tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

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EricBlackmonGuitar : What takes this performance over the top for me is the father/daughter connection here! I can feel the love coming through my laptop as I watch! God bless you and family!


Crown Bisan : Whose here in 2019!!!

Mia Here : 2019 anyone ? Edit : it’s February now !

Jenna Lindsey : Who’s here in 2019?!

Tennessee Outdoors : Nailed it, someone offer him a deal

frostysnowman n : 2019 still watching this video 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💕

Bobbi Lowery : You can see every ounce of pride & love she has for her Daddy, all in that smile!! Beautiful voice & precious little lady!!

julia hashem : Who else is watching this in 2019 By the way I love this so much I keep on watching it over and over❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻

Delvon Borgan : Who’s here in 2019? 🙌🏾

Ten Second Songs : This is gorgeous. I wish this man much success and all the best for him and his family.

Shantae Curry : I have played this 20 or 30 times this week Love it!!!!! Beautiful he's really enjoying singing to his daughter moments like these she will remember forever!!!

Phil Noel : Mate, you have an amazing Voice, And a very Beautiful ,loving Daughter. I am sure Both of you will be just fine . Top Job,

Rubber Duc : Wow, what a God given talent right there, amazing.

costitravel : The secret of this successful video (in my opinion) is: 1.Face of little girl 2.Successful music 3.Daddy 4.Video angle 5.Is a non-edited video

NowISee ! : This does my heart good!

Chloe S : Who’s here in 2019???

Foods101withDeronda : I'm feeling the LOVE :)


maxmoefoe : 2 beautiful souls

Negra Ramirez : Bunch of haters 7.7k dislikes he sang it better then the singer..

William Hayes : She’s so gorgeous 😩

Isaiah Little : As a guy I gotta say this man right here has a beautiful voice n sang this perfectly!!

Through Davon’s World : He has so much control in his voice

Sonny Vator : Dude your daughter is super proud, I like watching her in this vid no disrespect intended, she's just cool.

Rebeca Zelaya : Love the fact that she is so proud of her dad 😍😍

fred patzold : Best part of the video is how proud she is of her dad he is also damn good

PxlseTK : 2019?????

Lewis Ivery : Is it me or does this guy sing this song better than Chris Stapleton???? No disrespect to Chris because he can definitely sing. But this guy showing raw talent. His daughter is sooooooo proud of him. This warms my heart..... Great Job Man.

Diana Dundidit : Chris Stapleton needs to invite this guy on stage with him!

golfers93 : Dammit boy never heard a cover done like this

Kate Marie : Who’s here in 2019😂😂 (Jan 4)

David Thacker : He should go on the voice

#HITDAFOLKSLIKYAHH : u got my vote for u on the voice

tos : 2019 anyone?

Anthony Torres : What's super dope is she is singing to/with her father not the artist

All hail Project zorgo number one fan : Everyone has a true butterfly find your wings of dreams my saying is “ don’t judge music by its sound!” Find your vibe of style.🦋😱🎶

nova gunn : Awesome. You should pursue a music career. Lots of soul.

Tee Weaver : she can NOT stop smiling...daddys girls are everything!

JeffN TN : I heard this from the other room and thought Chris Stapleton was on. Came in to play my conga drums to it. I saw you and was like wow dude, you sing it perfectly. You should get that lovely daughter of yours to do the duet with you. Girl, show that to the boys at school, but you may not get a prom date. That's a girls daddy to avoid. ") Love, Peace, Love to you both.

Sarah Parkes : Fathers' don't realize how important they are to their daughters he is the first man she falls in love with and she goes out and finds a man just like dad to marry

Black Tea : You ain't singing. You are sanging. Nice!!!


Brian Martin : A teenaged girl who is actually proud of her father. Faith in humanity restored.

Jorge Lopez : I love this guy man......what do i love? The special love and connection he shares with his daughter that only a real man and father can have....i myself am a father of two precious little girls....6 and 7 years old and to me my daughters are my best friends, they are my greatest accomplishment in life, they alone make life worth living, they bring meaning and color to my life..... They give me the power to have wisdom and they open my eyes to what really matters in life. Yes they learn alot from me, but they teach me so much more then what i could ever teach them..

Brian Lawlor : 2019 anyone amazing voice and a beautiful daughter

Lizzie wallander : GET HIM ON THE VOICE

Ronnie Ellison : it every do it right that love

mike rayner videos : i can see now why this has got so many views.. cuz it's amazing !

Marilyn Herewane : Hes really good