The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

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Narmak : This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S ATTACK ON OGRE 3?!

SethEverman : this is so fucking good and i wish it were real

Ali A : RIP Steven Hillenburg greatest manga writer ever

Markkus : R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg You made the greatest show ever.

Icarus : RIP Stephen Hillenburg You were #1 and always will be

New Zeak Animations : The 4.8k people who disliked this didn't read the manga

best musical is shrek the musical : Someone please make a petition to make this atleast three episodes

TheSaucy : What's sad is that it's actually good animation.

Madara Uchiha : A anime opening isn't perfect without a running scene

ya nasty : Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg, you will be missed by generations to come

Stamp Rat : *I like it how it's raining underwater* Edit: WOWEE 44 LIkES?! OmG So NIcE ThAnK U.

Justine Zeta : Squidward shouldn't have eaten that canned bread

MilkyZombie : It’s really difficult trying to imagine watching this anime as a kid

S K : Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re going to be counting down our top 10 best anime intros.

AndrewVlackXYZ : 1:08 when Naruto kissed Sasuke

ike Greene : R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg

Justine Zeta : Now that Squidward is powerful he can now kill Squilliam Fancyson.

Arrazi Nebukadnezzar : RIP Stephen Hillenburg. The man behind the greatest character under the sea.

。メリオダス 。 : Just wait for the Squidward redemption arc

WolftexArts : Oh! the new Boruto episode 92 is awesome!

Cyanixe : R.I.P Stephen Hellinburg

Justin Y. : *Ravioli Ravioli don't lewd the Spongioli*

The R gaming TRG : An anime opening isn't perfect without a running scene 0:45

The R gaming TRG : Did anyone notice that Squidward changed eye colors? Because I did

TheDragonairs Gamer : Lyrics: On That Day,My heat Crumbled away With memories i can’t erase Even if I broke down and screamed The darkness flows into my eyes I sink into the tomorrow where I can’t see colors anymore I searched carelessly for the day When we can understand each other I live in the present Just to lose it Even if I’m alone,already defeated And I embrace loneliness If you turn on the the lights if you turn on the lights I will shine towards them The feeling you kept praying for Will bear fruit someday The one who told me that Lives on in my heart Anything and everything is eventually born from colors And will once again be touched by Be touched by.. The hand of light

Golden Frost : The song reminds me of Naruto

codyriceandothers : My biggest criticism was the Driving Test arc. I hated how the series had 2 arcs about Spongebob training with Puff-sensei at school. The show kept having Spongebob in these very tense and dramatic moments where it'd take 7 minutes of tension and a few minutes of flashback to how he learned to drive the boat, all before crashing and Puff-sensei bloating. Like seriously? All that build-up from those two arcs yet Spongebob fails the test? It's wasted potential like the Fullbring Arc from Bleach. Overall though, the anime is great. The setting is very unique, being underwater and all, and the characters are talking sea animals, also abstaining from the norm.

TheSquareRootOf8 :3 : R.I.P The man himself

Nemo7The7Pirate7 : 1:15 that was a master's touch.

Connor RK800 : *Rest In Peace... Stephen Hillenburg...*

Hamster : *eVErYtHiNg cAN bE aNIme*


The R gaming TRG : SAD ALERT! some of you might say that starfishes can regrow limbs but Patrick is kind of "Humanoid like" and he doesn't have a core but instead of a core a human like body that means Patrick can't regrow limbs Edit: that proves it on opening 2

Taylor Bierwerth : ArE yUo FeELing iT nOW MR. kRaBS??

Sandra Chisum : el unico que abla español latino

Mr Logic : RIP the creator of my childhood


Kenzing ton : This should have been played at Hillenburgs funeral

Martin 14 : F

AndrewVlackXYZ : 1:08 when Naruto kissed Sasuke

La Che Che : R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg.

NOVILA [MUSIC] : *applies to animation studio* ''Well Mr Narmak... Your resume is rather... Interesting...''

JaydonAngelYt _Official : Song plz

Princess Vergiter : Noooo the manga creator just died ;(

I am NOTHING : Of course I'm ready.

B.A.T. : *_A R E Y O U F E E L I N G I T N O W , M R . K R A B S ?_*

Justine Zeta : I can't wait for the colored patties arc to be animated

Raihan Hasbilla : Rip Stephen hilenburg

ThePunyPanda : Lol this is rich

henry tran : The thumbnail look like sponge bob sans