Beat Saber - Rap God (Explicit) - Darth Maul style - I'm beginning to feel like a Sith Lord

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Antifrost : You're beginning to feel like a Sith Lord, Sith Lord Your Youtube and Twitch viewers, they never get bored, get bored Custom Beat Saber tracks, finished with sick scores, sick scores Looks like you've mastered what this Darth Maul grip's for :D

Viclis : This is the guy she tells you not to worry about.

Justin Y. : The force is strong in this one.

Durim Isufaj : This was in my recommended... this is the best video I’ve ever seen... I’ve never heard of this channel, ive never even heard of the game he’s playing... but what I just saw was fucking amazing!!!!

Nikola Milosevic : That plot twist at the end "Wasnt bad my for first time" what the hell man

Brucey : *Am i the only one here for the chorus?!😂👌*

chase ross : Remember that kid pretending his mop was a lightsaber? This is him now, feel old yet?

Danny M : How are his wrists so strong? His fap level must be over 9000.

• Yuanoke • : 4:27 me dodging my responsibilities be like

NotArnar : *Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters*

SilentNaut : Mom: Honey what do you want for dinner? *sees son doing this*

Francisco Parente : 4:24 You´re welcome ;)

Eyedead Axiries : 4:26 probably the most awaited part thats why i clicked.

• Yuanoke • : *Top 10 Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos (Even With the Infinity Gauntlet)*

Maciej Wójcik : I think, this game was Made to train jedi for the d-Day.

TechAddict : It's 5 am da fuq am I watching ?

Clownpiece : What Darth Maul does in his spare time.

DJgamer 55 : You have completely earned badass status multiple times

Meme Mugger : You You You're the next Jedi.

Electro Skull : 4:26 damn *son* where did you find this?

Black Man : Note to self don't challenge this guy to a lightsaber fight

boon wei : When teachers throws markers at students

Cool Kid : He has better saber skills than Darth maul

Carbonite One : So... do you still wanna play with Bionicles?

Etang Bose : The last true Jedi has been discovered.....

Wisnu Saputra : 4:26 you're welcome😊

NINJA CAT : U know your ready Go and beat up darth vader

Israel Dominguez : This man could take Vader easy

Chaitanya Singh : "... not bad for my first try" *A B S O L U T E M A D L A D*

Chaitanya Singh : "... not bad for my first try" Are you God?

Felix's Freckles : Luke Skywalker is shaking

BERTONA : You already know he is a weeb.

The Golden Tiger : He looks like JonTron

Lakeitron : Was this the post credits scene for The Last Jedi?

Rescue VRT : Lol 2070?

sSNOXx 23 : 4:26 is the part

Norton : 4:20 essa é a parte que você procura mano.

Daniel Cottle : Everybody want the key and secret to the high ground like I have got

DᎯRᏦ ᏉЅ. LIᎶHᏆ : Omfg this dude must be the robot. People don’t even realize how much skill you need to complete this 😯

MrREVSTAD : 4:24 "Lyrics coming at you supersonic speed" literally

can we get 20,000 subscribers with no videos : Stronger than thanos?

Nicolas Covarrubias321 : this looks easy until you try out vr and you are just there wondering what type of hacks this guy is using.

Cool_Josh 017 : That is so cool. Keep it up man...

Bubblegum Jr. : Me: has stick. You: have lightsaber and skill. My mom tells me not to worry about him.

The Unoriginal : Rap god? Oh no my good sir, its called SITH GOD

Like a boss Ianmedina : Best part is 4:22

That_guy_doe4567 PSN : 4:26 if you miss one I’m going through your phone *me* Ik he missed one still funny

Reprenishable REP • : Sith Lord Vs Jedi Master

LEGEND 25 : The force is so strong that you can feel the beat drops hard

R2 productions : the force is strong with you👏