Beat Saber - Rap God (Explicit) - Darth Maul style - I'm beginning to feel like a Sith Lord

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Antifrost : You're beginning to feel like a Sith Lord, Sith Lord Your Youtube and Twitch viewers, they never get bored, get bored Custom Beat Saber tracks, finished with sick scores, sick scores Looks like you've mastered what this Darth Maul grip's for :D

Saadat Khan : He just wrecked that Droid army.

Felix's Freckles : Luke Skywalker is shaking


Francisco Parente : 4:24 You´re welcome ;)

The All-Seeing Eye : 2018, the year when gamers become fit lmao

chase ross : Remember that kid pretending his mop was a lightsaber? This is him now, feel old yet?

LikeMetzy : 3:19 Top 7 Best Anime Entrances Of 2018

Stick GaMing : ohhh GOD

Clownpiece : What Darth Maul does in his spare time.

MrREVSTAD : 4:24 "Lyrics coming at you supersonic speed" literally

R2 productions : the force is strong with you👏

Robbie Fielding-Lennon : 4:27 the moment you’re probably looking for

Dallas Farmer : What the hell is this? I’m starting to feel like I should stop using the internet and just do useful things.


Garon Mower : Damn! First try!

Avery Graham : Why call it beat saber, this is the lightsaber training simulator and we all know it, the songs are just to keep you focused. Now the real challenge will come when lightsabers (hopefully) become a real thing

ProGaming 27 : This guy is such a GOD lol

Alex Gharibian : Fast part art 4:25

FSGuardian : Why am I still awake

Kev Bot : Why be a king when you can be the beat saber god

Edwin Dungdung : Probably the most enjoyable VR game to play and watch.

Гомбожап Дондоков : Дорова руские )

I Heart You : Mind... BLOWN!

budemawa : Most impressive.

Fanueli Po'uha : First try. I thought I was impressed until I heard him say that. MIND FREAKING BLOWN

RAMIdotGG : This is how jedi train now.

Zecurix Helion : There should be some kind of bonus score for spinning the saber during 'beats' so there is more skill cap and would make the game look much better

Restricted Area : Вот как тренеруются звёздные войны

Rasta Lion : Oh snaps, star wars kid grew up.

Vannek M : I am subscriber of this guy!👌👌

UnloadedKnockout : This reminds me of dead pool from x-men origins when he blocks all the bullets with his two swords but a Star Wars version a Star-pool or Dead-wars it’s awesome tho

Tembo Lego : 04:23 thank me later

Это Я : Все ждали 4:25

Sachindra Bhattacharya : Didn't even realize it was VR till he turned around wtf.

Random Shitposter : _cringe god_

Aaron Andrade : 4:53 That spin duddeee, awesome

爆裂love : 日本人召喚

TheXBOXGamerpro7281 : The last jedi? I THINK NOT!

Viclis : This is the guy she tells you not to worry about.

zxcvbnm : Who needs jogging when you have this?

AndreusMagnus : You sir, are a god

Marco The Vegan : this was cringy asf to watch

Fexon & Runumi : 4:20

THUHDERX210 X : We have a new Jedi let the force be with you.

aden entertainment : eminem boss fight

Gandalf : God

Best Of Streamers : 4:25 is what you want !

You rude : 4:24 Palpatine: Unlimited..... *POWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*

T R A S H 些細な : Felps>>>>> =D