English Lesson: Coke

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Jimmy Norris : Whats Pepsi pronounced like? Anal?

Paquimex : my cola got hard lmao

Chancellor Conwell : Someone just give her some cock already!

PussySlayer69 : I prefer pessy

Martin Almanza : cola means ass in spanish

Byungryul Jang : I'm Korean. I come up with first time when i learn English in Canada. I suddenly wanted to have "coke", so i said "can i have coke[cock]. the mc donald guy might have been embarrassed. However, i wasn't able to recognize it cuz i was beginner for English. I said "coke coke coke[cock cock cock]". Maybe that guy thought that i am crazy and pervert.

Tony Fisher : Disclaimer, telling people you don't own a video does not protect you from copyright violation moron.

Justin Jaspa : drinking pepsi from now on

Blackman21 : Now what the f*ck she gonna do if she's in a drug deal!?

Imtiaz Khan : Now I have to shake my "Colla"

Axel DeAgne : " How much for cock?" - For this korean chick, give her the D with no extra charge!

Emmanuel Gonzalez : 00:57 she has the "coke" in her hand

Lark Macallan : Remember cock? Oh, you'll remember mine honey

J03 : i was drinking coke while watching this. i spit my coke out, went to my fridge, and started drinking pepsi.

Haloborn678 : Ohh I love Coc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Trilogy Trilogy : I went to McDonalds and instead of a small Sprite, i got a large cock.

Dr. Darkrai : someone please just give her cock plz i would be very thankful 😂😂😂

HDaviator : Her accent is actually pretty ok. Except for her pronunciation of this one word.

stuka80 : I have a sneaking suspicion that she knows exactly what she's doing and is trolling Koreans who watch this and trying to learn english...

Il-BlueMon-lI : Do you have Cock?

Superfruit Grassi-Hoying : I know what cock is, but it's def not cola

Justin Kendo : Laic si vienes por luh :v

Ashemarine : Man, everyone here has got such dirty minds; this poor girl was asking for caulk this whole time, and y'all just assumed the worst!

NERD : Donald Trump will fix this. He will make Coke great again.

Troteos : who comes from gutter

Carol Zelimla : Was I the only one that noticed the way she says "Alright"

increaseteh smert : I'll give u my coke ;D

omvrtv. : Here's a rooster. Bitch be greatful!

Illum Mulli : i watch this every day....i have issues.. 

Mr. Smiley0389 : A marriage proposal

The Walking Meme : Honestly she isn't even that bad in english, just the cock

iflyTony : 4 out of 5 thirsty ho's prefer the taste of Cock over Pepsi.

Dennis Servillon : no cock in the class, its girls highschool

VoltEdits : Can anyone Give her a cock finaly

Androsell 2.0 : Like si vienes desde Exo Luh Gona y Sara

iLikeButton 447 : This is why Koreans don't give English lessons... 😳

TGFISH : suck my koola

Savage&Greek : Pepsi man is mastrubating at this right now!

alex gimenez : You people have a dirty mind. She's asking for caulk.

david bradford : look here you're on a diet you need that diet cock or cock zero


Buskman : Hey madam? Could we please learn something else other than cola and male genitalia?

Nebby Cosmog : Bruh,

Stokes The Red Panda : Who's here from ER's legend of whorra video

AzKat : "Please give me cock" Me: ok, here you go

PUTIT : omg the first one she read is so funny for me like do you have cock

Mark Serrano : Why are people making fun of her english, this is a video to teach korean people english. Next time you see someone struggling to speak English just remember that they speak an entire second language

Mai Do : Is she unemployed now?

Grim Reaper Welch : this is why I drink sprite