1995 - Pepsi - Get Together Commercial

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A Pepsi and Coca Cola truck driver stop at the same diner while working late during the holidays. From across the bar, the two bond over a shared love for the song "Get Together" by The Youngbloods. Overcoming their corporate rivalry, the men shake hands and decide to sit with one another. Things start out swimmingly, as they exchange pictures and stories of their families. A further olive branch is extended, when the new friends decide to share sips of one another's beverages. The Coke guy ends up being so impressed with Pepsi, that he decides not to return it, which leads to an off-camera brawl, since neither man could simply just order another Pepsi. Subscribe for daily commercial uploads


Jesseon : Ah, such a feel-good story... oh.

LazyNightOwl 1979 : I love this! Thanks for the upload

Life is Amazing : Woa, I think I remember this commercial. Dang this is old!

s alvanip : d e e p