Skrillex sounds like Jonah Hill - SUPERBAD

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Heard how ridiculously similar they sounded and thought i'd put something small together.

Comments from Youtube

Paul Neumann : youre right max

Brosive Phonics : they do sound the same, the my name is skrillex part i mean

Cowboys4life 2001 : They're from the same part of LA I guess that's the accent there

Turb0sMusic : That's strange af lol

contentjjigae : OH MY GOSH

megan bennett : :) YEYA

badskroy71 : Haha it's funny their voices do sound the same but ever their speaking mannerisms (i.e emphasis on words/way they talk) is pretty similar.

PARIZEN MUSIC : Promises (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

lc wlg : @yandubblestep promises by skrillex

arcticwolf72301 : Lllolololol

theSPUDereHD : Brilliant that someone had made this video, I didn't think my observation would become so popular! Well put together, made me laugh :)

jeezuschryst : I HAVE a background in music theory, From First to Last is monumentally shitty, and I'm certain I hate his music enough to pass on "Bells".

Joseph Bachand : THIS.

Joseph Bachand : Except I'd give you a year to become as good of a producer as him and you wouldn't be able to come close... Not to mention some sort of background in music theory... And if you doubt his musical talent, look up his days when he was in From First To Last or his solo album from 2007 called Bells. Please stfu about things you do not have a full understanding of. Thank You. ʕಠᴥಠʔ

Joseph Bachand : ^ THIS ^

Jared Ristau : i like skrillex, but still had a good laugh at this video.

xSpektre : Obviously

Frenzy : irony

xSpektre : "You picked a dumb fucking name"

jeezuschryst : marketing and appealing to the masses =/= musical talent

I31R0 : no coment.

HarkingFarkus : Show me a scientific means of measuring music. An example of a scientific means is using a meter stick to measure distance. If you cannot do this, then it is not a science. Therefore, fuck you.

I31R0 : well... i cant enjoy musik wich in my oppinion sucks... and... cod is a bad game since mw2 and still one of the most bought games ever... what does this teach us? :D

I31R0 : word


I31R0 : well i know that... but do you do the same? cuz you know les than me... and a shit about dubstep as it was befor it became a trend. " I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know." - Socrates

I31R0 : well. people have bad taste (i dont say mine is awsome) and are stupid (everyone is because wer emotional-what is good). And if you leave the mainstream (which skrillex is) with musik desinged to impress as many as possible, you can find many underground artist who have some awsome skills and produce "real" musik (I dont have a prob. with skrill just with people who call his musik dubstep-which it isnt. i personly think his musik sucks-but this is my opinion) desinged by them not by their greed.

I31R0 : well you can... if you doubt it you haz cheezburgerz in ur brain. its an own science. you have 3 diffrent groups of music, splitted in diffrent genres and sub genres. If you think you cant argue about science ur just stupid.

Killian Lucas : Thank you for saying this

Ben Dover : listen to it with your eyes closed

Ben Dover : You just don't understand the greatness which is Skrillex

HarkingFarkus : I really think people like you, and I mean both of you, are total fucknuggets who think music is something that can be argued about in a proper manner. (It isn't)

José Velasco : Promises - Nero ft skrillex

Sofia Saldana : what song is it at 00:51

I31R0 : well the "The" truth (smth. i belive is nonexistent) is that "skrill" doesnt produce dubstep. and if history tought anything to me personaly its: humans are retardedly stupid. and now go and listen to your "emo-band-lead-singer" brostep crap.

DaShawnWolf : Maybe skrillex had surgery

donniedarko : THANKS MATTG124

trigunnermx : "Draw pictures of dicks"

richard21solava : Fuck skrillex XD

Le Chill Vaincra : love your pic

Kirby BOB : haha i saw that guy's picture on this meme one time and thought it was some random asshat. THIS MAKES IT EVEN BETTER !!!!!!!!!!

acanthopsfalcataria : must've been surfin this stuff all summer long.



theSneakySasquatch : yeah cause "quotations" dont mean anything. also i do, its called a joke. im on 4chan and other image boards all the time, over there this kinda stuff is called humor. so please quit trying to 1 up me with your responses. it doesnt make you look any smarter to do so. now please leave me be.

bixbysback : yeah strange that something so 'annoying' would make him one of the most successful artists of the 21 century so far....

MrDreadify : And they both sounds like Vaas.

hellonpluto : skrillex is just weird

acanthopsfalcataria : I did not green text I just used it to distinguish what part of your text I commented on. Don't you think it's kinda dumb to say something like that? Soon we can't use pictures anymore because they are posted on 4chan? Think before you write please.