The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

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Narmak : This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S ATTACK ON OGRE 3?!

xyz ppp : Someone please make a petition to make this atleast three episodes

Onizuka : don't worry, sponge bob has to gather the 7 legendary bubbles, to summon the flying dutchman and save Patrick

Bobby : *Doctor:* “I’m afraid you only You have 2 minutes to live...”

Hunter Thixton : Hey guys if this was a real anime would you guys watch it?

Luci Adams : Here’s a theory: Patrick isn’t actually dead! He’s a sea star, so he can regenerate his limbs like what he did in the Karate Star arc. If he really is alive though, where is he?? Why isn’t he back yet? I would’ve thought Pat would want to get back into the battles if he was able to regenerate, but there hasn’t been one HINT about him after he “died” in the Krusty Krab. Is there something more to him than what lies on the surface, and that’s why he hasn’t come back yet? Is he still devising a plan? I’m not sure. All I know is that Patrick Star dying was one of the saddest and most gut wrenching moments in the anime, and I’m really just hoping he’s not actually dead ;-;

SethEverman : this is so fucking good and i wish it were real


BlackStarEvolt : This isn’t anime It’s art

Da Video Reverser : it has been one year since this legend has came to us

slender 804 : Is this one of those anime’s where they don’t show the intro in the first episode, because if not then this spoils a lot from the first ark. I know Patrick’s death was really early but for people who haven’t read volume one of the manga this can be really confusing and a huge spoiler. I’ve been avoiding the anime for quite some time sense I’ve already read all the manga. I’m going to wait till they animate the whole show.


micael adao - ROBLOX GAMER : 1:16 squidward: omae wa mo shindeiru patrick: NANI?! edit: omg 31 likes

Ripul Hurdle : People: marvel infinity war was the crossover on history Narmak: hold my beer

ordinary someone : It's finally here y'all the anime has just been announced for late 2018

Dead Quaithe14 : It's been 1 year. Hope OP 3 releases soon.

Justine Zeta : Am I the only one excited for the pet race between Gary and Patrick's pet "rocky"? I simply can't wait for it to get animated.

Shane : lol cant patrick regenerate?

flubb831 : The intro when the music starts is perfect

University of Gerg : The first shot with spongebob and the bubbles flowing like how the show uses bubbles to transition was fire

clutchxplaybio : Too bad squidward dies in infinity war

Justin Y. : *Ravioli Ravioli don't lewd the Spongioli*

Dentron Gaming : Can't wait for SpongeBob's final form in the manga chapter 587 oops spoilerz :>

LivingSkull 99 : What's the name of the song?


Gain's The Strong : Exactly a year ago a masterpiece was made and a dream was brought out by that dream is coming true...

BlueEyes : I miss the Ravioli Arc :(

Send Noots : 1:08 this didn't happen in the manga..

Skeleslime Phantom : Ngl I watch this at least once a month

blake strickland : I love how you used the song for blood+ yay

kaprorex Hernandez Jr : Can someone make to a real anime

Ethan Lucas : I hate how they just brought in mermaid man and barnacle boy just to be killed by plankton. These characters were some of the most developed and likable characters in the manga and they were just in one episode and killed. I swear the show writers are EEEVILLLL

pastel_chan : I would watch it

uriel martinez : This is F***ing amazing

Mythical Rampage : Came from MiniLadd, Who else??

Arts and pugsters With love : I only watch the best anime

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman : H O W I T F E E L S T O C H E W 5 G U M

leokimvideo : yep..good

FrozenFoodSection : hes ready....promotion

Michael Villarreal : who is here because of miniladd

Rqinbow_cat_face : is it sad that i want to see this made XD

jet 217974 : The best arc has to be the Patrick regeneration arc after the Squidward fight and Patrick's quote on quote death seeing all the evil regenerated Patrick's destroy bikini bottom was just surreal and with sandy in the hospital from the Squidward fight and mr. Crabs losing his arms in the Karen fight SpongeBob has to fight his own friend and kill him for good, it was a sad Ark showing sponge Bob has to put aside his friendship for the good of bikini bottom

Sandi Firmansyah : Aweasom

KaoticcKenzieRBLX ! : 1:06 fav part

Lenny Face 1000 : Lol 😂

Parfy : Ok. Awasome

CraziiDamon : I would love a scene where Plankton attacks Mr Krabs, and he suddenly starts remembering when him and Plankton were little kids. That would be unironically epic.

El rey pacman :v : Ke berga v:

XANDRA RIVAS : Who came from Mini ladd's channel? XD

Lord Beerus : Oh god