Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets

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Daniel Romero : I think we need Alton to review every gadget that comes out xD

Don't forget to drink your cyanide : I saw the strawberry thing the other day and thought, "why can't I use one of those hard boiled egg slicers? Or, you know...a knife?"

drew13600 : Every time I've made eggs I have always thought "these are pretty good, but they'd be a lot better if they looked like a big yellow piece of shit"

Sean Lawless : I can relate to the Rollie!

ziljin : Alton Brown and Crazy Russian Hacker should review kitchen gadgets together. Taras Kul: Whoa wow this is amazing! Alton Brown: FAIL!

FailArmy : That egg thing though..

Christopher Peery : “These arent meat shredders, this is a lifestyle.” Im dying XD

Ryan Reffert : Just the fact that it takes the Rollie 20 fcking minutes to make some eggs is ridiculous enough

Apunno Justice : Dammit Netflix why would you get rid of this guy he is AMAZING

Kevin Cook : Shred 60lbs of smoked pork shoulders with forks and you’ll wish you had the BBQ shredding claws; makes it much quicker.

BellaPigeon1 : Alton Brown will forever be my favorite Food Network chef, and this is one of the reasons why

Matt Hirn : OK, I own a set of those Wolverine claws and I agree that there are simple ways to shred meat with stuff already in the kitchen, but I use mine to remove large items from the grill. They actually are handy for that. As unitaskers go, they aren't all that bad. They don't take up much space and have no parts to break. And let's face it, no other kitchen gadget lets you instantly transform into Wolverine. How cool is that! Am I right or am I right?

R.I.P Geno Cultshit : Alton Brown is a psychopathic madman....I both love him and fear him.

Logan L : Oh Christ, that weird Bart Simpson Hair of crispy eggs on top... hard pass from me

SlaphappyMongoose : Thyme lord. That was clever.

Marlfox70 : I have the breakfast sandwich maker and it's made some of the tastiest breakfast sammiches I've had. It's just sort of a pain to clean.

Jake Rose : Alton brown could talk me into selling my soul for those meat handlers

cavv0667 : My brother-in-law purchased the Wolverine Claws... he's a unitasker kinda guy... they're fun, punch wonderful holes in cardboard and they do a really good job of shredding... did I mention punching holes in cardboard??? ... Oh, I did... okay.

Toby Vance : when shredding a huge pork loin the claws make quick work of it

Xena1080 : I've never had a problem with that breakfast sandwich maker. It's easy to use and easy to clean. My daughter constantly asks me to make her egg sammies from it. I love it!! 😍

Astra In Your Area : I have loved Alton Brown ever since I was a kid, never missing an episode of Good Eats, or Iron Chef America. So glad to see he is still joking about unitaskers!! I don't have a single unitaskers in my cooking life, and I never will!!

Jacob Vaughn : If you were pulling 40lbs of BBQ pork shoulder you would love those claws.

Aidan S : I bought those claws so I could feel like a bear

Oscar Scheepstra : The Rollie is the worst fleshlight I have ever bought.

dexterdamonkey : 2:05 it’s pronounced... vegeta.... ;)

Mike B : I have the breakfast sandwich maker and I love it, it works wonderfully and has me eating breakfast much more. Different strokes for different folks

Dax Rollman : the claws are awesome for pulling pork,pull 15 pork butt hot out of the smker and you will love them

OfficerPoop Nugget : Alton Brown is actually the best lol

sylenceexposed : The veggetti is actually legit. I bought it and I’ve used it a ton of times. Mines never broke and it works as advertised

TheGinnaWinna : Except he used the strawberry slicer in a season 1 episode of good eats..

Amaranthim Talon : Alton- the Hamilton Beach thingamabob- life saver- no lie! I have had one for several years and i appreciate it's breakfast magic every time!

David Foley : Strawberry slicer 0:27 Brownie edge pan 0:51 Meat claws 1:19 Veggetti slicer 2:01 Breakfast sandwich maker 2:40 Rollie 3:27

lizardinthelites : I actually used the meat claws once when we were preparing massive quantities of pork for a family reunion and I must say it made my life a little easier.

charlie Johnson : My mom bought the viggetti thing and surprisingly still use it

greengeekgirl : I use the spiralizer to make salads all the time. Fight me. :D

Mystiiera : i would waste $35 to have only edge brownies. vat19 sells it and its probably cheaper

Daniel rogers : seriously no one would mess with you in a fight if wore those kitchen wolverine claws

DEAN WATERS : Manufacturing wastes so much of our valuable resources. Stuff that nobody needs should be banned worldwide !!!

Matthew Fox : When I looked at the thumbnail of this video, I thought that the man in the thumbnail was Adam Savage until I read the title of this video.

PowerOfThePick : Kelsie Grammer and Mark Hamel had a baby

muddybear 3 : Had the claws at a restaurant i worked at for shredding roast beef they are good.

Nick Kominitsky : I'm dying. This is hilarious. I hope he does more of this type of thing.

Yosh Kong : I just wanna Rollie Rollie Rollie with a dab of ranch

Xena1080 : Love Alton Brown. Hate Daily Dot. 😩😔

George Greener : 3:55 Yamaha keyboard music!

squirreljester2 : 2:30 I use that thing all the damn time. It's awesome for my salmon and zucchini noodle dish.

Hunter Henryk : I'm going to get a Rollie because I saw it on an Alton Brown video. I like how they provide purchase links for all these products he says he's not endorsing.

Liam Tahaney : Nah I gotta say the meat shredders pretty good. The metal on metal fork action really messes me up. I've tried plastic forks, but they break.

PowerOfThePick : I love this man

Jefferson Tong : EVIL. Just Evil.