The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

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Narmak : This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S ATTACK ON OGRE 3?!

xyz ppp : Someone please make a petition to make this atleast three episodes

Ripul Hurdle : People: marvel infinity war was the crossover on history Narmak: hold my beer

Send Noots : 1:08 this didn't happen in the manga..

slender 804 : Is this one of those anime’s where they don’t show the intro in the first episode, because if not then this spoils a lot from the first ark. I know Patrick’s death was really early but for people who haven’t read volume one of the manga this can be really confusing and a huge spoiler. I’ve been avoiding the anime for quite some time sense I’ve already read all the manga. I’m going to wait till they animate the whole show.

Kono Dio Da! : 1:16 Top 10 saddest anime deaths of all time

SethEverman : this is so fucking good and i wish it were real

regretti spaghetti : I have a feeling this would be a mix of food wars, parasite, soul eater and boku no pico

Common_Tree : 1:07 my mom walked in on this

Lucy K.L : Mr. Krabs was just sitting in his office while Squidward was killing Patrick.

iiPanda : Put the caption on this video in Japanese. It does 2 things: 1. It feels like you're actually watching anime 2. If you're tired of watching Patrick's bulge, the Japanese captions kinda censore it


M E M E F O R L I F E : Patrick has nice outfit

rawlin : i started mumbling the melody in class and about 3 people reconized where it was from lmao

Soren Kaosz : A good anime opening should make no sense at the start of the show, but should make total sense by the final episode. I feel like you gave away the entire plot with this opening. I mean, why even bother watching the show now? That said... this is freaking amazing.

C.I.A : The manga was better

BlueEyes : I miss the Ravioli Arc :(

Sweet Cheesecake : 1:07 Wut...

XxEverythingxX : ArE YoU FeELinG iT NoW Mr KrAbs??!! -Squidward

brick-block -productions : 1:07 omg GAY

Rainer Braun : If sandy didn't teach squidard karate he will be so easy to deafet

Justin Y. : *Ravioli Ravioli don't lewd the Spongioli*

BlueBerry [Girl] : 1:08 *HAH..GAYYYYYY!*

Lyndsay_Løve •TM : 1:34 I’m just now realizing it said chode chums🤣😂

University of Gerg : The first shot with spongebob and the bubbles flowing like how the show uses bubbles to transition was fire

TheDumbGuy 04 : Wtf im doing with my life

Justine Zeta : I can't wait for the Boating School arc. I wanna see the rage of Mrs. Puff's when Spongebob fails to hit the floor it.

Some user that exists : I need a dbz-style battle of SpongeBob and DoodleBob. Then I can die peacefully.

Mauricio Perez : In anime everything is possible.... that explains the rain underwater

Shibe arts With love : I only watch the best anime

WolfFrmDaBigD Da B0iz : But wait didn’t Patrick say that that starfishes and grow back?

Photosynthesis : My favourite anime!

Nameless : This lyrics scared me.

Rick Butslol : Who knew spongebob could be so epic

ChiefThisAintIt : The reason Squidward became evil is because he was injected chump

Floraflowerr : Aha, I was just looking for the sports channel.

Justine Zeta : Still waiting for the WUMBO arc to be animated

TheBuRger RAt : *I like it how it's raining underwater*

ッBushOnCrack : 0:53 look at Patrick balls, lol.

Sandra Chisum : el unico que abla español latino

gaming tv : if spongebob squarepants is anime this is my favoutite anime 😂

The One True Morty : There's going to be a crossover between this and Cory in the House.

London Jackson : I don't care what anyone says to me or the amount of dislikes I'm going to get, I'm still going to say it! I'm disappointed with this parody. Not cause any of the characters are out of character or that I'm a fanboy that thinks no effort was put into this. In fact, the animation is surprisingly very good! The main reason why I'm disappointed, is by the way you executed the whole anime SpongeBob parody, now personally I could care less about turning SpongeBob (or any other cartoon for that matter) into anime, but when you got idea like this, I at least except it to feel like SpongeBob (+/plus taking elements from video games from THQ and comics by United Plankton Pictures), while doing the whole anime tropes! But it didn't feel like that! It was basically just a heavily realistic, edgy for the sake to be edgy, not all that exciting plot when you think about it, anime with SpongeBob and his friends being forced in. Hell, the designs look hideous for the character, and are unbearable to watch! And that Squidward and SpongeBob implication at the end is just wrong (almost as bad as SpongeBob x Lola Loud)! I'm not saying you can't enjoy this, just don't anger that I don't!

orochiro Mikazuchi : This music is juste Epic but the link is broken (for the music)

Rocket Raccoon : Who’s here from the iFunny feature?

Lion Animaçãos : Wtf

jet 217974 : The best arc has to be the Patrick regeneration arc after the Squidward fight and Patrick's quote on quote death seeing all the evil regenerated Patrick's destroy bikini bottom was just surreal and with sandy in the hospital from the Squidward fight and mr. Crabs losing his arms in the Karen fight SpongeBob has to fight his own friend and kill him for good, it was a sad Ark showing sponge Bob has to put aside his friendship for the good of bikini bottom

Jimmy Jones : "Recommended:The Spongebob Squarepants Movie" Is youtube trying to tell me something?

Sam the savage G.O.A.T : this reminds me of naruto.spongebob as naruto and squidward as sasuke and with plankton as orichimaru that makes sasuke turns evil like with squidward but the difference is plankton drugged squidward which is the only difference?

Deniz TV : 2018?