twirl a squirrel champ

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Don't worry - he's alive and well! We call him "Hardiman" because of his longevity on the twirl-a-squirrel. This was his second lengthy ride that brought tears to our eyes. He survived in good health and ran down the driveway in a straight line. Enjoy!


HAREM KING : Youtube took 9 yrs to recommend this gold. Freakin 9 yrs!

Rion James : nearly a decade later, youtube has brought us content of the highest quality.

Lewys Cousins : I'm laughing so much my stomach is hurting XD This is one of those videos that just belongs in the hall of fame on YouTube!!

MrKajigger96 : This could be the worlds next solution for renewable energy.

mmoore : ah, I really wanted to see him trying to walk after that.

richard bidinger : That was one seriously determined rodent. I'd have left out a bowl of seeds after that, he earned it.

Rabbit0 : Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

Leogendary13 : 🎢You spin me round and round, baby, like a record, baby🎢

EM Nemesis : I'm going to hell for πŸ˜‚ so hard for that poor squirrel, he lasted more than other air force pilots during their high-g trainings. Props for that little one!

Tman : Squirrel high G force training. Clearly he wants to become a fighter pilot.

DANTE BELGIAN MALINOIS : Training to be a Flying squirrel duh......

3/502 INF WIDOWMAKER : Set playback speed to 2x lol

Garlic Burger : You've heard of Elf on the shelf, Cat in the hat, but get ready for Squirrel on the twirl!

Atari Freak : Now *THAT* is quality entertainment!🐿

762forMeandYou : Somebody put him in the space program

Gankageddon : Queue interstellar music. No, it's necessary...

Slick Rich Da Producer : Hilarious!!! That squirrel was dizzy for 3 days and 2 nights... πŸ˜„!!!

crownethorne : NASA Squirrel ! I haven't laughed so much in ages - tears rolling πŸ˜‚

dizzypunchpanda29 : Man: "It can't be worth it!" Squirrel: "Hold my beer."

tweaker1bms : Halfway through: "Well...this is my life now."

Dai khuu : Legend has it he still is running in circles to this day.

furiousninja : Some say that squirrel spined itself into new dimension.

joe estes : Thank you so much! I had tears watching this! I laughed so so hard!

CreedmoreWulf666 : I'm DYINGGGG!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That is funny as hell! Lmao

greenseaships : I almost wish I had squirrels in my yard just so I could get one of those! Almost ;)

DarkIzo : not many videos achieve making people laugh for a solid 2 minutes cheers mate edit: someone edit this into a mario meme (entering world), thx

Eric Adrien : i turned off the sound and started playing You Spin Me Round

Puppy Mansue : Some killer party trick u got yourself there

Sifu Mode : Legend has it, Cirque du Soleil signed him for another 5 years.

MiezeMatze666 : *Squirrel-Mars-Mission-Training accomplished!*

Captain Howdy : Me: Define: β€œdetermination” YouTube : πŸ‘†πŸ½

Lightning Dreams : If that was me I'd be dizzy and feeling like absolute shit after the first ten spins or so. This mofo can be a god damned astronaut! Got dizzy just watching him. XD

Tear drinking troll king Troll Mctrolly : that takes nuts.


Crystal McKinney : Astronaut Squirrel takes on the G4 force and lands in his own vomit.

D. C. : Summer Squirrel Olympics, - Gold Medal !!!!

RMS 1911 : Three things 1 this is awesome 2 why am I just seeing this now? 3 that feeder needs a better motor/battery combo

al145 : I feel bad laughing, but that's funny as hell

Johnathan's World : Holy crap, I can’t stop laughing!!

Leonard Pearlman : I think these guys are breeding smarter, tougher squirrels!

Danny M : The voice over on this video is just perfect, I fall off my chair all the time, is soooo funy!

P V : Legend has it, he still walks in counter clockwise circles to this day.

patrick yancovitz : Tell the bartender that you want a "Squirelly Temple". "Shaken not stirred."

Y. R : Legend has it that he's still dizzy...

Wonjae Yi : Holding onto a bird feeder for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. A whole new record

WhatAreYouBuyen : Training for the space force

Vinod Raghavan : That Squirrel after that Centrifuge G-Force Training can Fly Fighter Plane 😁

josh thomas : 7.5 penalty for the dismount

Raziel : Gotta pay your way through college somehow even if it's with crumpled singles.