English Lesson: Coke

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Chikan Celeryman : How to Basic : How to offer and give a good blowjob.

Jonathan Li : Category: Gaming

AGES the VMU : She's trolling her own people

Joshua Hale : What size small medium or large😎😏


BIG NIBBA : Her English is actually really good

Bronc : Cock is pretty much free you just have to ask nicely

CatacakeKitten : Talk about thirsty. (In both ways)

ColossuX_TV : pessy is beteer

Joshua Hale : And sprite would be slut or something

NoUsernameFoundException : From the Thumbnail I thought it was a joke about cocaine. Buuut it's funnier than I thought 😂😂

Mohamed Doha : Give her coke god dammit

유창완 : Fun fact : "Game" is a slang for sex in Korean. I think that's why this video is in category:gaming.

Afs Auvi : *_you guys love COKE right?_*

Imtotallydiggingthis : Koreans, if you ever go abroad... Stick to Pepsi!

AggressiveNegotiator : Friend: "You thirsty, bruh?" Me: [drunk AF] "Yeah, bruuuh...." Friend: "Want some cola?" Me: "Uh... sure." *A few days later* Friend: "Hey, man! Remember the cola I gave you?" Me: [sober] "What? Kinda...." Friend: 0:06 - 0:10 Me: "WTF, dude!"

Darth Sidious : Give her the Coke.

Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling Tube Man : not my proudest fap

Willy Wonka : give me [looks at camera] *COK*

Eltun Aliyev : that fart in 1:35

Aria : */koʊk/*

Mın Jαy : r e m e m b e r c o k ?

kent Avestruz : 1:19 *orriiigh*

아담 - adam - : The price of Coke 😂

Tyler Slagel : I think she knows she's mispronouncing it..........

Jimmy Norris : Whats Pepsi pronounced like? Anal?

HunterG7 : And they say Asia is the future? Lol!

kevin loyd : I'm so proud to be korean

FoxyDoesStuff フォクシー : *Category* *Gaming*

JJ Uzumaki : When you're teaching your crush Korean

Imtiaz Khan : Now I have to shake my "Colla"

DaRK_ VeNOM : My Cola is spreading

Reaper365 : Kim Jung Un's English teacher

_Controversy Creator_ : Is she faking it?

TheFightmaster22 : Hey, I'm here cause I just remembered one old video from the guy called Gutter

potato man : category: *G A M I N G*

IssaAndy : my coke went from dead to alive in a instant

laracroftvideos : Cock and pepsi just happen to be two of my favorite things lol

Joseph Stalin : She looks like my maths teacher

Frank McDoodle : EngRRish Resson: Cock

Gibson Lutts : *Caulk*

MinYeong Chung : this is frickin hillarious watching as a korean

박상훈 : 컼이라고 발음하니까 슈ㅣ발ㅋㅋㅋ 코 발음을 더 세게 하셨어야죸ㅋㅋㅋ

c h e e c h : I prefer pessy

Burak Kaan Karakoç : I have seen enough hentai to see where this is goin'

Neoncat : 0:57 that wrist movement tho while she explains "Coke"

Matt Giesler : I can see a porn parody being made out of this.

ugandan knuckles : my (sorry hi english bad for)

Haloborn678 : Ohh I love Coc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

animus444k : Her accent gives it away. Shes trolling, her english is perfect.