Paul Rudd HATES Liquorice | 48hrs in...Helsinki

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Facetious Titan : I really want to see Ryan Reynolds on this show. For some reason I just feel like Richard's banter with him would be quite fun.

Tugg Speedman : Ant-Man & Travel-Man

foxylee : Paul Rudd is pretty much the sexiest man alive, but salmiakk licorice is also pretty much the best candy in the world. My brain is conflicted.

Wolfen7 7 7 : They both look like they'd be a comedy duo in a movie or something

Niq Pere : Pual Rudd Keanu Reeves do not age . At all it's insane.

ealing456 : Liquorice is foul in all its many forms. Death to liquorice.

James Morris : "this seems like an entirely different species would enjoy something like this" This is why, many times the outtakes in Paul Rudd movies are funnier than the movies themselves. Does Travel Man have outtakes for this episode?

PigeonFodder : my reaction to eating salt licorice was almost identical to Paul Rudd's in this video

Brendans Bhoys : Liquorice is the marmite of sweets lol

Aleksandar Radovanovic : I adore Richard Ayoade.

grytlappar : Licorice gets everyone (who isn't Nordic), but the salty kind? 😂 Brutal.

Chris Kilvington : "This seems like an absolutely different species would like something like this." Now, that was funny.

caerulea0 : Paul looks great with age

Red Moon 96 : I hate licorice too, I can’t understand why anyone likes it.

8523wsxc : If you like liquorice then there is something wrong with you.

Jonny Walker : I love both Richard Ayoade & Paul Rudd

Meloncholy19 : when i went to sweden to meet my fiancee for the first time i didn't know salmiakki was a thing, needless to say we got a pick and mix which we ate whilst in bed watching a movie. I haphazardly put my hand into the bag to grab a sour sweet and thought I had grabbed a cola flavoured one... my reaction was one for the record books.

Mattycakes : "Noones gonna judge you here, this is Helsinki." I died

Widdekuu91 : Ahhhww I love black liquorice. Greetings from the Netherlands.

Kat : I love black liqourice. Sweet, salty, salmiak, soft or chewy, hard candies, ice cream, literally every type of liqourice (except the kind with menthol which sucks ass). I guess it's an acquired taste, in Scandinavia we're pretty much reared on the stuff lmao.

Ship For Hopeless : Paul Rudd is like a fine wine.

Lobossumi : Long Drink needs to become a proper export. Much better stuff than any beer.

Jasmine Persson : LOVE black liquorice. It's a northern thing

MadAboutSaffron Red : I'm with you Paul. That stuff is nasty.

Nonya Bidness : Paul Rudd’s reaction at the end was GOLDEN! “It’s not?!”

뽀삐누나 : I love Paul./ I LOVE HIM,. hTHTEHa

Elias Andersson : Looooove me some liqourice. Then im a swede

TOM : loving this chocolate-vanilla swirl

GreySH101 : Richard Ayoade!

Carl-Fredrik L : YEEEEES!! Richard likes salmiak!

Dee : 0:57 i got a mini heart attack when the ice cream almost slipped out of Richard hand.

Andy Jones : 1:31 - Someone go slap that selfie stick out of that woman's hands and then proceed to beat her to death with it...please...

slippery dick : I'm sometimes bummed that one of the things I'll never get to experience is being a foreigner who tastes salmiakk and/or licorice for the first time. Because everyone makes it seem like it's so awful and I wish I could taste it for myself for the first time too.

Clank Zoka : Hahaha! I friggin’ love Paul Rudd!

motherplucker : after "i've got bad news for you" i really wanted him to say "you've got aids". i think paul rudd would have enjoyed that.

Heather McC : There is a huge difference between licorice and SALT LICORICE. I happen to like both, but if you are expecting table salt (NaCl) on black licorice, the shock of ammonium chloride is a real kick in the pants.

William Marley : Salty liquorice is awesome, and I love giving it to friends who think it's gross

Hannah Smith : Liquorice is like masochists candy.

Mark Dangerfield : Everywhere I went he was there but when I got there he wasn’t how could you know I have could you do something that you’re not going to do whenever you do it you got to mean what you say and how you do this attack on the girl when are you going to do it and how you going to say

RØDEPØLSER DK : I would like to se his face if he tasted the liquorice between my toes!?

bill592011 : It's salt liquorice .... very sour.

Marty Bm : Well, try liquorice tea once. It's even worse.

sarad matthew tigga : The IT CROWD!

Zexia Li : classic Kansas man.

Natasha leann : Hell sucks and so does licorice barf

dotnb : I feel for Paul... I felt exactly the same when I tried salty licorice for the first (and very last) time!

Herbert N : Wish this was on Netflix

OtaconAlonsus : Scott Lang and Moss!!

Blue Treble : Lmao awe man poor guy

Brem : For people who love sweet things, salmiakki is not their favourite thing.