nice and listened so well he doesn’t deserve to go to jail and patty u were being so nice to him I feel so bad for this guy


Colson Pallo : I cried for him!😢

Brenda Anne L : Geeze he really got burned. Glad it worked out for him. His dog is basically his moral/emmotional support animal. Best to him in recovery.

Joltinboss : I love this guy he’s so peaceful, I hope he has a awesome life with his dog and has a even better dog house

Coco [Shard] : damn god bless I feel rly bad, I hope everything goes well for this guy!!!

Brycen Ubhaus : bless his heart like for a blessing

CCpower : Of all the stuff you could put for the thumbnail you talked about the pit bulls seriously

Pochi Bean : God bless him I hope he finds a place to stay❤️

Master Chief : How did the pitbull try to eat him???

Aroldo Privat : I feel kinda guilty for having dirty thoughts after reading "pit bulls tried to eat me"...

The Man X0 : Neat dog trailer to pull with his motorcycle!!!

Newshesha Rawat : Patty you're the mayonnaise for me

RandomContent _ : I feel kinda bad for this guy..

Shellbug-Michelle Greene : Patty Mayo, u r a good man!!

BassBoostedWorld : Wow Patty Amazing job. Makes me happy to see that their are people who care not just arrest, no offense to to others but you are truly on of the best.

Bonolo Mazwi : This guy is a nice guy

Scruby : GOD, I feel so bad for him :(