RIP Oranges :(

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TinyLittleDragon : Judging by the way this dude talks, if it had been a truck full of dildos, he would have jumped out of the car and thrown himself naked into the pile.

Lu Tello : horizontal road, vertical video

wifightit : Wait a second, I need to know exactly how meta we are getting, here, and I NEED TO KNOW NOW, DAMN IT! Are these comments an astute reference to the recent chicken video, or, is it the case that ... well, orange you glad there's a video that shows an equivalent level of concern between oranges and chickens? (Even though, a chicken has, like, pfft, probably half the vitamin C an orange does, AND, only the beak and claws are orange, rather than the skin of the orange. ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE. Fun fact: the Orangutan is a primate from whom evolved both Oranges and Tang, that powder you mix into water. Neither Tang, nor Oranges look like their Orangutan ancestors, but that's because an Orangutan is not a fruit --common misconception-- it is, in fact, a legume. p.s. take care (of your orange)(the brain, in the darkness of the skull, is the colour orange)(take care of your brain)

Ragoons GG : 420 gucci gang, sorry for your loss.

MVFSULLIVAN : Now what are people gonna use to bypass Teslas AutoPilot?

Adam : fucking Soyboy

The Patient : oh meyy gaaaaaawd im ghaaaaay

spackle9999 : "Orange you glad it wasn't tomatoes!!!"

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we please post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

thearmybender : If this guy didn't sound so faggy this would have been an ok video. It's ok to be gay dude... you don't have to advertise it and let the whole world know with that stupid accent.