English Lesson: Coke

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Paquimex : my cola got hard lmao

Imtiaz Khan : Now I have to shake my "Colla"

HDaviator : Her accent is actually pretty ok. Except for her pronunciation of this one word.

Haloborn678 : Ohh I love Coc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

J03 : i was drinking coke while watching this. i spit my coke out, went to my fridge, and started drinking pepsi.

Martin Almanza : cola means ass in spanish

stuka80 : I have a sneaking suspicion that she knows exactly what she's doing and is trolling Koreans who watch this and trying to learn english...

Ashemarine : Man, everyone here has got such dirty minds; this poor girl was asking for caulk this whole time, and y'all just assumed the worst!

iflyTony : 4 out of 5 thirsty ho's prefer the taste of Cock over Pepsi.

Tony Fisher : Disclaimer, telling people you don't own a video does not protect you from copyright violation moron.

SavagePrick : Pepsi man is mastrubating at this right now!

Troteos : who comes from gutter

Not really A Special Profile : well if you insist ........ !

Kirika Yumura : Training Korean girls to entertain American tourists..


Noahistein BAUER : What size small medium or large😎😏

Mai Do : Is she unemployed now?

omvrtv. : Here's a rooster. Bitch be greatful!


Buskman : Hey madam? Could we please learn something else other than cola and male genitalia?

CookiesRock : lol this girl is desprate!


Dusty Cafe : Hahahhahahaha I can't stop laughing

Stokes The Red Panda : Who's here from ER's legend of whorra video

Totem Mimikyu : Bruh,

Divine Potato : when your trying to teach hooker class

Nebalon Trebule : People say cola in English too tho...

Jat Tan : Just order a Sprite, Koreans

The Raging Demons Of Equestria : coc.... cocaine... coc C-O-C-aine

SylvarianEcho : god damn, she wants it real bad

Fat_Salieri : prease giv me coke to giv it tha succ

Darth Sidious : Give her the Coke.

ZiggModder : my teacher give me 3.5

Yunnii : "Please give me coke." (Hears unclearly) Okay, I'll give you a rooster

Unicorns Slayer : Even though I watch this a lot of times I still laugh my ass

GG-simlex : Papaplatte ?:D

Jonathan Li : Category: Gaming

*TheGamingRobot* : it's not cok it's coke jeez

TheFightmaster22 : Hey, I'm here cause I just remembered one old video from the guy called Gutter

Willy Wonka : give me [looks at camera] *COK*

Da_Kraziest : Who else came here from Kaxt?

World Easy. com : A question to the amerikan People why do u call Cola Coke?

Justin Kendo : Laic si vienes por luh :v

Noahistein BAUER : And sprite would be slut or something

Christian Stafford : saying words if a diff accent it kinda weird a little

Lips'ta RBLX : COCK

CatacakeKitten : Talk about thirsty. (In both ways)

trapsjays 612 : plz give me pessy XD

U h Alt : Please Give Me Cock XD 0:27

BeachBoyCA2007 Can : pease give me coke