The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

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Narmak : This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S ATTACK ON OGRE 3?!

Justine Zeta : I can't wait for the colored patties arc to be animated

Rafiq / رفيق : I Can't Believe Spongebob Become A Anime. Impossible!!!!!!

Green : **MAJOR SPOILER** star fish can regenerate

Ronnie P : NANI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

DuckMySick : I would actually watch that ... *The OP has some major spoilers tho*

Skyanna Rygar : The nostalgia is washing over me like an ocean.... anyone else remember this first op like it was yesterday?? i gotta say my fav op is op 5 tho

Zero : Now I miss Blood+

GoD MaSteR : Hentai detected! Spongebob has holes! Squidward has tentacles!

King Miltonius : We all know patrick is gonna make a surprise entrance for season 3

MrLightningyellow : The chum bucket invasion arc is looking like it's gonna adapt pretty well to the manga

euphoria : Almost forgot to watch this today

White Easter : One day in the future, when humanity has long since gone extinct, aliens will study videos like this to discern what human culture was like.

David Villa : I’ve watched both about 50 times each today. I’m normal. Right?

Kushimaru Kuriarare : 1. That animation bro. It's fucking amazing. 2. I'm not sure if anyone needed to see Patrick's bulge.

Jose Cruz : Squidwerd is sauske spongebob is naruto and plankton is orochimaru like if u get what I mean

Justine Zeta : R.I.P Gary's screentime

Put name here : 1:07 its official..... spongebob x squidward.

leokimvideo : yep..good

Djura Novic : wow

Smithie Owain : I’ve been on the internet to much today

jet 217974 : This is the best comment section on YouTube

Tomoshi _Muffin : Why...does...this...exsist? You just ruined my childhood :')

Noelia Aldana Beneroso : omg 1:08 there is yaoi!!!!

Tray. duce : What's the actual cover of the song you used? Sounds different from the one you provided in the description

*Pastel Pastries* : Am I the only one who likes the anime better than the manga? No hate pls.

NOVILA [MUSIC] : *applies to animation studio* ''Well Mr Narmak... Your resume is rather... Interesting...''

Crepuscular Night : It's *beautiful*

Cherrie bomb661 : Pause at 1:08 at some point u see it

Kidfromsouleater Anime : Soul eater is good

yoznfroogurt : Blood+


BritneyTheRobloxFox RobloxandMore : When i put the captions i cried because of the lyrics😭

Fadentic : manga was still better tbh

Joker_ _Style™ : I Know It's Stupid Question But Plz Answer is there an anime with that opening ?

SkytownkidLOL : the manga was better

Justine Zeta : Now that Squidward is powerful he can now kill Squilliam Fancyson.

Julie Salgado : Valskibum94 squad where you at??

Patrick Star : Don't you hate when the intro spoils the next several episodes :<

Level9Gay : Is it weird I would actually watch this?

1NSAN1TY GAMING : If SpongeBob was an anime I would watch it, cause this show would be lit.🔥🔥🔥

Thunder Emblem : Honestly I'd watch that.

Kedves Pisti : I hope this anime will have 300+ episode

Eleventh Penguin : This should be a real anime.

DA Bird : Season 3?

Master Glob : Next season 3

Captain pickaxe : Definitely on my top ten most loved videos

Afiq Aiman : Spoiler ahead: In episode 300 season 2 show that patrick will be reincarnated and have ultimate quantum mega kamehameha

Salan Mealr : 0:23 Perfect Squidward