American Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al

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Crowley9 : My mind just imploded from the meta.

Luis Gomez : Weird Al still gots it.

Atom Heart Mother Suite : So it's Huey Lewis killing Weird Al whilst watching Christian Bale kill Jared Leto whilst listening to Huey Lewis. Mind Blown!!

Zzyzzyzzs : It's just nice to know Huey Lewis is such a good sport about this.

Mr. Joshua : I want to watch this whole video, but... I've gotta return some video tapes!!

Crackers and Cheese : Now you need to get Bale and Leto back to do a skit about this skit.

Zachary Wolf : this implies Huey Luis has watched american psycho, the meta is overwhelming

dvdeeble : 'DVD' actually stands for 'Digital VERSATILE Disc'. Trust me, I'm a DVD.

JackIncongruente : I got one reservasion in dorsia ;)

CinemaBiohazard : When I was reading a little into the movie, I didn't find it surprising that Whitney Houston refused to let her music be used for it as the book was quite harsh. Having Huey and Phil Collins to it, however, was pretty cool on their behalf. But to see Huey do this and do it well...holy shit, he has to be the most awesome person alive. This is AWESOME. And Weird Al, but we already know he's awesome.

Jakk Frost : Is it me, or does Huey totally have a face and voice that seem like they belong on a bodybuilder, one past his prime and doing infomercials for Gold's Gym? (And note, I'm not dissing Huey, here)

Drew Marshall : Weird Al is an American treasure.

M.Night Shammertime : When Christian Bale has more rhythm than Huey Lewis 1:25

CyewWayne : In some alternate universe, this is the actual version of American psycho and the one with Christian Bale is the parody

Blonde Guy : This is officially the best thing Funny Or Die has ever done.

Frederick Röders : 1:22 OOOOOOOOOO! When he walks/dances away from the TV, so is Bale in the movie.

Hank Moore : Huey Lewis's pills said "New Drug" on them. :D

Slippy Jones : Again!!! Huey and Weird Al BOTH parody themselves. And I think in this short Huey kinda got "American Psycho" on the nose. Most people DON'T get the book or the film.

Robert Baldwin : This is awesome!

Nick Fotopoulos : How am I seeing this for the first time in 2016!?

DidYaServe : Things like this remind you the world is a good place.

Edmund Barker : Why does Huey look so much like Timothy Dalton?

Frank M : Huey should real go into acting. He's a Natural :)

Neil Tipton : 123 people, couldnt get a reservation at Dorsias..

Small Child : Patrick Bateman looks a bit old. I bet he used a lot of products containing alcohol.

HeikkiP : Oh my god, this is brilliant

Francisco Mariño : This is like... The greatest thing ever! It definitely deserves more exposure, yet I've never seen it before!

Rafael Ulloa : i would like to see christian bale's reaction to this video

Janne Aalto : First thing I watched this morning. The worst part is that the rest of the day will be a disappointment after this.

Natabeanz : this is the best thing ever 😂

Katie A. : Oh my God why am I just now seeing this 4 years later? This is fantastic!

Time Lord : Here is the News: Huey Lewis kill guy best known as Weird Al Yankovic

TheJeenbeen : it great to see Huey Lewis have a sense a humor.

mitch3996 II : Brilliant. What we now need is Phil Collins to do one of these. He famously dislikes it, so have him murder someone for favouring No Jacket Required like Bateman!

Kanjoos Lahookvinhaakvinhookvin : Lewis is such a horrendous actor and this is brilliant.

Mikołaj Wróblewski : Wow, Huey Lewis did great acting job here !

Alex Wason : This is intense

Ivan Majić : Impressive...very nice.

Thomas Lang : Love how he ended with "want a new drug", the very song they stole to make the Ghost-busters theme song.

Larry Tate : Huey Lewis is the man I love it!!!!

WintersArcher : Ummm its 2017 how come this video doesnt have 20 million views????

DeaconArael : This video is brilliant, awesome, perfect. Save one thing: no one of my friends would understand it, so everything I can do to express my appreciation is just writing this comment.

Deathshuck : This is so well made it's unreal.

DAMIEN MILLS : Such a perfect parody. Love Huey is complimenting Bale's character complimenting Huey's music.

Background Character J : somewhere in a parallel universe

valar : I've liked Huey Lewis ever since I saw an interview with him 15 or so years ago where he said he always knew his band's huge 1980s popularity wouldn't last, and now that it was gone he was quite content. He seemed bizarrely sane and grounded as far as rock stars go.

CinemaBiohazard : I like how Huey allowed his music to be played in the movie, and then did this. He's even more awesome than I previously thought. And Weird Al is pretty wicked too, this whole thing plays very well. :)

Roger Skagerström : Pure genious!

Giltr0y : I couldn't watch this, cause I needed to go and return my videotapes.

Silver Sun : 😦You can't kill Weird Al. He's too funny. 😦