tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

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EricBlackmonGuitar : What takes this performance over the top for me is the father/daughter connection here! I can feel the love coming through my laptop as I watch! God bless you and family!

Carol carol : She loves her dad!! Beautiful


Mickee💕 : Yesss! Sang that song dude! I can tell your baby-girl adores you.. It is all in her eyes💖💖💖💖!

TheRedhawke : Beautiful, your both so lucky to have each other. Cherish each moment.

Tennessee Outdoors : Nailed it, someone offer him a deal

Vivid Sōl : She be like yeah that's right he's my Poppa..

Real Talk : This is why I love America.

Spencer F : Rediculous! I personally think its better then Stapleton..Bonus! Have you ever seen such a beautiful girl that believed in& is so proud of her dad. Brings tears to my eyes

Lisa Anne : Hes amazing i could listen to him sing all day👍

Hypnopotamus : Holy shit... I'm not the sentimental type at all, but this just reminded me of my dad and me singing in his truck. We were okay but god damn as I type this I have tears coming down my face to how beautiful this is. This is NOT an easy song to sing. Hit every note in the "warm as a glass of brandy" part. I dare you. I'm a 28 year old man by the way. I'm still crying. Thanks.

antoni cruzjr : I love watching this video over and over you rock

Lasonja Spencer : She's so proud of her dad..💛😍

Angelina M. : What a BEAUTIFUL young lady you are and you glow from within when your amazing daddy sings!!! He truly has so much and talent and very handsome too. The apple don't fall far from the tree. I love you both!!!

Dr Slump : If someone of you are in doubt wether loves exist, please come back here every time and look at her eyes

Ten Second Songs : This is gorgeous. I wish this man much success and all the best for him and his family.

sistimct : Looks just like Her Dad.....

rozi2089 : Straight up MURDERED THAT!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Niya Hannah : Your dad is awesome wish mine was here to tell him the same... Cherish this moment

Rhondi Valdez : I Love Watching This. He Has A Beautiful Voice. This Little Girl Looks So Proud Of Her Dad

Sonny Vator : Dude your daughter is super proud, I like watching her in this vid no disrespect intended, she's just cool.

John Cooper : WOW - what a voice. Even as the young woman says nothing the look on her flawless face tells us everything we need to know about her relationship with her father.

Jorge Fernández : Best cover I have ever heard of this song, oh man, you really feel it

jeanice gonzales : Seen this as a father and daughter moment brought tears to my eyes. My dad was a musician. I always wanted to be by his side singing, playing some kind of equipment just so I can be with my dad. It didn't happen and I no longer see him at this time at age 32. I'm so into music, because of him. I wanted to learn how to play something. Just so he could be proud of me. But my mom did both parts as I got older. I give you guys so much love on the song and singing the way that you did. I love you guys.

Michelle Morales : Beautiful song that man can sing.and his daughter is so proud of him.

Brian Martin : A teenaged girl who is actually proud of her father. Faith in humanity restored.

KW9742 : this video put a big smile on my face and in my heart :-)

Dennis Sherer : 6th time I have viewed this afternoon

Lisa Fuller : Great cover! Your daughter is gorgeous!

Herman Armstrong : That was awesome dude

Marco Pontil : The best gift fir this guy is not his voice (which btw is fantastic) .. is the admiration of his daughter.

A.J AIOLUPOTEA : OMG Big clap fo dis dude man!!!

Tracy Leblanc : Mr. Jones no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever sing this song the way you do. I wish you incredible success. Keep it humble / real for that is why you are an original.

Graham Cole : She loves her dad.

ZS 15 : I'd listen to him singing the phone book. Soulful voice 😍

tronG98 : what's better and more touching than the song, is the daughter's pride and happiness for her father.

MC Slush : wow. Love he little girls face listening to her dad!

Nikki Sweetcakes : GIVE HIM A RECORD DEAL 😍😍

RuthAnn Robinette : He sings it better than anyone else perfect

Marwa Diab : U got my vote for that amazing voice

Bee Whiskey : Im not the only one that listenes to this alot of times give me a like if you agree!!!👑

Talia Seays : 👀Saw. This. On. Aother. Video. 👀Waz. Watching. And. This. Man. Can. Sing. Good. A. Had. And. Sing. 👀💓💓💓It.

Patrick McCreight : I heard this version before Chris Stapleton version...is that bad? Lol Good job chara

Debbie Evans : She is adorable! He is wonderful, thanks for the music!

Freckle Brace Face : Simple Amazing! He sounds better than Chris Stapleton 💁🏽‍♀️❤️

Cedric Wilson : Nothing like daddy's little girl. I love they way she admires her dad. Me and my daughters have that type of relationship except I can't sing lol!

Talia Seays : This. Man. Has. A. Voice. Good. Job. 👀💖💖💖💖💖💖it

dawn rosecrants : Your dad should try out on americas got talent or something like that. He is very good. God Bless

Nina Jones : Should go on AGT or The Voice

Jack Chitt : Nibba got that voice. Keep kicking that music bro.